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Dictionary Box provides an internal dictionary on the footer of your pages with double click functionality and audio pronounce. Dictionary Box does not open a new page to translate words, the visitors stay at your website.

Dictionary Box provides translations in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Russian, Turkish, Dutch, Greek, Albanian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean dictionaries.

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I have Installed the plugin but nothing is showing up on my site?

Please check your WordPress theme, all themes must have wp_footer() function. This is a WordPress theme development standart. See how to fix this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h59sy3tUQrc



Fantastic plugin. Must have on all websites.


It's a pity that nobody cares to add a Dictionary on their websites. So many non-english speaking persons will always want a dictionary and they have no choice but to switch between tabs to search on Google. This plugin removes all the hassles.

lightweight, simple, thorough results


This is a great plugin! I have sites loaded down with plugins, still there are no site lags, placement, or functional, issues. The results are fast and thorough, not just a word or two. Excellent voice engine.

Nothing to set-up or configure, no APIs or accounts to set up.

I have several sites for an ESL English class that I teach. My students are adv. beginners - intermediate. This plugin adds immense value to my site. It helps any users to get much more from their time spent on my sites. Google translate is inconvenient, hard to control, and just sucks.

Thank you for your work to provide this very valuable plugin.

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  • This is the first version of the plugin.


10/15/2015 (upgrade)

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