Cornify for WordPress


This plugin will cornify ( your website. If the user doesn’t interact with the site for 5 seconds (default) the site will show unicorns until they interact with the site again. This was developed primarily as an April fools joke.


  • A cornified site


Just activate the plugin and if you don’t interact with your site you should see unicorns. There is no control panel, at least for the moment. See FAQ for manual options. When you’re done with it and had enough, just deactivate it.


The plugin doesn’t seem to work. Do I need anything special in my theme?

Yes, your theme must have a call to php wp_footer(); ?> at the very bottom right before the “ tag.

Can I change the interval of the unicorns?

Yes, you can change var idol_time = 5000; in js/cornify.js to the number of (milli)seconds you would like before unicorns start showing up.

Can I make this plugin active only for one day?

Yes, see cornify-wordpress.php and comment out the lines it suggest.



Never hurts to engage your visitors in a fun way! See if it has any effect on your bounce rate, or just use it as a prank. 😉

Best way to make sure your viewers are paying attention

You put all this hard work into your website. You toil for hours to update your SEO and make sure people can find the valuable information you have to share. You research latest design trends and make your place as hospitable as possible.

But then people visit it and don’t pay attention – what the hay?!

That’s where the Cornify plugin comes in. People walk through your doors, and if their attention begins to wander, they’re slammed with a sea of unicorns. They have to figure out – “Is it me, or is it my computer?” “What was in my coffee this morning?”

It doesn’t stop there. If they keep ignoring your valuable work, all the text turns into Comic Sans, just to make sure they feel the same pain you do.

Cornify Plugin – it’s your prerogative.

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Contributors & Developers

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  • Added JS to the footer instead of the header
  • Moved JS to a folder instead of in the root
  • Renamed utils.js to cornify.js
  • Use wp_enqueue_scripts instead of template_redirect


  • Just launched.