Datafeedr Comparison Sets


The Datafeedr Comparison Set plugin automatically creates price comparison sets for any product in your WooCommerce store or by using a shortcode.

Heads-up! — This plugin requires that you have an active subscription to one of our API plans. Purchase a subscription here.

API Usage

Please know that the generating or updating of a single comparison set will require between 2 and 6 API requests. If you are using the API Starter Plan, consider upgrading to the Basic Plan.


View screenshots here.

Installation & Configuration

View the set-up guide here.

WooCommerce Integration

You can find usage instructions for WooCommerce here.

Shortcode Usage

You can find shortcode examples here.


  • This is a price comparison set automatically generated for a product in a WooCommerce store.
  • This is a price comparison set automatically generated using a shortcode.
  • This is the configuration page of the Datafeedr Comparison Sets plugin.


Where can I get help?

Feel free to contact us here.


0.9.8 – 2017/02/21

  • Modified so Comparison Sets are NO LONGER created or updated when a bot is viewing the page. Comparison Sets will be displayed to a bot if it’s already cached however it will not be created or updated if the current USER AGENT matches any bot in the dfrcs_visitor_is_bot() function.

0.9.7 – 2017/02/16

  • Changed references to $product properties to calls to public methods such as get_id() and get_title(). This is in preparation for WooCommerce 2.7.

0.9.6 – 2016/09/27

  • Optimized merchant logo display. (#13884, #13881)

0.9.5 – 2016/08/05

  • Replaced intval() with sanitize_text_field() on the source ID because 32 bit systems were converting long IDs to 2147483647. More info

0.9.4 – 2016/08/01

  • Added support for asin and isbn to be passed along as shortcode attributes for Amazon searches.

0.9.3 – 2016/04/04

  • Initial PUBLIC release.
  • Clarified help texts on configuration page.
  • Updated readme.txt for WordPress repository.

0.9.2 – 2016/03/21

  • Changed format of URL to merchant logos to new format (#12900)

0.9.1 – 2016/03/09

  • Fixed currency sign position for products with sign of “kr”.

0.9.0 – 2016/03/07

  • Initial BETA release.

Contributors & Developers

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