Custom Content Shortcode



From a single field to entire pages, Custom Content Shortcode is a set of commands to display content where you need.

The [content] shortcode displays any of the following: posts, pages, custom post types, fields, images, menus, or widget areas.

The [loop] shortcode performs query loops. It can display, for example, available products in a category, or excerpts from the 5 most recent posts. You can query by parameters such as: post type, taxonomy, date, and field values.

There is a reference section under Settings -> Custom Content.


Here are some of the included features:

  • Wide range of query parameters to display site content
  • Conditional content based on field value, login status, etc.
  • Overview of your site’s content structure
  • Relative URLs for links and images
  • Cache the result of a query
  • Optional: Gallery field, Mobile Detect, Math

Support for other plugins: Advanced Custom Fields, WCK Fields and Post Types


  • Documentation and examples
  • Content overview page
  • Gallery field


  1. Install & activate from Plugins -> Add New
  2. See: Settings -> Custom Content


Installation Instructions
  1. Install & activate from Plugins -> Add New
  2. See: Settings -> Custom Content


This is a great addition for ACF users

I needed to add small content boxes throughout the content of posts. For instance, a definition of an important word, or a related quote, etc. And I needed to allow the writer to add the box where they wanted. So using an ACF repeater field and this plugin the writer can add “side content” where it is needed within a post.

Superb Plugin!

I’ve used this plugin on numerous sites when needing to create complex layouts with custom post queries. I’m continually amazed at what this can do.

Brilliant mid-level WP development

The plugin is perfect solution for intermediate web admins. As while as you know the basics of a programming language, you can do almost everything with this plugin in WP.


I wanted something simple: the current post’s excerpt in a widget (for readers who hate scrolling past header images). Should’ve been straightforward but all the advice I found was … wrong. By the time I installed Custom Content Shortcode, I’d miserably resigned myself to building my own widget after a crash immersion course in secondary loops. I really wasn’t expecting this plugin to do the job!

Within THREE MINUTES of activating, I had a one-line shortcode that runs the task perfectly. What’s more, the amazing documentation has shown me lots of ways to polish things up with interactive bells & whistles. I couldn’t be happier 😀

THANK YOU, Eliot Akira!

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Contributors & Developers

“Custom Content Shortcode” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • [if user_field contains] – Support searching multiple user fields
  • [related] – Support ACF relational type users
  • [related user_field] – Support related posts from a user field


  • [if image] – Check correct current post when inside [related]


  • [related] – Add parameter offset to skip the first X number of posts
  • [if] – Improve logic to count repeater fields


  • [each] – Add default field count for each term’s post count


  • [if] – Add parameter count for field value array, such as relationship fields
  • [if] – Improve field=content,excerpt with parameter contains
  • [is] – Allow nested
  • Content overview: cleaner list of shortcodes


  • [loop], [loopage] – Add parameter query to use custom query variable for pagination


  • [user] – Add field registered and parameter format (“relative” or custom format)
  • Settings – Add option to enable shortcodes in widget title


  • [format] – Add parameters split and part; handle field values of number type in list
  • [attached] – Add field download-url, to get URL to actual PDF file instead of generated preview image
  • [url register] – URL to registration form under wp-login
  • [pass] – Add parameter trim=all to remove all white space, new lines, tabs
  • ACF [related] – Add parameters start and count
  • Improve use of content filter with other plugins; support for Beaver Themer in progress


  • Minor fixes in reference pages