iCopyright Republishing Suite


This plugin enables any WordPress website to manage content syndication and licensing like a pro.

iCopyright’s republishing hub, repubHub, is incorporated directly into your admin console, allowing you to republish content from many world-class publications and websites. You choose whether to republish with an automated widget that minimizes editorial effort or to select each article you republish individually. Articles are syndicated for free from participating publishers because ads are inserted within the article iframe to compensate the content providers and iCopyright. You monetize the republished content on your page with your usual ads surrounding the iframe.

And on the flip side of the syndication market, this plugin adds a Republish button to your articles, allowing your readers to license them instantly for many types of republication, and simultaneously feeds them into the repubHub network (www.repubhub.com) for others to discover and license. Licenses are offered as free embeds monetized by ads and as paid licenses without ads.

With the iCopyright Republishing Suite, you can:

  • Search for and curate articles by leading publishers on topics of interest to your readers.
  • Get alerts when new articles on your topics are available for republication.
  • Republish them legally with just one click directly from your Posts menu.
  • For more automated republishing, deploy one or more trending headlines widgets that link to the full article on your site, keeping readers engaged with fresh, relevant content.
  • Syndicate and monetize your content with a Republish/Reprint button that offers licenses to your readers and that feeds your content into iCopyright’s repubHub portal (www.repubhub.com) for others to discover and republish.
  • Rest assured that all content is license-ready. No need to negotiate terms with others.

Join the network of republishable content! The powerful iCopyright Republishing Suite plugin lets you do it all.


  • A portion of the administrative settings page showing toolbar placement options and basic setting for your site.
  • The iCopyright Toolbar is placed on each article on your site according to styling and rules you specify. This is an example of the placement of the default toolbar.
  • When users mouse over your toolbar, licensing options unfurl. When these options are clicked, various licensing types are presented in a menu, such as seen below.
  • Example of the Republish Online menu.
  • The iCopyright Republishing Suite ingests the repubHub content licensing portal directly into your administrative dashboard. Clicking on "Automated widget" takes you to the repubHub Headlines Widget. Clicking on "Single articles" take you to your Posts page where you can find thousands of current articles to curate and republish.
  • This screen shows the repubHub portal. Recent headlines from across the network are displayed by default. Select from a variety of topics, as shown in the green box, to narrow your view. You can search for relevant content in a variety of ways and save your personal searches in tabs to have immediate access to fresh articles each time you visit. (Figures in green bubbles display the total number of new articles for that folder.) To republish any article, simply click Republish.
  • To activate a repubHub Headlines Widget, navigate to Appearance/Widgets and drag the widget to your sidebar. Adjust the settings as desired.
  • Your widget will automatically adapt to your site’s theme and updates continually with trending news that matches the criteria you have established in the widget settings. The widget on the left shows how a widget appears to your site visitors. Note that your view of the widget, shown on the right, includes curation tools that allow you to:
    • Publish any of the articles to your site instantly and permanently.


  1. Download and activate the iCopyright Republishing Suite the same you would any other plugin.
  2. Accept the Terms of Use.
  3. Tell us about you and your site and press Submit (some fields will be automatically filled in).
  4. Your site is immediately live with the features of the Republishing Suite and the plugin’s Settings page is displayed.
  5. Review the settings on this page and make any adjustments you’d like. Tutorials at the top of this page guide you through the options and explain the features.
  6. If you have an ads.txt page, and want to republish articles from us for free, follow instructions at https://repubhub.icopyright.net/#ads-txt to update your ads.txt page.


Please visit http://www.icopyright.com/faqs for an up-to-date list of FAQs.

Installation Instructions
  1. Download and activate the iCopyright Republishing Suite the same you would any other plugin.
  2. Accept the Terms of Use.
  3. Tell us about you and your site and press Submit (some fields will be automatically filled in).
  4. Your site is immediately live with the features of the Republishing Suite and the plugin’s Settings page is displayed.
  5. Review the settings on this page and make any adjustments you’d like. Tutorials at the top of this page guide you through the options and explain the features.
  6. If you have an ads.txt page, and want to republish articles from us for free, follow instructions at https://repubhub.icopyright.net/#ads-txt to update your ads.txt page.


Good job

Great plugin! No need to worry about copyright infringement anymore!It’s just what doctor ordered.

iCopyright Works Well ! I love This Plugin!

I really love how this plugin works. The articles are timely and you get to chose the articles you want to republish as well as having your own site articles up for syndication/republished.

This is another option to monetize your site and to increase more traffic to your site. My traffic has doubled since using iCopyright.

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Contributors & Developers

“iCopyright Republishing Suite” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



Changes to adapt to ads.txt (where only whitelisted ad partners can provide ads):

  1. iCopyright’s ad codes are now used for all ad impressions when your content is licensed by others.
  2. Instead of an impression-share model, a revenue-share model (same percentages) now applies to ad-supported free uses.
  3. The Ad Network module on the iCopyright settings page has been removed.
  4. On settings page, an option for you to receive revenue-share payments via PayPal has been added.
  5. Adds an instruction to republishers to add iCopyright’s ad codes (https://repubhub.icopyright.net/#ads-txt) to their ads.txt file (if they have one). Sites with an ads.txt file that neglect this step may display an error message when attempting to display syndicated articles.
  6. Updates the iCopyright Services Agreement (Terms of Use) to reflect these changes, most importantly Sections 1.2(a)(iii), 9, and Schedule B.
  7. Updated videos on settings page.
  8. Added payee field to settings page for sending revenue checks.


  1. Fixed an issue with the widget not saving upon creation


  1. Fixed a bug with bottom toolbar going to invalid URL
  2. Fixed a bug with manual toolbar shortcode showing up in article feed
  3. Fixed an issue with widget sometimes not getting categories in dropdown
  4. Minor improvements


  1. Fixed a bug with incorrect toolbar url


  1. New trending headlines widget. Go to Appearance->Widgets and select iCopyright Trending Headlines.
  2. Fixed an issue with feed url sometimes being inaccessible.
  3. Fixed an issue with the iCopyright Custom Field in the Post page sometimes unchecking itself.
  4. Republish tab at the top now has an option to go to widget page.


  1. Minor warning and bug fixes.


  1. Optimizations to improve performance.


  1. Added new tutorial videos on settings page.
  2. Additional cleanup when uninstalling.


  1. Publishers can now enter ad codes right from the settings page. These ads will display on embeds of your articles republished on other websites.
  2. Publishers can now upload a site logo from the settings page.
  3. Publishers can set a site description in the settings page.
  4. New tutorial video.


  1. Updated plugin with new manual toolbar shortcodes that are compatible with WordPress 4.4. For compatibility with WordPress version 4.4, the shortcode format used to display the iCopyright toolbar must now be in the format [icopyright_one_button_toolbar] rather than [icopyright one button toolbar].


  1. Fixed access-denied error when clicking on links at bottom of Settings page.
  2. Removed Discovery link from bottom of Settings page.


  1. New author/category exclusion page. Users are now grouped by roles for easier finding. Smaller footprint for publications having memory issues when displaying the authors.
  2. New oEmbed format for republished articles. For those users that do not have the unfiltered_html capability, republishing an article from within the plugin will now give the user the embed code in oEmbed format. RepubHub is added to the site’s oEmbed whitelist.
  3. Moved the sliding window for the one-button-toolbar over to the left so that it does not get cut-off for some publications.
  4. Fixed an issue with a blank error page displaying after saving the settings page with the wrong username/password.
  5. The Republish tab now only shows up for non-subscriber users (admin, editors, authors, etc).


  1. Added categories to the Republish page.
  2. Built support for multiple wordpress users.
  3. Fixed code that was causing warnings.


  1. Minor text tweaks and fixed typos.
  2. Link to new video.
  3. Exclude authors/categories section is now scrollable if the list is long.
  4. Fixed a bug with exclude authors that included “admin”.


  1. Added new tutorial videos to the settings page.
  2. Added forgot password links to settings page.
  3. Fixed an error with SimpleXMLElement::count()
  4. Fixed an issue with some radio buttons not working in Settings page in safari.


  1. Updated tabs to refresh on a more regular basis.
  2. Added the ability to refresh an individual tab.
  3. Can now specify if you would like an rss feed in the Edit Topic page.
  4. New links to RSS/HTML feeds of topics.
  5. Updating global settings will now refresh all tabs.
  6. Edit search is now done in a pop-up box.


  1. Fixed an issue with Global Settings throwing an error after saving.


  1. Fixed toolbars not showing up in Settings page.


  1. New search box for quicker searches.
  2. Can now filter results using the publication dropdown.
  3. Can now filter results using the date range dropdown.
  4. Can search by author and publication name.
  5. Clicking on an author or publication name will do a search for that author/publication.
  6. Pagination in search results and recent headlines.
  7. New Global Settings button to set up exclusions.
  8. New delete button on tabs.
  9. New ability to save a search and get email notifications.
  10. Email notifications default to NEVER.


  1. Fixed issue with success message showing up multiple times.


  1. Updated plugin to work when plugin is installed in sub-folder.
  2. Minor changes to static file links.


  1. Fixed an issue with code showing up in excerpts.
  2. Default option for display on multiple posts is now “Nothing”.
  3. Moved deactivation/uninstall code to new uninstall.php file.


  1. Fixed the toolbar not showing up on posts for people with the WordPress SEO plugin.


  1. Added admin account to the list of authors in the exclude list.
  2. Fixed an issue with exclude list not being properly set upon activation
  3. Fixed some spacing issues


  1. Fixed an issue with aligned images not aligning when republished.


  1. You can now exclude posts by author and category from having the tools displayed and be searchable.


  1. Fixed bug with activation of previous version.


  1. Fixed a bug with double images showing up for images with query strings appended to them.


  1. Fixed a bug with double images showing up in embed when setting a featured image for a
    post, and inserting that same image into the body of the post.
  2. New option to not display article tools on your site. New posts will be automatically
    added to the repubHub engine as long as “Searchable” is selected.
  3. Selected categories not only determine what posts have the article tools displayed, but
    also determine whether or not the article are searchable on repubHub.


  1. Featured images are now included in republished content


  1. Republish page now displays recent headlines
  2. Performance improvements
  3. Terms of Use statement on publish
  4. Minor bug fixes


  1. Miscellaneous bugfixes


  1. Include introductory settings video
  2. Improve themeing of admin pages for narrow resolutions


  1. Improve performance of Republish page
  2. Modify format of clips and topics
  3. Minor bugfixes and usability improvements


  1. Adds a Republish option to your Posts menu that allows you to republish content to your site for free
    from many leading publishers with a single click.
  2. Add excerpt, if any, as deckheader of reused content


  1. Bug fix for registering when using multisite


  1. Do not display article tools on repubhub.icopyright.net content


  1. Pricing optimizer to set prices
  2. Proper sync with server-side settings
  3. Minor bug fixes
  4. Minor usability fixes


  1. Minor settings usability tweaks
  2. Minor bug fixes


  1. Include link directly to pricing optimizer
  2. Use country pulldown in registration step


  1. Improve settings migration


  1. Use feed API for system link
  2. Favor WordPress HTTP API over curl
  3. Use Settings API for options
  4. Use nonces with form submissions
  5. Code cleanup


(Not released)


  1. Fix bug in rendering link buttons
  2. Style change so onebutton stands out more


  1. Minor doc fix


  1. New single-graphic article tools format
  2. Improved admin UI with links to Conductor console
  3. Minor bug fixes and tweaks


  1. Allow users to update address from plugins page
  2. More explicit terms of use OK
  3. Add warning message if iCopyright system cannot communicate with plugin
  4. Use publication from iCopyright settings for interactive copyright notice
  5. Minor bug fixes


  1. Fix bug in common library for calculation of error code
  2. Do not display confusing welcome message if autoregistration fails
  3. Only test com link if publication has been registered


  1. Automatic registration on activation
  2. Form fields to update account information added to admin settings page
  3. Better error messages on problems
  4. Add warning if iCopyright servers cannot connect properly
  5. Add ability to change feed URL in advanced settings


  1. Default display on page to true
  2. Add screenshots to package


  1. Minor code cleanups, standardize spelling, etc.
  2. Add switch for applying to pages vs. posts


  1. Minor documentation fix


  1. Fix bug in application of tools by category
  2. Rework administrative pages for consistent look and feel
  3. General code cleanup


  1. Fix bug in admin page where there’s no publication ID
  2. Never float the horizontal article tools; only align them left or right


  1. Support themeable article tools and copyright notices
  2. Improved usability of plugin settings page
  3. Simpler registration process
  4. Miscellaneous bug fixes


  1. Enable turning on and off share tools from settings
  2. Up to date snapshots of the article tools for admin pages


  1. Use brief signin form to ease registration
  2. Tweaks to the commons communications library


  1. Category filter so article tools appear only on specific categories of posts
  2. Render publication ID with article tools javascript to allow interoperability with iCopyright-syndicated content
  3. Minor bug fixes and tweaks


  1. Rework code to match coding standards
  2. Address security issue
  3. Minor tweaks to styles and forms


  1. Add feature to turn syndication service on and off
  2. Simplify signup process
  3. Add advanced settings section for publication ID, Conductor email, and Conductor password
  4. Add support for multisite


  1. Added automatic update of publication feed url to iCopyright conductor.


  1. Small text and style changes
  2. Fixed image src in style sheet


  1. Change successful registration status message
  2. Change format of radio buttons in settings panel
  3. WP Shortcodes are not being interpreted in feed content
  4. Change first sentence under the words “iCopyright Settings”
  5. Move “visit conductor” link below settings button
  6. EZ Excerpt doesn’t function if only the interactive notice is displayed
  7. Simple text changes to settings page


  1. Change terms of use location.
  2. Tweaks to settings page.
  3. Prevent rendering of licensing tools without publication ID.
  4. Added context and moved location of EZ Excerpt option.
  5. Added ability to exclude licensing tools from certain article.


EZ excerpt scripting files fixed


  1. Add terms of use checkbox to the signup process
  2. Change country field to a list of country codes
  3. Display toolbars only in full page or full post.
  4. Ez Excerpt feature.
  5. Remove xml feed sentences from admin settings page.


Returned API endpoints to original location


Relocated API endpoints


Fixed references to plugin name


Triggered release build on WP


Updated API location


Initial Launch