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WordPress Contact Forms by Cimatti

Create and publish forms in your WordPress website with drag and drop. Contact forms, landing page forms, invitations, and more.

Forms are a must for any website. WordPress Contact Forms is the result of years of experience building and developing business websites of all sorts, focused on simplicity and power it aims at collecting as many first time contacts and leads as possible. It is ideal for both single and multiple language sites, simple blogs or complex WordPress powered Content Management Systems. If your website needs to handle thousands of contacts coming from serveral kinds of forms then our plugin is certainly an excellent choice.

Select the fields you need, configure on-screen messages and email responses, preview, test and easily embed forms in your posts, pages or custom content types using the TinyMCE button.

Create as many forms as you want. Create landing pages, contact pages, invitations, a jobs form with curriculum upload, customer request forms, spare part requests and much more. Use the "Clone" feature to avoid creating new forms from scratch.

Ready to use

WordPress Contact Forms comes with ready-to-use fields like, First Name, Last Name, Address, Province, Country, Telephone, Email, Captcha... and default success messages and email notifications. All you have to do is create a form with a drag and drop, save, go to a post or page and click on the orange "C" icon in the WYSIWYG editor to place a contact form in the content of post or page.

All these features make it easy for first time use but the plugin's fast learning curve means you will soon want to try out the more advanced features.

Make better forms with WordPress Contact Forms

Don't leave anything to chance and fine tune the entire form submittal process.

Create your own fields to reuse multiple times starting from 17 available field types like Text field, Text area, Email, Autoreply Email, Checkbox, Checkbox group, Radio buttons, Select, Multiple Select, Hidden Value, File Upload, Captcha, Custom html, Password and more.

Give custom labels to form elements, set up error messages for each field, decide if fields are mandatory or optional.

Use the options in the Preview/Test tab to apply visual styles to your forms. Choose colors, margins, button styles and more.

Online Success Messages

Each form can have its own online success message. That way when a form is completed - for example - you can allow access to a link for a file download, give coupon information, or just use text to make sure that the form was submitted correctly.

Email Notifications

Send email notifications to administrators. WordPress Contact Forms has a token system that can be used to give administrators tracking information such as visitor IP, referrer, date and time form was submitted, and other user properties. For a full list read the Beginners' Guide

Send an email notification to the visitor as further confirmation that the form was filled in correctly.

All email notifications can be tested in the Preview/Test Tab before being published.

Collect data and export to Excel

All data submitted is stored in your WordPress database and can be filtered, searched and exported to Excel at any time. You can export all data or just the data you need. The Advanced Excel Export option allows you to export to a file with ready-to-use filtering options.

WordPress Contact Forms has a tracking graph in its Dashboard that shows the performance of all or each of your website forms through time.

For developers

WordPress Contact Forms includes API to help developers customize and add their own features. WordPress Filters are used to customize forms during generation, to check and validate submitted form values, to execute custom code using sent data and to add custom tokens for messages.

Read the documentation on our site.

WordPress Contact Forms uses PHP form builder class to generate the forms.

Latest changes

  • Spanish translation by Maria Ramos of WebHostingHub
  • reCAPTCHA 2 (you have to enter your site keys)
  • Color picker field
  • Fieldsets
  • Submissions trash and restore
  • Password fields now saves the hash of the password using wp_hash_password

Read the full changelog

Further Reading

For more info, check out the following articles:

Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.1
Last Updated: 1 day ago
Active Installs: 5,000+


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