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This plugin allows you to add textual annotations to images by select a region of the image and then attach a textual description, the concept of annotating images with user comments.
Integration with JQuery Image Annotation from Chris ( with PHP support from GitHub (

Live Demo:

Needs Your Support:

It is hard to continue development and support for this free plugin without contributions from users like you. If you enjoy using demon Image Annotation and find it useful, please consider making a donation. Your donation will help encourage and support the plugin’s continued development and better user support. Donate

Some features:

  • Option to approve, edit and remove image notes in admin page.
  • Preview image annotation in admin page.
  • Auto insert unique id attribute for all the images for image note.
  • Option to allow image annotation for login user who can moderate comment only
  • Gravatar in the notes
  • Option to sync with wordpress comments.
  • Option to show thumbnail in comment list.
  • ‘Mouseover to load notes’ on top of every image note (editable).
  • ‘Link’ on top of every image note if hyperlink image (editable).
  1. There’s a new method to exlcude image annotation after version 3, but previous version method id=”img-exclude” still work.
  2. Image preview for admin editing is only support version 3 and above, image note added with previous version will not support.


  • Demonstration of demon image annotation.
  • Demonstration of demon image annotation.
  • Image annotation settings.
  • Image annotation table list.
  • Image annotation editing.



  • Fixed image description


  • Fixed image numbering issue


  • Fixed post ID issue


  • Fixed auto update WordPress Comments database issue
  • Fixed notes overlap issue
  • Fixed notes not resize according to image size
  • Added image notes count number to admin bar and menu


  • Modifiend database column
  • Fixed backslash in image note
  • Remove auto generate ID and post ID in jQuery
  • Replace auto generate ID and post ID with filter function
  • Option to disable numbering
  • Option to auto resize image annotation to fit content max width
  • Image annotation able to show on home page


  • Fixed Annotation jQuery.


  • Fixed HTTPS issue
  • Fixed wordpress comment synced with image note data.
  • Update database column.
  • Update admin image notes table list.
  • Update jQuery version to 2.1.1
  • Update jQuery UI version to 1.11.2
  • Add Image preview in admin image notes table list.
  • Add edit image button in wordpress comment table list.
  • Add submenu to admin page
  • Add comments maxlength setting
  • Able to manage settings base on roles and capabilities
  • Able to approve, edit and remove image notes base on roles and capabilities
  • Able to add new line for image notes
  • Able to restore comment from Trash in admin image notes table list.


  • Thumbnail resize fixed.
  • Thumbnail preloader.


  • Fixed addable for admin only.


  • Fixed image annotation script.
  • Fixed php JSON data.
  • Fixed not workin in ie.
  • New admin table list.


  • Fixed MD5 not working.


  • Fixed bugs.


  • Fixed jquery conflict.


  • Fixed missing add button.


  • Added approve and unapprove button for selected image notes.
  • Fixed table prefix issue


  • Fixed on table name issue.
  • Fixed pop up error while saving.
  • Fixed image notes not loading (when comment or image note is not approve yet).
  • Show error occured message when loading image notes timeout.
  • Add option to remove HTML image tags.


  • Fixed on Image Notes Tab not display in Safari browser.


  • Fixed on Chrome and IE browsers.


  • Fixed return and new line issue that cause image note stop loading.


  • New image note as waiting approval even it is not sync with wordpress comment.
  • Fixed image note not loading with special characters.
  • Image note settings now is display for admin only.
  • Customize default avatar for image note author gravatar.


  • Rounded border.
  • Add list of image notes in admin page.
  • Add option to approve, edit and delete image notes.
  • Add option to change mouseover description and image hyperlink name.
  • Add option to lnclude post id in every auto insert images id.
  • Fix issue of database prefix is not wp_.
  • move author to top.


  • Admin page
  • Auto insert id attribute start with “img-“.
  • Add notes to your uploaded pictures and embed pictures.
  • Add author gravatar on notes.
  • Add option to show image notes not only in single page but other pages such as home and archives.
  • Add option which enable user to disable or enable noted image for admin only or every user.
  • Add option which enable user to disable or enable WordPress commenting system.
  • Add option which enable user to disable or enable noted image thumbnail at comment list.
  • Add description on top of every image note ‘Mouseover to load notes’.
  • Add link on top of every image note if hyperlink image.


  • Delete comments
  • Comment thumbnail hover


  • Fix note overlap
  • Image note user addable

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