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Constant Contact Signup Form

Constant Contact Signup Form is a WordPress plugin for Constant Contact emailers.

Constant Contact Signup Form is a newsletter signup plugin by ContactUs.com for email marketers to signup newsletter recipients from your website and post to your Constant Contact email lists. Use of this plugin requires a free account to ContactUs.com, where you can customize your form. In addition, you’ll have a ton of free, advanced features from your ContactUs.com account, including the abilities to track your signups, view advanced web analytics, manage your software integrations (including of course, Constant Contact) and run conversation optimization experiments.

Constant Contact Signup Form has just upgraded to version 2.0 and this plugin is better than ever! Newly added is support for Constant Contact’s version 2 API integration process. The basic function of the Constant Contact Signup Form by ContactUs.com is for Constant Contact emailers to create, customize and publish fresh, wow-worthy newsletter signup forms to grow their email lists. On top of this, our patent pending tab and form A/B testing technology enables you to increase your visitor to newsletter subscription conversion rate, based on easy and quick to implement testing with awesome reporting. In other words, this plugin helps Constant Contact marketers turn more of their website visitors into newsletter subscribers. It offers more proactive ways of displaying your form, and larger and more vibrant form template options, designed to increase your conversion rates.

WP Shortcode implementation
  • Default Inline Constant Contact Signup Form Shortcode:


  • Specific Inline Constant Contact Signup Form Shortcode:

    [show-ctct-form formkey="FORM KEY HERE" version="inline"]

  • Specific Tab Constant Contact Signup Form Shortcode:

    [show-ctct-form formkey="FORM KEY HERE" version="tab"]

  • Add directly on your template with php snippet

    echo do_shortcode('[show-ctct-form formkey="FORM KEY HERE" version="tab"]');

Note: ContactUs.com has a simple html snippet that does not require a plugin, you can use both in WP templates as well as plain HTML. More infomation on this here.

Plugin Features

Our Floating Tab and Quick Install Shortcodes: The most popular implementation of the Constant Contact Signup Form plugin places a callout tab overlay onto the margins of your website so that it’s visible on every page. The callout Constant Contact Signup Form tab, using “Newsletter Signup” as the default text (although there are options for additional text), opens up the hosted Constant Contact Signup Form created by this plugin. Additionally, webmasters can decide to place their Constant Contact Signup Form “inline” directly onto specified pages of your website. Lastly, WordPress developers can also place shortcodes on specific pages and posts to call the Constant Contact Signup Form.

You’ll be able to customize Constant Contact newsletter signup forms from our ever-growing showcase of design templates. These forms are automatically built with integration to Constant Contact accounts. All you need to do once the plugin is installed is connect you Constant Contact account to it. If you don’t have a Constant Contact account, the plugin even has a link to sign up for a free account!

Users can select different Constant Contact Signup Form and callout tab templates from within the plugin. You can manage even more customizations for you Constant Contact Signup Form from inside your free ContactUs.com account, which is automatically created for you upon installing your plugin and registering your account. Lastly, from your ContactUs.com account, you’ll be able to manage your delivery options for your Constant Contact Signup Form, whether to direct form signups to an email address, receive an SMS alert, or post inquiry information to a 3rd party software tools like MailChimp, Zoho, Hubspot and Google Docs.

Tools to Get You Started with our Constant Contact Signup Form Plugin

Our Constant Contact Signup Form Plugin offers these options within the plugin:

  • Constant Contact Signup Form with choice of Form designs
  • Callout Constant Contact Signup Form Tab with choice of callout tab – text and color (*)
  • Name, Email and Message fields for your Constant Contact Signup Form (*)
  • Different implementation paths for your Constant Contact Signup Form (callout tab + form, inline form)
  • Include the ability to place a short code for a specific Constant Contact Signup Form
  • Choice of which website pages and posts to include the Constant Contact Signup Form
  • Instant notification emails upon Constant Contact Signup Form submission
  • Auto-responder email with default text
  • Confirmation page with default text
  • Note: The asterisk (*) Signifies that this Constant Contact Signup Form feature can be further customized (outside of the plugin) from within your free ContactUs.com account

Additional Customization for Constant Contact Signup Forms and Contact Management within the ContactUs.com web app

From within your free ContactUs.com account that is integrated with your Constant Contact Signup Form plugin, you’ll be able to further customize your form with advanced functionality:

  • Choose the placement of the callout Constant Contact Signup Form tab within a page (right, left, top, bottom or each corner)
  • Customize the tooltip text that appears upon hovering over the callout tab
  • Create or upload a custom Constant Contact Signup Form tab (so you can use alternative text besides “Contact Us”)
  • Modify text in the email auto responder for each Constant Contact Signup Form
  • Modify text in the confirmation page each Constant Contact Signup Form
  • Modify the headline and call-to-action each Constant Contact Signup Form
  • Modify the button text each Constant Contact Signup Form
  • Add CAPTCHA protection to any of your Constant Contact Signup Forms
  • Add your Google Analytics code onto the Constant Contact Signup Form and confirmation page
  • Send your Constant Contact Signup Form submission data to 3rd party tools you already use, such as Google Docs, Zoho CRM, Constant Contact, MailChimp, Vertical Response, SendGrid, Emma, Sendy, GetResponse, ActiveCampaign, SugarCRM, Hubspot, Tactile CRM, Highrise, Capsule, and others (see http://www.contactus.com/3rd-party-software-integrations/ for a list of supported tools)
  • Modify your Constant Contact Signup Form mobile settings to automatically show a mobile-optimized Constant Contact Signup Form to mobile visitors
  • Extend your Constant Contact Signup Form to Facebook with our Facebook app
  • Include social media links and icons
  • Contact Management

Finally, powerful contact management tools: your integrated ContactUs.com account provides

  • Track Constant Contact Signup Form submissions inside of your secure, cloud-based contact management database
  • Take notes on individual submissions
  • View overall submission stats (form views, submissions, segmentation by devices)
  • Gain detailed analytics on each submission (referral source, pages visited, time on site, new/existing visitor)
  • Add our lead qualification API
  • Receive retargeting alerts when people who previously submitted your Constant Contact Signup Form come back to your website
About ContactUs.com

ContactUs.com specializes in creating form experiences used to connect websites and users. Our Constant Contact Signup Forms, newsletter signup forms, appointment scheduling forms, customer support forms have been placed on thousands of websites. In addition to the form experiences, we provide a free account to manage the forms, track your contacts and prospects from form submissions, and configure how and where you’d like for submissions to be sent.

Follow for new product updates from ContactUs.com

Please note: This plugin from ContactUs.com includes JavaScript code used to connect the plugin to the ContactUs.com servers, when enabled. This JavaScript is used to connect to live chat support so that questions can be asked and answered directly from within the plugin.

The Constant Contact Signup Form plugin ContactUs.com is simple to get started and get live. You will need to download the plugin (from this page, or from a plugin search on WordPress.org), activate the plugin, connect your Constant Contact account, and then customize your form.

WordPress plugin users will have some simple customizations available from within the plugin, and many additional customization options (for example, edit the title, call-to-action and button text) from within their ContactUs.com account (accessible from http://www.contactus.com ).

Constant Contact Signup Form by ContactUs.com has the following features:

  • Easy-to-setup newsletter signup forms to your Constant Contact account
  • Built-in integration with your Constant Contact account
  • Conversion-optimized design templates for the newsletter signup form
  • Multiple implementations, such as our proactive “Newsletter” tabs (recommended) or the more traditional inline placement
  • Custom selection of which website pages to display the form
  • Customized email auto responder to communicate more directly with your newest sign-ups
  • Inquiry tracking and reports
  • Mobile-optimized form settings
  • Form analytics to track form views and submits
  • Ability to add your own Google Analytics code
  • Email and online integration support
  • Premium features (removal of ContactUs.com branding, phone support, premium designs, higher volume limits, and additional customization options)
  • In addition to these features, you’ll also be able to create a Facebook newsletter signup form using the same settings you’re already creating. Once you have your newsletter form setup, you can follow instructions here.

You can find support on the ContactUs.com Help page at help.contactus.com. Specific instructions on how to implement ContactUs.com on WordPress can be found here.


Requires: 3.4.2 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.11
Last Updated: 2 years ago
Active Installs: 900+


3 out of 5 stars


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