Maspik – Spam blacklist


Blacklist words for Elementor + CF7 forms ❤ Block specific words, Ip, Country. Spam API And more…

Get spam emails from your contact forms?
Mostly you can find the same words in those spam emails, in this plugin you can set Blacklist words for each field, Ip, country, and so on…
Example for words that common in spam emails: “Eric Jones”, “SEO Ranking”, “Automatically submit your website”


  1. Blacklist words for a text-field
  2. Blacklist words for Email-field (regex accepted)
  3. Blacklist words for textarea-field
  4. Blacklist a specific IP address
  5. Blacklist specific country
  6. Allow only specific country
  7. Block text-field with more than X characters
  8. Block sending if textarea contains more than X links
  9. Block/Allow sending if (not) contains one character from main site language
  10. Custom phone validation (Add your regex format)
  11. Spam log
  12. Block forms devoid of source URL (Elementor forms only)
  13. Connect your site to spam API (licence required)

So, what happens if some boot decides to leave an entry with those words?
The form will not be sent and a validation Error will be transmitted

The plugin allows you to set words as blacklist words and not set the words automatedly.
Each site is different, and maybe need anther words, let say, a Scooter shop can blacklist the word “Seo” But if a digital market agency will block “SEO”, real leads will be block

  • Minimum requires version for php: 7

The plugin is Free!

Love eath author, it will make the world better ❤


  • Setting page
  • Error after submitting form with spam words


  1. Search in wp Plugin repository through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress for “Maspik – Spam blacklist”
  2. Install and Activate the plugin
  3. In the WordPress dashboard menu you will find the setting page – Maspik


The plugin stop spam for any diffrent kind of contact form plugins?

For now we support ONLY Elementor forms & Contact from 7, in the future we planing to add support in more plugins

Where I find the setting page of the Plugin?

In the WordPress dashboard menu, you will find the setting page

This plugin will slow my site?

I made this plugin in high-quality code and no any CSS/JS code that run in the frontend of the website.


August 25, 2021
Did not clash with any other plugins or theme, and worked first time. Reduced our clients (190 clients) website spam by 99%, VERY EFFECTIVE, and gives 100% control. Request for an additional feature to be able to block part emails was promptly built in with the very next update. Absolutely amazing software and support HIGHLY recommended!
May 20, 2021
Hello, the plugin is really great. I use Elementor and for special names and keywords the plugin works well. But unfortunately it doesn't work for email addresses. Do you have to give the field a specific name? I will test the plugin now. ;o)) Great work! Regards Kenny
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Contributors & Developers

“Maspik – Spam blacklist” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



0.5.3 – 25/11/2021

  • Tweek – Limit spam log to max 100 entrees (To prevent DB overload)


    • Add a minimum requires version for php (7)


  • Bug pix – Language api


  • Performance – Improving code performance
  • Tweek added – Change country drop down list
  • Tweek added – Show your API list in the main setting page


  • Add translation – Add Hebrew translation


  • Bug pix* – fix Block empty source URL option


  • Bug pix* – fix PHP error in 0.4.0v


upgrade_notice: ‘You may need to activate the plugin again after the update, as the plugin name changed’
* Tweek added* – Connect your site to Spam API
* Tweek added* – Variety of new options
* Performance* – Improving code performance


upgrade_notice: ‘You may need to activate the plugin again after the update, as the plugin name changed’
* Tweek added* – Allow only specific country
* Tweek added* – Block text-field with more than X characters
* Tweek added* – Ability to block textarea-field with any Russian character
* Tweek added* – Email Blacklist field support Regex
* Performance* – Improving code performance


upgrade_notice: ‘You may need to activate the plugin again after the update, as the plugin name changed’
* Bug pix* – Fix phone filed & affect Language check only on textarea.


  • Bug pix* – Fix phone filed in CF7 always blocked.


  • Tweek added* – Spam log
  • Bug pix* – Not blocking Email field.


Tweek added – Add plugin support to- Contact form 7
Tweek added – Custom phone validation (Add your format)


Bug pix – Fix php error.


Bug pix – Fix bug in textarea field.


Tweek added – Add Spam block counter


Tweek added – Block sending if not contains one character from main site language (Hebrew only for now)


First release