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Display Widgets SEO Plus

Control how WordPress widgets are shown, works with the WPML language plugin, bbPress/BuddyPress and as part of a Silo SEO links structure.

The Display Widgets SEO Plus Plugin is an updated version of the popular Display Widgets Plugin v2.05. Major improvements include a significant increase in the number of WordPress conditional functions (like is_attachment() and is_paged()) are now supported. WPML Language Plugin support has been significantly improved and support for bbPress forums and BuddyPress groups has been added (since v1.1.0).

Display Widgets v2.05 WPML language plugin support wasn't working correctly, v2.05 language options overrode other options: could only set Show or Hide on a language section.

Display Widgets SEO Plus v1.1.0 adds support for the BuddyPress plugin and the bbPress plugin.

Why Use Display Widgets SEO Plus?

WordPress widgets are awesome, widgets can be used to add all sorts of content to a WordPress sites sidebars and other widget areas (under "Appearance" > "Widgets"). However, the vast majority of WordPress themes lack awareness of what section of the site they are on: by default WordPress widgets lack support for the built in conditional functions like the ones listed below.

Site Section - WordPress Conditional Function

  • Static Front Page - is_front_page()
  • Home Page Archives - is_home()
  • Category Archives - is_category()
  • Tag Archives - is_tag()
  • Dated Archives - is_date()
  • Author Archives - is_author()
  • Search Results - is_search()
  • Archives - is_archive()
  • Posts - is_single()
  • Static Pages - is_page()
  • Attachment Pages - is_attachment()
  • 404 Error Page - is_404()
  • Custom Taxonomy Archives - is_tax()
  • Custom Post Type Archives - is_post_type_archive()
  • Specific Custom Post Type - via get_post_type()

In most WordPress themes a widget can't be set to only load on Tag Archives or only load on Posts, or don't load on a few selected Static Pages: WordPress by default has NO widget logic.

The Display Widgets SEO Plus Plugin adds the above WordPress conditional functions AND other widget logic features to most WordPress widgets. When the Display Widgets SEO Plus Plugin is active it's possible using simple dropdown selections and tick boxes (added to the bottom of widgets under "Appearance" > "Widgets") to Show OR Hide a widget on a Single Page, a Single Category, only on Posts, only on Tags, only on Search Results and so much more.....

The above conditional options are further extended with these conditional functions:

  • Paged Archives/Paged Comments - via is_paged()
  • Specific Categories
  • Posts Within Specific Categories
  • Specific WPML Languages
  • Specific bbPress sections
  • Specific BuddyPress sections

Works with Custom Taxonomies, Custom Post Types, Custom Post Type Archives and the WPML language plugin, bbPress and BuddyPress.

WPML Language Plugin Widget Logic Support

The widget logic is so advanced it works seamlessly with the very popular WPML Language Plugin: WPML is an advanced language plugin for WordPress, can be used to create multiple language versions of a site under one WordPress installation.

For example a widget could be set to Show (or Hide) on One Category Archive AND the Posts in that Category, BUT only when in a specific language section of the site: i.e. a German Category, with German Posts, when on the German part of the site. Or a widget could be set to only load on the Posts of a specific Category and on a few select Static Pages, on the 404 Error page and on the Home Page.

Thinking of upgrading from the original Display Widgets Plugin v2.05, the above is NOT possible in version 2.05. In the original Display Widgets Plugin the WPML language options override the widget logic settings: could only set a widget to be Shown or Hidden on an entire language section.

I considered offering the new features to the Display Widgets plugin author, but looks like the plugin is either abandoned or close to it: Display Widgets v2.05 hasn't been updated for well over a year and support requests aren't answered. If this new plugin becomes popular I'll be adding new widget logic features in the future (the first update v1.1.0 of the Display Widgets SEO Plus Plugin added bbPress and BuddyPress support), so made sense to fork the code into a new plugin.

There are so many widget logic permutations almost anything is achievable now.

BuddyPress Plugin and bbPress Plugin Support

Display Widgets SEO Plus v1.1.0 adds support for the BuddyPress plugin and the bbPress plugin.

BuddyPress Plugin Conditional Widget Logic Functions

  • ALL BuddyPress Pages - is_buddypress()
  • BuddyPress Members Directory - bp_is_members_directory()
  • BuddyPress User Pages - bp_is_user()
  • BuddyPress Activity Streams Directory - bp_is_activity_directory()
  • BuddyPress Activity Streams Item - bp_is_single_activity()
  • BuddyPress Groups Directory - bp_is_groups_directory()
  • BuddyPress Group - bp_is_group()
  • BuddyPress Group Forum - bp_is_current_action( 'forum' )
  • BuddyPress Group Forum Topic - bp_is_group_forum_topic()
  • BuddyPress Registration Page - bp_is_register_page()

bbPress Plugin Conditional Widget Logic Functions

  • ALL bbPress Pages - is_bbpress()
  • bbPress User Pages - bbp_is_single_user()
  • bbPress Forum Archive - bbp_is_forum_archive()
  • bbPress Category Forum - bbp_is_forum_category()
  • bbPress Forum - bbp_is_single_forum()
  • bbPress Forum Topic - bbp_is_single_topic()
  • bbPress Topic Tag - bbp_is_topic_tag()


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Requires: 4.4 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.1
Last Updated: 1 month ago
Active Installs: 400+


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