Dashboard Admin Theme


Elevate your WordPress admin dashboard experience with our feature-rich and user-friendly plugin! Designed to be lightweight and adhering to the highest coding standards, our plugin empowers you to customize the look and feel of your admin dashboard effortlessly.

Key Features:

Two Themes: Choose from two beautifully crafted themes to personalize your admin dashboard according to your preferences.

Extendable Modules: Unlock advanced functionality with our modules section. Admins can seamlessly adjust WP memory limits, monitor host resources, toggle WordPress debug mode on and off, and conveniently download debug.log files.

Logo Customization: Make your WordPress admin interface truly yours by changing the default logos on the admin bar and login/register pages. Showcase your brand or add a personal touch to the backend.

Future Updates:
We are committed to enhancing your experience further! Stay tuned for upcoming updates that will introduce additional themes and even more powerful modules to give you unparalleled control over your WordPress environment.

Download our plugin today and embark on a journey towards a more tailored and efficient WordPress admin experience. Best of all, it\’s completely free to use!


  1. Download the Plugin:
    Visit the WordPress Plugin Directory or our official website to download the plugin ZIP file.

  2. Upload to Your WordPress Site:
    Log in to your WordPress admin dashboard. Navigate to Plugins > Add New. Click \”Upload Plugin\” and choose the ZIP file you downloaded. Click \”Install Now.\”

  3. Activate the Plugin:
    After installation, click \”Activate Plugin\” to enable the features. You\’ll find the plugin settings in the WordPress admin menu.

  4. Customize Your Dashboard:
    Explore the plugin settings to customize your admin dashboard. Choose a theme, configure modules, and personalize logos to suit your preferences.

  5. Save Changes:
    Don\’t forget to save your changes! Once you\’ve configured the settings, click the \”Save\” or \”Update\” button to apply the changes to your WordPress admin interface.

Enjoy the enhanced features and a tailored WordPress admin experience with our plugin!


Q: How do I install the plugin?

A: Download the plugin ZIP file from our website or the WordPress Plugin Directory. Upload it to your WordPress site through the admin dashboard (Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin).

Q: Can I customize the admin dashboard style?

A: Absolutely! Our plugin offers two themes for easy customization. Explore the settings to personalize the look and feel of your WordPress admin interface.

Q: What extra modules are available?

A: The plugin provides modules for tweaking WP memory limits, monitoring host resources, toggling WordPress debug mode, and customizing default logos on the admin bar and login/register pages.

Q: How do I revert changes if needed?

A: Simply revisit the plugin settings in the WordPress admin menu. Adjust configurations as needed and save changes to revert to your preferred settings.

Q: Is the plugin free to use?

A: Yes, our plugin is completely free to use. Download it from our website or the WordPress Plugin Directory, and enhance your WordPress admin experience at no cost.

Q: Are there plans for future updates?

A: Yes! We\’re committed to improving your experience. Stay tuned for upcoming updates that may introduce additional themes and powerful modules for even more customization options.

Q: Where can I get support if I encounter issues?

A: Visit our support page on the WordPress Plugin Directory or reach out to our dedicated support team through our website. We\’re here to assist you with any questions or concerns.

Q: Is the plugin compatible with the latest WordPress version?

A: We strive to ensure compatibility with the latest WordPress versions. However, it\’s always a good practice to check for updates and ensure your WordPress installation is up to date.


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