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Convurt – Voice To Blog Post


ConvurtĀ® is an iOS and Android app with a web management dashboard for website owners, bloggers, agencies, copywriters and content creators.

The WordPress plugin will automatically pull in voice recordings that have been converted to content as a draft post on your blog.

Download the iOS or Android app, sign up for an account, and get your access key from your profile to connect the WordPress plugin. Then each time you have your voice converted to a blog post, it will sync automatically to your WordPress blog as a draft post.

Convurt allows you to retrieve and manipulate WordPress content using HTTP requests. There are three main goals:

  1. Provide a simple, consistent external interface
  2. Create a stable, understandable internal implementation
  3. Enable new types of extensions for WordPress
  4. User can get posts from the convurt app.

This plugin was created at Convurt, LLC ( for getting posts from the voice to text conversion app. Using the app, we convert users voice to text. All of the text will be imported using this plugin as a draft post.

See the Other Notes section for the complete documentation.


  • This screenshot refers to the back-end setting page. You just need to enter Account ID to get connected with the app.

  • You can synchronize data anytime from the setting page. All the converted voice text will be imported as a draft post in your wordpress website.


  1. Upload the convurt folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory or install directly through the plugin installer.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress or by using the link provided by the plugin installer.


Installation Instructions
  1. Upload the convurt folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory or install directly through the plugin installer.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress or by using the link provided by the plugin installer.
How to get convurt account id?

You can follow the instructions below:

1) Please signup on convurt app as a user or contractor
2) After creating an account you will get the profile page.
3) On the profile page there will be a section where you can find Account ID which you can use in the wordpress plugin.

Settings will be lost after plugin deactivation?

Yes. You will have to reconnect it by entering account id on the plugin’s setting page.


September 21, 2017
This plug-in and its related iOS app are fiddly to set up. If it was just that it's fiddly I'd work with it. But most importantly for me, I'm looking for a way to easily convert voice to text automatically, and on my own. What I want is an iOS app which will accept dictation, transcribe the dictation file, and then upload it into a WordPress blog format. This plug-in doesn't do that. It requires human intervention by transcribing each and every voice file I'd record, and at a fee of US$25. No, thanks.
July 28, 2017
This app helps me a lot in content writing. I just record my voice and this app converts my recording into text. It makes my work very easy and also saves time. Thanks for developing such an amazing app.
July 13, 2017
I am using this app and it is really very amazing. I just have to record my voice and this app converts that recording into text. It saves my time and makes my work easy.
July 11, 2017
I work as a freelance content writer and this app is like a boon for me. It saves a lot of my time and makes my work easier. I just need to record my voice and the app helps in converting that recording into text. Because of this, I get enough time to work for more clients and earn more. This app is very simple to use.
June 22, 2017
I really needed an app like this. Being a businessman, I used to struggle between my busy schedule. This app is a saviour for me because I don't have to type anything and just record my voice which is then converted to text. An extremely convenient and easy to use app.
June 8, 2017
As a content writer, I can't believe how fun and easy to use this app is. Save me a lot of time and energy (as I don't have to type much). On my phone, once my voice is recorded, it is converted to text which I can later edit and refine. Then I can transfer the content to my blog as a draft. Really convenient.
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Contributors & Developers

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1.0 Version 15/01/2017

  • New: Import posts from converted voice in convurt app.
  • New: Rest API to manage request/response.
  • New: Convurt Settings