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Custom Post Type UI

Admin UI for creating custom post types and custom taxonomies in WordPress


  • Change export value to plural label for taxonomies.
  • Properly select a post type or taxonomy after deleting an existing value.
  • Updated screenshots
  • Added target="_blank" attribute to one of the inline help links for Menu position. Thanks @JulieKuehl
  • Fixed potential XSS issue.


  • Re-add post type and taxonomy select buttons and only display for non-js users.


  • Simplified UI with regards to clicking amount.
  • Auto selecting of first available post type or taxonomy in Edit tab.
  • Switch to post type or taxonomy upon selection within Edit tab.
  • Return of a list of CPTUI-registered post types and taxonomies.
  • Post type slug update capability.
  • Added function reference 3rd party link to support area.
  • New hooks in edit screen for custom content display on screen.
  • String updates.
  • UI field option for custom "Supports" parameters from other plugins. Example: Yet Another Related Posts Plugin.
  • Updated help/support section with another reference tool.
  • Trim extra spaces potentially left behind in text inputs.
  • Rearranged menu listing slightly to remove duplicate naming.
  • GitHub repo has GitHub Updater (https://github.com/afragen/github-updater) compatible copy of CPTUI version that is available on WordPress.org


  • Register taxonomies at a higher priority than post types.


  • Preventive measures for potential XSS security issues with add_query_arg()


  • Change priority of post type registration function that was causing rewrite issues for many.
  • Fix issues with help text spots not showing up for some post type fields. Props pedro-mendonca.
  • Fix logic issue with PHP's empty() function and CPTUI 0.9.x saved settings.


  • Explicitly set the post type and taxonomy rewrite slugs as the registered slug if no custom ones provided.
  • Prevent cptui.js from loading where it is not needed.
  • Fixed undefined index notice for post type rewrite_withfront.
  • Repopulated labels when none provided and post type or taxonomy mentioned in default label.
  • Fix for import/export get code tab and hierarchical taxonomies


  • Fixed incorrect boolean order for hierarchical taxonomies and default value.
  • Fixed missing closing div tags.
  • Default menu position to null instead of empty string.
  • Undefined index notice cleanup.
  • Remove unnecessary hook.


  • Fix logic error regarding string "0" evaluating to false when checked for not empty.
  • Fix for taxonomy with_front boolean value not evaluating correctly.
  • Fix for taxonomy hierarchical boolean value not evaluating correctly.
  • Fix for post type has_archive.
  • German translation updates. If you speak/read German, myself and the translator would LOVE to have feedback on this.
  • Internationalization string changes after feedback from German translation work.
  • Minor issue with link html being stripped from UI field explanation.
  • Better apostrophe/single quote support in label fields.


  • Fix issue with checked checkboxes for post type associations for taxonomies.
  • Fix "Get Code" spot related to post type associations for taxonomies.
  • Update some text strings after localization feedback.
  • Fix typos in textdomain for two spots.
  • Updating progressing translation files.
  • Fix value for with_front parameter.
  • Fix error in boolean type for map_meta_cap.
  • Fix missing use of query_var slug if present for taxonomies.


  • Fix issues with taxonomy transfer and registration.
  • Fix issue with taxonomy "show admin column" evaluating to true regardless of setting.
  • Prefix our "help" class to prevent conflict with other plugins that use just "help".
  • Fix issue with menu position values not being obeyed.
  • Fix hook names inside taxonomy update function.
  • Fix potentially empty parameter with taxonomies and "Get Code" output.
  • Added PHP "undefined index" notice prevention for some parameters.


  • CPTUI has been given a new UI!
  • Separated out post type and taxonomy creation to their own screens.
  • Added import/export ability for post type and taxonomy settings.
  • Added a Help/Support Screen.
  • Added/Updated available parameters for post types and parameters.
  • Updated i18n and translation files.
  • Added Confirmation prompts before deleting post types and taxonomies.
  • Added actions and filters for 3rd party customization.
  • Added function that automatically converts 0.8.x and down settings to new setting arrangement.
  • Changed how settings are stored so that post types and taxonomies are in named array indexes.
  • Bug fixes not mentioned above.


  • Revert 0.9.0 release until unfound bugs are fixed.


  • See 1.0.0 list. This was reverted by 0.9.5 release.


  • Fix issue with menu_postion being quoted in CPT get_code functionality.


  • Fix issue with get code and post types/taxonomies that use a dash instead of underscore. Props Evan Mullins/circlecube.


  • Dashicon support


  • Fix with_front logic issue.


  • Renamed menu entry to "CPT UI".
  • Fixes for potential "undefined index" WP DEBUG log notices.
  • Updated localization text files for text changes.
  • Updated and fixed output for "get code" and custom post types.
  • Updated and fixed output for "get code" and custom taxonomies.
  • Fixes "get code" function callback name conflict.
  • Added support for show_admin_column for WordPress 3.5+
  • Added support for map_meta_cap field in custom post types.
  • Prevent quotes in slug fields for Custom Post Types or Taxonomies.


  • Added "with_front" support
  • Added menu icon support. Upload and save full URL from Media Library
  • Added General post formats support
  • Every string is translation ready
  • Better fallback options for new install that haven't created anything yet
  • More notes to help users with options
  • Code refactoring and cleanup
  • Fix for possible empty rewrite value
  • Fixed slashes issue with description field and taxonomy label fields
  • Fixed issue with capabilities input having two value attributes
  • Flush rewrite rules on deactivation
  • UI touchups
  • Updated screenshots.


  • Added exclude_from_search support
  • Fixed display bug with capability type
  • Fixed JavaScript bug
  • Strict CPT name check
  • Code cleanup


  • Fixed XSS security bug (props Duck)


  • WordPress 3.1 support
  • Added has_archive and show_in_menu support
  • Added label for custom menu name
  • Updated plugin UI to be consistent with WordPress styles
  • Added "Get Code" feature to easily copy code used for post types and taxonomies (BETA)


  • Added support for assigning custom taxonomies to post types when creating/editing
  • Fixed bug when setting hierarchy on a post type (props @JohnPBloch)
  • Fixed an error when registering a post type with no supported meta boxes
  • Fixed "Undefined index" error when determining return URLs
  • Added Chinese translation


  • Added translation functionality and .pot file
  • Added Japanese translation
  • Reworked entire path structure fixing "page not found" errors
  • Fixed "First argument is expected to be a valid callback" error
  • Random bug fixes


  • Added support for custom labels with custom post types and taxonomies
  • Added ability to assign built-in taxonomies to custom post types
  • Added ability to assign custom taxonomies to multiple post types
  • Fixed jQuery conflict with other plugins (props shadyvb)
  • Managing post types now displays total published/draft per type
  • Code optimization and cleanup


  • Updated excerpts to excerpt in CPT Support field (props vlad27aug)


  • Added flush_rewrite_rules() to reset rules when using custom rewrite slugs


  • Updated post-thumbnails to thumbnail in CPT Support field
  • Added singular_label option for custom post types
  • Added support for custom Rewrite slugs for post types and taxonomies
  • Reworked entire array structure for easier additions down the road
  • Fixed Get Code bug in Custom Post Types and Custom Taxonomies
  • View additional custom post types registered in WordPress


  • Fixed bug with REWRITE and QUERY_VAR values not executing correctly
  • Set REWRITE and QUERY_VAR values to True by default


  • Default view now hides advanced options
  • Get Code link to easily copy/paste code used to create custom post types and taxonomies
  • Added support for 'author' and 'page-attributes' in CPT Supports field


  • Fixed multiple warnings and errors


  • added new menu/submenus for individual sections
  • added support for 'title' and 'editor' in CPT Supports field
  • added Singular Label for custom taxonomies (props sleary)


  • Set default Query Var setting to False


  • Added support for creating custom taxonomies
  • Increased internationalization support
  • Fixed siteurl bug


  • Fixed a bug where default values were incorrect


  • Fixed a bunch of warnings


  • First beta release

Requires: 3.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3.1
Last Updated: 4 months ago
Active Installs: 200,000+


4.6 out of 5 stars


40 of 59 support threads in the last two months have been resolved.

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