SEO Post Content Links


SEO Internal linking is a unique plugin that links website internally with the aim to jump up sales, capture more customer and in general to promote website with all its pages and posts in all search engines.
SEO Post Content Links supports internal link-building in all languages.


Content Links plugin have a user-friendly settings section on WordPress plugin page where you can configure the plugin to build links to their own need and taste:
1. You have to speсify the number of links to be created.
2. It is necessary to specify “Black Words” (Stop Words) – these are words/phrases which will be excluded from link-anchors. The black-words in this area is already generated by the plugin, but it is easy to edit it by yourself.
3. In free version there are 3 types of internal linking to choose:
* to link posts within one category;
* to link posts within all categories;
* to set links from category/posts to pages.
If you use PRO plugin version, it is possible to customize link-building by selecting particular posts, pages and categories to create links between each other.

4. Tick or untick the option to add internal link to H-tags.
5. The final configuration is to speciafy keywords, phrases and roots of words to create internal links from. It is possible to type keywords manually or let the plugin generate them automatically for you with the further ability to edit this field.
6. Start links creation process

If you want to REcreate linking between content (pages and posts) texts

  • for one category:
    go to the keywords section and in front of necessary category, edit keywords if necessary and resave your keywords or/and key-phrases for an appropriate category. The links with anchors in all posts or pages for this category will be recreated.
  • for one text (page or post) only:
    if you resave your existing page or post, the links with anchors in this post or page will be recreated.
  • to clear all previously created links, press “Clear all cron tasks & all logs” and then pass all the settings to configure the plugin to build new links with newly specified words.

What are the main benefits of SEO Internal Links plugin?

  • 100% improvement of linking
  • Much better indexing and crawling in search engines
  • Boost of sales
  • Enhance of conversion rate
  • Correct spread of links juice to other pages of your website
  • Higher Page Rank in search engines
  • Improved user navigation around a website
  • Enhances user usability and user experience
  • Website gets more page-views

If you want to delete linking between content texts (pages and posts) – just delete the keywords or/and key-phrases from your category and resave this category configuration

The count of words in the created links anchors is randomized (between 1-3 words) and has the same conditions according to the sentences and key-phrases/keywords.
The count of links in one post or page can be configurated on the plugin configurations page in your WordPress installation.
You own links, that was created without this plugin, will stay untouchable.
There is no opportunity (in this Content links plugin version) to edit links or anchors, that was created with this plugin. Within the next version it will be possible.
If you have suggestions or wishes, please, provide this to support(at] or just using our support form:

Don’t worry, if you remove this plugin from your WordPress installation, all references created by this Content Links plugin will be also removed.

If you need help with the plugin or you want to report a bug, please, refer to

Automatically link keywords and/or phrases between posts or/and pages.
Content links plugin creates links between content texts (pages and posts) of your website with intelligence.

Support our Content Linking SEO Team!
This Content linking SEO plugin saves your time and maybe money.

If you’re satisfied with it, please, write your own review about SEO Content Links plugin. It will support our developer team and will help us to make SEO Content Links plugin much stronger and better.


There are not much to say:
Just install it and enjoy.
Very soon, you will see the results!
And then please, give your 5-star review to support our team!

Content linking SEO plugin saves the linking in the database and doesn’t touch your existent content texts (posts and pages) statically. So, you’ll NOT need to wait while your site is loading. Content linking SEO plugin can be used for cache.

Nowadays, people do not imagine their life without Internet and many of them own online buniness, managing informative sites and blogs, that is their real job and main income. But how you can become successful with online business and make your website popular? The answer comes: “ You need Search Engine Optimization”.
SEO simply means search engine optimization, which is a smart method that helps to rank the website to a higher position in the Web.
Internal links refer to the process of creating links between pages/posts/articles/texts on the website and that is very important without mangling the source text.

All together brings brilliant results for website promotion.


The search engine optimization is geared towards encouraging visitors to a particular website with the aim of getting regular visits and earning the good ranking position by search engines like Google, Yahoo, Baidu, Bing, Yandex, etc.
Most websites would love to rank higher in an organic search so their websites can be regularly visited by users so the SEO ensures that a site is accessible to the search engine and improves the chances that the site will be accessible by the search engine.
The most powerful way that can save your time and can bring you awesome results is the usage of automatic plugin, for example, SEO Post Content Links, or simply SEO Internal Linking. This Plugin helps to track your post and allows you to automatically build internal links between pages/posts/articles of your WordPress blog/website.

It supports internal linking for all languages.

It affords you the opportunity to optimize pages, categories, posts and promote them in the network.
It is obvious, that any website should have qualitative content. Many people find it effective because useful content is shared in blogs, twitter feeds etc., and over time Google / Yandex /Yahoo / Bing / Baidu pick up on these signals. This virtuous circle creates strong and sustainable search engine rankings. But no one will find your fantastic and unique content, if you have a million competitors in the Web who are already promoted and hold the first ranks. And here goes the Plugin Hero – SEO Internal Linking, that knows how to increase your website indexing and visibility and put your website to the TOP.
Here are the basic requirements for search engine optimization that can ensure good results for your website popularity.

Search engines are expected to provide relevant results that searchers look for no matter the degree of complexity – simple or difficult. This is made possible by internal algorithms.

A lot of search engines publish very popular and, of course, helpful articles that provide visitor’s needs, but usually it is not enough, because Google will in the long term prefer longer-form content that understands the visitor’s needs so it would be wise to focus on creating answers that best suits the visitor’s needs.
For instance your search engine should have clear easy-to-use navigation. It should also have all the stuff that keeps visitors on your webpage and hungry to explore further.

A very important requirement for search engines these days is the ability of webpages to load quickly and the website and its content should be equally suited for any screen size.
To this effect, Google wants responsive design as its method of mobile optimization.

Internal linking affords your audience the luxury of further reading options. In the end, as you use anchor text, your bounce rate reduces.
Internal linking also helps search engines like Google, Yandex, Bing, Baidu, Yahoo to crawl and index your site as well as improve your ranking for certain keywords.
In addition, the website needs to gain the trust of its users, gain the trust of the industry it operates in, and gain the trust of other search engines and websites.
It’s like a vote of confidence and users always value ‘authority’ website.
Your site can become an authority if you constantly produce higher qualitative content that you can promote owing to SEO Post Contenr Internal Links.

Meta description helps to increase chances of searcher clocking on your site’s result. They are short paragraph texts that appear under your page’s URL in search results.
Title tags are used to tell search engines and visitors what your site is about in the most concise and accurate way possible.

Encourage comments section as much as possible. When users regularly comment on your products, whether good or bad, your production continues to trend. Also, it is wise to engage social media marketing. Be present on all relevant social channels, interact genuinely with people in a friendly, helpful and entertaining manner via Twitter, Facebook, Pin interest, LinkedIn, Email etc.

As a website owner, its expedient that you are consistent with your domain names. You can use sub-directory root domain e.g. rather than sub-domains. Old domains are better than new ones.
Taking into account the above mention information with all SEO tips and hacks, it must be said, that the key elements that can provide you a “smooth sailing” in the Internet is a content of high quality and SEO techniques.

How does the plugin work?

SEO Post Content Links forms maximum concentration on necessary pages / posts / categories of the website, owing to link building from the source text to the target text.
It builds internal links between website pages / texts / articles automatically. It is important to emphasize that this plugin does not change your original (source) text. So, while using the plugin you do not lose your own text, the text origin is fully preserved.
SEO Post Content Links plugin enables you to specify your own keywords and blackwords (stopwords). The chosen keywords from link-anchor will be searched in the target text.
In consequence of being found, the link to another posts / pages / articles will be created. The more links to the posts / pages / articles you have, the higher chances you have that your website page gets into index and that it be visible for searching engines.
There is no limits of words. You can use unlimited number of keywords and blackwords (stopwords), and you can specify them from all categories to your own need and desire, just separating the words / word-combinations / phrases, as well as root words, that you want to use for linking, by comma. The plugin will find the words with the corresponding roots automatically and will use them for the link creation.

What are the main advantages for the user’s website from using SEO Post Content Links?

Owing to the internal links, created by the introduced plugin, searching engines like Google, Yahoo, Yandex, Bing, Baidu etc. will faster and easier find your website in the network. With the help of Content Links plugin you will be able to increase your website page index in searching engines. As a result, links can encourage and promote your website pages / articles to the higher rank.

Thanks to the internal link building, Internet users see links on the website, click on them and move to your relevant website pages. In such a way, it is possible to increase the inside meaning (importance) of your website page, as a result to get a higher rank and visibility in searching engines like Google, Yahoo, Yandex, Bing, Baidu, etc.
SEO Post Content Links plugin attracts people to wander along your posts / pages /articles and in this way increases the time, spent on the website. All these actions lead to the website promotion, better website visibility, as well as significant boost of sales. This plugin can be extremely useful ans if you own an online-shop.
To sum up all the above mentioned information, it is necessary to state that SEO Post Content Links plugin is a good option for website promotion and visibility in searching engines, sales boost and website indexing.

Many owners of the websites (web pages), webmasters and workers of the SEO sphere or simple SEO, often concentrate only on the contents (in most – texts) of the site (web page), but not on its internal structure (it’s mean link structure or structure of web page (subpage) linking between subpages and articles). When experts in the field of SEO speak about internal optimization of the site (website), they often mean something bigger, than only articles and categories. Internal optimization (on-page, on-site optimization) includes optimization of headings, meta-tags, texts of anchors, texts of images (like image alt or image title), as well as the address, that is an url (URL) of the page (subpage of the website). The URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is and there is no other than the unique address of this web page which we see in an address line of the browser. Many still underestimate a role of URLs which they can play in the course of search optimization (onpage SEO), or advance of the site.

What is almost obsolete as the SEO statement?

One of ways by means of which masters of search optimization (SEO master) plug the projects in TOPs of search engines with the minimum efforts – consists acquisition of domains which contain keywords. To use such domains very effectively as the place of honor in search engines is almost guaranteed. For example, if you plan to start and push the site (web page) about SEO or just only “pvc windows” (a favourite example), then existence in a domain name of the words “SEO” or “window” will be a right choice.
Attention: this SEO statement, the higher described paragraph – is outdated!
Optimization of the URL of page (web page), is important part in the field of SEO optimization.
As soon as you received the domain of your new website or you have created the new web page(subpage) of your website, it is possible to start SEO optimizing of URL web pages of the site. One of the ways of SEO optimization of the web page URL (subpage URL) for search robots consists in including keywords in a web page URL address of this subpage.

The text (article) in your web page (website) has to have a link building, and it’s mean, a link building in the text itself, but not as “clever” specialists in SEO do this link building now.

SEO internal linking plugin will add a couple of SEO gadgets and functionality to any subpage, post, post categories, text and media share. SEO internal building plugin was designed for every post in mind, but it can be used with all other posts (media, comments, page) as well.
The approach in this seo internal link building plugin is consistent with that of other SEO plugins. In other words, our seo internal link building plugin is based on the idea that all: subpages, page categories, text, media linked internal between each other.
SEO Internal Link Building used for internal linking of website. This plugin will push your terrific and make linking easy in your website. You can also use it to link your website with other websites.
If you’re expecting a seo internal link building plugin with seo options full of seo linking options, you will be disappointed by our seo internal linking building plugin make all seo linking task automatically.
With other words this search engines optimisation internal link building plugin and other SEO plugins from are better than competitors SEO plugin and it’s SEO internal link building siblings.
SEO Internal Links plugin provides automatic SEO benefits for your site in addition to your manual SEO internal link building settings (keyword lists), SEO Internal Links can automatically link keywords and phrases in your posts and comments with corresponding posts, pages, categories and tags on your blog.

This SEO internal linking plugin in particular covers the following:

  • SEO Internal linking between page categories;
  • SEO Internal linking between subpages;
  • SEO Internal linking between text content;
  • SEO Internal linking between media how YouTube content;
  • SEO Internal linking between custom post;
  • Works with all SEO plugins;
  • SEO Internal links allows you to set up your main density keywords to other content;
  • Black-words SEO List;
  • etc.

The plugin also features SEO internal link building Settings. In SEO settings you can make settings for your posts. Through additional SEO resources and specific internal link building you will push you site (website and every subpage) to the first page of search results.

SEO Internal Link Building – Content internal architecture
Internal link structure is a main onpage seo factor on your website. If your improve internal linking for inside content, that mean you improve your user usability. It is a sign for search engines to push you site some positions upstairs. Thoughtful Internal link structure is main SEO tool for your onpage SEO.

What are special SEO advantages of internal link building in comparion to external SEO link building?
The special SEO advantage of internal linking is keyword tracking. Throw linking keywords between post, pages, videos you accentuate meaning on this keyword or phrases. Through this seo trick you can accentuate for bots of the search engines on the required keywords for your seo. The next big impact of seo internal linking is that you can make whole phrases or double seo words as anchor. This seo trike have special impact on double keywords or phrases for user search. This all seo tricks are integrated in our WordPress seo plugin in seo settings. Throw this seo worpress settings you can determinate your seo strategy. But attention the wrong seo strategy lead to black hat seo. Therefor please read carefully our seo advises from our seo post content plugin. The other advantage of internal seo linking against external seo linking is that on internal seo linking you have more impact than on external seo linking. Actually the external seo linking have other seo benefits, how domain authority and page rank. With other words on page seo is more easier than of page seo and need less money and with our WordPress seo pluging it function completely automatically. Throw linking with our WordPress SEO plugin you help search engines indexing you posts immediately.
Without internal linking some seo optimized pages or seo optimized post may be hidden for indexing of search engines.

What are special advantages of your SEO POST CONTENT LINK Plugin?
Our SEO POST CONTENT LINK Plugin is fully free of charge. Our SEO WordPress plugin have seo settings with all SEO features like determinate of amount of links per post or amount of links in your content. Our wordpress seo plugin makes linking full automatically, but linking seo strategy depends only from you self. Automatic linking futures save time especially for seo agencies.
The other difference to other seo linking plugin is that our SEO wordpress plugin linked keywords and not tags or just breadcrumbs, how it makes famous SEO wp plugins.

Whether SEO Post Content link plugin does a web page linking with relevancy?
The question is about related content. The Content Links plugin search for keywords or keyword-parts in WordPress posts or WordPress pages. If one of such keywords or keyword parts was found it will be marked as possible keyword for relevance content text and possible used for internal linking.

Websites with images, pictures or graphics, with embedded texts formed sides, websites programming in Flash, – this SEO post content links plugin offer to the searching machines hardly evaluateable text code. The Adobe company has provided the technology to the Google and Yahoo enterprises, within these can access any contents, like post(posts), articles, any statistical pages and now, also, a Flash files in websites. The “SEO post content links” plugin can create linking over all of these contents, which has a text form.

The “Offpage optimisation” takes place for all SEO-measures beyond the website to be optimised for SEO.
Content is King – this sentence for SEO area is lately valid for SEO and for the SEO search. It would be conceivable to create a special SEO workflow, are published by the article for website SEO optimisation. The Focus should lie here, like with the link popularity also, on an “organic” growth. It is the „organic SEO“ also, which is why customers should be looked in the long term. Because you must concentrate upon your core competence, you have to look the time not at all therefore, when which link was put on your web page or in which cycles her web page needs fresh Content (SEO content).
The so-called out of vision page SEO Optimization provides for the fact that a SEO search machine values the value of your web page relatively to other competitors than very high. The higher a searching machine calculates the value of your web page, the higher suitable catchwords are indicated in the searching machines result pages.

Most SEOs on “On page Optimization” placed, this optimisation becomes less important increasingly – and the meaning the “out of vision page Optimization” increases more and more. The most important parametre for a good SEO “Off-page Optimization” is the number and quality of the internal links which refer on from one to other web page.

Why is internal linking important for website?

Generating great content and internal website linking are among the most important facets for SEO and better ranking on Google and other search engines. Internal links are basically links on one page on a domain that point to another page on the same domain. As a writer or publisher looking to improve the credibility of your site and content, the following are some of the reasons why you should adopt the internal linking strategy.

Improves website’s SEO

Search engine optimization is the best strategy for driving traffic to your website. It is basically a strategy that involves careful selection of relevant keywords in a bid to rank highly on search engines and drive more traffic to your site. Using internal links for on-page SEO involves incorporating a selected number of keywords into an anchor text and using this text to develop an internal link structure for your content. Through interlinking various pages on your site that address related content, you encourage readers to remain on your website. This increases the number of pages on your site that readers visit.

Promotes good user experience

Have you ever visited a page only to read the first few lines and exit the website entirely? Well, this is common with many online readers, especially in cases where the content provided is unsatisfactory. Using internal links in your websites allows readers to explore a topic in depth without having to go visit several websites. Many readers are always open to acquiring more information than they intended to when researching a topic. Giving this to your readers keeps them visiting your site for more, and this translates in more page views.

Improves navigation

Easy navigation is necessary for any website that aims to maximize traffic. Content Internal links are most effective in promoting a responsive website. These content internal links can be placed in the body text of articles or pages, menu bar links, sidebar links, footer links, and on products, on images and related posts. Internal linking used in posts are placed for the interest of readers and to indicate relevant information that might interest them. They should be structured properly using anchor texts in a way that does not interrupt the flow of information to the readers.

Ensures crawling of low credibility pages

It is important to know that search engines like Google will not crawl and index all the pages on your site due to limited resources. This is usually the case for low performance and low credibility pages. This means that not all the content on your site will rank on these search engines at a particular time. However, the use of internal links of low-performance pages on those of high performance ensures that Google bots will follow these links, leading to crawling of the low-performance pages. This will help improve the ranking of all your pages, even the lowly credible ones.

=Grants your Business proper visibility and branding =
Consumers usually take notice of the companies that show up on Google search engines and the rest. When people search for your products or services, you obviously want to rank topmost and high enough in their thoughts and that of Google.

Provides trust and confidence for Your Online Business

In the minds of consumers, your ranking becomes a vote of confidence and research has shown that higher web rankings signify credibility amongst consumers. Therefore, when you constantly pop up in all these various online search engines proving your credibility as a web owner with reliable products, potential customer will certainly click through to your website and patronise you.

Increases Traffic Rate for Your Online Business

Whilst its good a benefit to have increase flow of traffic in your website direction, its not enough to get you money, you will still need to convince/convert a consumer to a customer. Millions of people search the Internet from time to time but only a few are usually interested in purchasing a particular thing but with the help of the clickable Internal links, you are able to target such passive customers to the necessary page or post to show interesting products thus eventually converting them to active consumers of your products because of brilliant navigation and high rating.

Information about Keywords, Keyword linking and internal linking on your website or web shop

In this Jet age, small and large businesses have the ammunitions to excel in the market as these business owners have access to a lot of ways that can help improve their marketing plan and appeal to a wider audience.
This is made possible by owning a website firstly, and secondly optimizing the site by getting the SEO Plugin and making the website SEO worthy.
The advantage of getting SEO when it comes to your website is it’ll help drive traffic to your website, which will, in turn, give you a wider audience appeal, increases your brand awareness and even potentially boost your sales and profit.

Anyone can create a website but not everyone knows how to benefit maximally from the website.
So optimizing your site for search results really means getting the highest score in as many of these points as you can.
Actually, the business battlefield today is the search results page – you win the battle when you appear higher on the page than your competitors and you do that with effective SEO which is vital to your success online and offline.
You can maximize your SEO by building internal links to your pages from your high-quality website and make it more trusted for search engines that can ensure your business information is correct on these pages. You can easily launch internal linking process automatically using SEO Post Content Links plugin for WordPress.

A very important piece of SEO is the title tag. It can be lengthy but bear in mind that one can only type about 60 characters before the search engines clear it off.
The title tag has to be:
1. Rich in terms of keywords
Normally search engines screen over 250 signals in order to decipher the relevance of any page against the keyword searched, therefore search engines are expected to produce or satisfy the visitor’s needs/questions.
2. Compelling
Make sure title tag is compelling as this will help move your blog to the top of the rankings.
3. Void of mistakes
Title tags are so important and it’s necessary to take time in developing them because they play a crucial role in ensuring the effectiveness of the site.

Title tags should be unique on each page. Customize each title, in a way that it accurately describes the content of the page.
Your site has to be mobile friendly and optimized for loading on smart phones for mobile viewing.
It’s also important to build a solid working relationship with others who are experienced in your niche.

A lot of folks don’t know that money spent on tying up your website with SEO, is actually not a cost but an investment which will fetch you amazing returns. As building the content with specific keywords can increase the footfalls to your website. SEO Internal Linking ensures that your ranking in the search stays, always right on the top.

An increased visibility will help people recognize your brand. 80% of people who surf the net eventually buy a product they come across so to increase your brand awareness it is very important to have the right content and SEO offers just that. Increasing your brand awareness will help your business, in the long run, as the reputation of your brand or website increases, people will choose to come directly to your website instead of going through a search engine.

If you are still in doubt of the need for SEO, linger no longer because majority of your competitors out there have already enrolled their businesses to SEO and might be enjoying both the benefits and opportunities, online market offers currently.
When you compare the costs accrued from online advertising and marketing through Social Media or by using e-mail marketing, SEO will cost less, while giving you an edge over your competitors as well as making your presence felt strong over the web.

Join the bandwagon. Be smart using SEO internal linking WordPress plugin for internal links of your web shop, website or just blog.


  1. Upload the plugin folder “Content links” to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation;
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress;
  3. Configure the SEO Posts Content Links Plugin settings, like black-words, links quantity per post, type of linking, keywords, etc;
  4. After all configuration are done and saved, launch link-building process;


All keywords for link-anchores sohlud be typed and separated by commas. You can type the whole words, roots of words, word combinations, whole phrases.

SEO Posts Content links Plugin have a settings section on WordPress plugin page.
If you need help with the plugin or you want to report a bug, please refer to


Will your SEO plugin rank my website higher in Google to let me get more targeted visitors?

Yes, Seo Post Content Links encourages the growth of visitors on website who spend time on site by clicking on links and wanders to the depth of the site. All these encourages and higher Page Rank in Google and other search engines.

Is it possible to link my content (pages and posts) over the comments of my visitors?

Now the “SEO Content Links” plugin can create links between pages and post without comments of user/visitors of website, but we will think about that for future SEO Content Links plugin versions.

I use the SEO Content Internal Links plugin but I didn’t see any links in my content. What should I do?

You can try this instruction:
increase the count of anchor keywords (or parts of this keywords) for links creating AND temporally delete all black keywords from SEO Content Links plugin configuration (black words of posts, pages, categories).
After that try to generate new links.

I want to create my links out of my content (pages and articles / posts) manually and then use it as macros for linking. How can I do this?

You can create your links manually, but you can’t create any macros to link some content or text with it.

Why you don’t use post tags or site tags, article tags for anchors in linking creations?

In many cases this is not effective. We do our comparisons on the basis of a wide experience of a link creation on posts, pages, categories, between pages (subpages) or simply between websites.

Which content is suitable for this SEO-Content-Links plugin?

As you can see from the name of SEO Content Links plugin, such as content for SEO Content Links can be used all text contents with or without links. If you use youtube content (youtube video), vimeo video content, content like images or music content, social content (social media content) or other content media types – the SEO Content Internal Links can also be used for linking between categories, pages or subpages in your website. It is important thus that all listed types of content contain though any text in content.

What is SEO Internal linking?

SEO Internal link building is linking inside your subpages, post, comment, and media content. In case of SEO external link building you linking between different domains, that mean off page seo. In case of internal link building, linking between inside your subpages and posts it is onpage SEO.
It is a big misunderstanding of seo people who mean that external linking seo actions are much better than internal seo actions. Ever all search engines experts weight a huge importance for seo internal link building.
Especially for SEO for websites with a lot of SEO content is bigger internal linking required. That mean that websits with better seo internal linking better rank than same website with less seo internal linking.

How to create SEO Internal Link building structure?

SEO for internal link building is the main SEO on-page factor for search engines.
Internal and external links help to improve the SEO usability for your visitors. That means – better seo navigation for your customers, as a result your site will be ranked higher.
1. Internal and External links help search engine Bots better crawl your website.
2. Internal and External links improve usability of your website and help site seo.
3. The linked anchor keywords allow search engines to determinate the theme of this seo content.
On main page topics you must have more incoming internal links than on secondary pages. A lack of internal and external links by main content can cause negative seo rank by search engines. Lack of internal linking by main pages is equal to black SEO.

How many anchors (internal or external links) should be made on my pages and post? How is it important for SEO?

The number of link-anchors on page or post depends on seo content itself (topic, size). If your seo text explains very difficult technical topics or its content is big, it is recommended to have more internal links. If you have small seo texts it may have only one anchor or any link anchors. This are main seo rules for a profitable and secure number of internal links. This is true only for seo internal linking not for seo external linking.

What is SEO relevant anchor text?

The seo anchor text must be useful for end-user. That means it can be one word, two words or whole sentence. Only through a meaning of the seo anchor text, your can improve your seo ranking for search engines. With the help of our seo post content plugin your can make all relevant seo settings: for amount of anchors and for the length of the anchors’ text. All these seo settings you make in seo plugin only once. These seo settings will be applied for the whole website. But if you make wrong seo settings against our recommendations it can lead to a black seo.

What is Breadcrumbs and how breadcrumb improve the SEO of Website?

Breadcrumbs also called Breadcrumb trail is a trail throw you website for end-user navigation. Throw your breadcrumbs the users see the site hierarchy.
For example:
Home > SEO > Internal link building > Breadcrumbs
The Breadcrumbs show SEO internal linking hierarchy.

Why it is important to make SEO internal linking on post, comments, YouTube, sidebar?

Post, comments, YouTube, sidebar is same content as text itself, it has the same SEO impact, as normal SEO internal linking.

What’s advantage in SEO Post Content plugin?

The big advantage of our seo post content plugin is automation. After making all configuration, all pages of youe site will be linked automatically. It saves your time and money and push you site to the top. All seo relevant posts and pages will link together with one click.

Does internal linking belong to technical SEO?

Yes of course, internal linking belongs to technical seo and this seo plugin is the best solution to automate the process. But seo internal linking is a huge area. Internal linking is not only linking between keyword it is linking between: keywords and tags, linking posts to posts, keywords to category and all together. Only throw combination of this linking types is you seo strategy perfect. The sitemap is not more relevant for search engines and doesn’t belong to tagging linking. If you site have a lot of content sitemap help by navigation throw your site only for you self. For the customer it is to complicate. Due to the linking between: keyword to keyword on other subpage high impotent also posts to posts and tag to keyword. For most of seo agencies who assert that sitemap is very impotent for seo. I must repeat that by huge amount of content it is only important to navigation of you self than for seo. The breadcrumbs are more impotent for seo linking than sitemap.

How to manage SEO Internal linking by huge amount of content?

By a huge amount of content you must have the clear SEO internal linking (include tags, post and categories) strategy. It is easier if you make tree website map for navigation throw your subpages, post and tags. In your SEO linking navigation tree website map you can visualize the SEO internal linking strategy. In the visualization comes automatically that every category, tag, keyword, post to post linking inside and to main page link wright or wrong. But best seo linking solution of most linked post and tags comes automatically throw keywords on your site.

I run a website and webshop about some things and I find that most of the links from SEO Post Content Links go to posts that do not correspond with the hyperlink phrase. For example, I’ll do a web shop with products and statical pages about fashion, and your links will point to a pages/products about kitchen. Need I buy a PRO to fix this?

Yes, the PRO version of internal linking for SEO contain this feature to link correspond texts between hyperlink anchor (hyperlink phrase) and target text of page or web shop product.
In the “Settings”” of internal link plugin (in SEO internal linking PRO version) you can set this setting.

How should internal link look like for good content marketing in SEO Plugin?

There are a lot links SEO criteria must be fulfilled, depend of SEO content strategy. First of all the anchor phrases in source text content must contain relevant keywords for search engines in target text content. This SEOs target phrases can be usually from one to five seo keywords in content text. The number of relevant seo keywords can be determinate in the settings block of this SEO Post Content Links plugin.

How much different keyword phrases must contain my content for good web marketing?

In SEO Post Content Links plugin you can self-determinate number of keyword phrases for permalink. Also you can use it per default. It must be chosen for good content strategy, depend from amount of content for each page (subpage) and amount of target SEO keywords in target content text (density keywords). The SEO Post Content Links plugin set all settings for internal linking and number of phrases for all selected blog post pages automatically. It helps page users by page navigation throw linking text.

In which part of body text must be related links?

Unfortunately in this plugin isn’t possible to determinate the body part of the related link. But throw selected keywords it happens automatically. The seo consultants of SEO Post Content Links plugin chosen this not the simple decision, but for websites which contains a big amount of post (big content) and landing pages it greatly simplifies the work.

I have websites in many languages. Is the SEO Internal linking can support websites in various languages?

SEO Internal linking plugin support any language you like. If you have some troubles with some language, please don’t hesitate and contact our support.

If I subscribe to SEO Internal Links PRO plugin content links my website will rank higher and I will et huge targeted visitors?

Yes, SEO Post Content Links makes higher rank of your website in searching engines, but it will take some time for sure, because it will improve internal linking of the website and search engines will index all of your internal content and pages.

I would like the stopwords get out from the plugin and use all possible words in links. Is it possible?

Maybe you do not understand, what is blackwords (stopwords) and why you need this in SEO post content internal links plugin, if you stay such question.
Sure, you can delete blackwords (stopwords) and leave the field empty. As a result all words will be used in internal linking. So link anchor can begin with some unusual word and finish with some word article. We strongly recommend that you do not remove blackwords (stopwords) from SEO post content internal links plugin. Moreover, we recommend that you add to this blackwords/stopwords list as many words as you can.

How can I use blackwords (stopwords) in SEO post content internal links plugin for my language? I have websites in two languages as French and Arabic.

There are no limitation by using stopwords. Just add all words you need for your languages in one and the same blackwords/stopwords list in the settings block of plugin SEO post content internal links.

Is there any limit for blackwords?

You can use as much stopwords as possible, just write them separated by coma. You can manage all the words and use words for all of your languages in one list.

Is this Content Links plugin compatible with others SEO plugins?

YES, sure, we testing our Content Links with most popular WordPress SEO plugin’s and we are trying to save compatibility. If you find some incompatibility, so please, contact our support.

How can I style my links created by Content Links plugin?

The link styling is possible within Content Links Pro version.

Is it possible to link my posts through one category?

The general task of SEO Content Links plugin is creation of links between pages and creation of links between posts for every WordPress category. To do this, just go to Category’s settings page in your WordPress installation, type some keywords, witch must be used for content linking and “Save” this configuration. All posts through one category will be linked (the links between posts and pages through one category will be created).


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