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A fork of Statpress Visitors for very limited space like there is in Free hosting.

  • This plugin (a lite fork of StatPress Visitors) shows the real-time statistics on your blog. It collects information about visitors, spiders, search keywords, feeds, browsers, OS, etc., as Statpress Visitors.
  • Daily stat allows you to make stat on the free web hosting that prohibit them by autodelete records older than 2 days.

  • This version borrows StatPress-Visitors the fantastic work of Gawain Lynch:

  • [New in 1.5] GeoIP integration. From the Great job of Gawain Lynch in StatPress visitors!

  • [New in 1.5] Php and SQL optimisation of the yesterday page, work 7 times faster.
  • [New in 1.5] Show the real name of the pages and post and not the URL. Thanks you Gawain!
  • [New in 1.5] Generate report pages for individual IP addresses with the ability to review and mark the records as a Spam Bot, or add to the banned IP address definition file. Thanks you Gawain!
  • [New in 1.5] New page "URL Monitoring" which shows all URLs requested that do not correspond to the posts and pages written by an author in order to deny access to intruders or hackers.

  • The "spy robots" lets you know which pages were indexed by search robots.

  • The "referrer" page shows what referrer bring the most visitors to your website.

Still in 1.3 :

  • FULL PHP 5.4 compatibility
  • ALL logos and icons with tooltip : "search engines", "spider", "RSS feeds, browsers and OS are represented by their logo. Internet domains" and country, are represented by a flag. All icons, flags and logo display the correct name by a tooltip at mouse-over.
  • Two new informations : the language and country in addition to the internet domain. Indeed, the "original StatPress" stores languages spoken as the country which is not true, Americans speak English and so far are American. To remedy this error, "StatPress Reloaded" stored in the data table (column "nation") the Internet domain. So we added two columns in the table of data: the language and the country given by the visitor's browser.
  • On the "spy visitors" page, the flag displayed in the first place is the country given by the visitor's browser (preceded by "http country"), if it is not known then, secondly, it's the flag of the internet domain that is displayed (preceded by "http domain"). If neither is given, then querying the free internet service "hostip.info" (preceded by "hostip country").
  • In the main page, the country's flag is displayed only if different from the Internet domain. If the same flag is displayed, then the tooltips do not give the same indication. Indeed, some Internet domains correspond to several countries and some countries have regions with theirs own internet domain.
  • The functions of the administration part of the plugin are no longer stored in RAM when a visitor visits the site, this frees up RAM unnecessarily consumed otherwise. The functions and administration pages are stored in memory RAM only if the Dashboard is visible. Thanks to xknown.
  • The tables "last terms search", "Last referrers", "Last Feeds" and "Last spiders" on the main page are more informatives.

  • SQL queries optimization in the pages "Visitors Spy" and "Spy Bot" by the use of the natural index of the datatable. Now these pages are made in only one SQL query. The previous versions need as many SQL queries that there is IP or Bot displayed on the page. The speed is 3 times faster.

  • New way to count the RSS feed by IP. Thus, there are two separate counts of RSS: as far as total subscription on every page (pageviews feeds), as far as visitors subscribers(visitors feeds).
  • The "yesterday" page show you the number of "unique visitors", "page views", subscriptions to "RSS visitors feeds", subscriptions to "RSS pageviews feeds" and "search engines" (spider) for each page and posts (with or without visits) of your website at the date of yesterday.

  • In the options page you can choose the number of IP displayed on "Visitor Spy" page (20, 50 or 100) and the number of visits for each IP (20, 50 or 100).

DB Table maintenance

Daily stat automatically delete older records than 2 days (to have a very short database) and automaticaly optimise the daily-stat datatable after the removal of olds datas.

Daily Stat Widget / Daily_Stat_Print function

The widget is customizable. These are the available variables:

  • %today% - date of today
  • %visitorsyesterday% - Visitors yesterday
  • %visitorstoday% - Visitors today
  • %pageviewstoday% - Pageviews today
  • %pageviewsyesterday% - Pageviews yesterday
  • %thistodaypageview% - this page, today total pageview
  • %thisyesterdaypageviews% - this page, yesterday total pageview
  • %thistodayvisitors% - this page, today total visitors
  • %thisyesterdayvisitors% - this page, yesterday total visitors
  • %os% - Operative system
  • %browser% - Browser
  • %ip% - IP address
  • %visitorsonline% - Counts all online visitors
  • %usersonline% - Counts logged online visitors
  • %toppost% - The most viewed Post
  • %topbrowser% - The most used Browser
  • %topos% - The most used O.S.

  • %latesthits% - last 10 search term

You could add these values everywhere! Daily Stat offers a new PHP function *Daily_stat_Print() i.e. StatPress_Print("%totalvisits% total visits."); Put it whereever you want the details to be displayed in your template. Remember, as this is PHP, it needs to be surrounded by PHP-Tags!

Ban IP

You could ban IP list from stats editing def/banips.dat file.

Update DailyStat Definitions

You can choose the data to update in your database (browsers, OS, search engines and spiders). Text matches below are based on part string matches.

  • Browsers

The format for browsers (browser.dat) is: [name] | [user agent text to match -without all space caracters-] |

e.g. Chromium 15|Chrome/15|

  • Operating Systems

The format for operating systems (os.dat) is: [name] | [user agent text to match -without all space characters-] |

e.g. Linux Android|Android2.2.1|

  • Spiders

The format for spiders (spider.dat) is: [name] | [user agent text to match] |

e.g. Google|googlebot|

  • Spam bots

The format for spam bots (spambot.dat) is: [name] | [user agent text to match] |

e.g. Purebot Spam Bot|Purebot|

  • Search engines

The format for search engines (searchengine.dat) is: [name] | [domain url part] | [query search key text] |

e.g. Google|www.google.|q||

So for a search engine who have a URL like Google : http://www.google.fr/search?q=statpress+visitors

From this example you can see that the domain url part is "www/google.fr", however as a number of search engines use regional domains, you need only enter the http://www.google. part.

Secondly, notice the "q=" in the URL, that is the query search key text.

Some few Search engine have a URL not like the Google URL like this one : http://fr.eannu.com/benson_platinum.htm In the case the format for search engine is: [name] | [url] | [key] | [stop] e.g. Eannu|fr.eannu.com|fr.eannu.com/|.htm|

Update images

When image is name.png 1) The name of the image is the first part of the corresponding line of the definition file in /daily-stat/def name|...|etc 2) Write the name of the browser, the Os, the Search engine, the spider with lowercase 3) Replace all the characters « space » by « _ » (underscore). 4) Replace all characters « point » by "-" (dash). For example, if you added Opera 9.0.1 in the folder /images/browser (or the folder …/images/os) the filename of the icon must be opera_9-0-1.png If you add Search.com in the folder /images/searchengine the filename of the icon must be Search-com.png

Requires: 2.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3
Last Updated: 2015-7-29
Active Installs: 8,000+


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