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Clk.im Integrator

Easiest way to monetize your WordPress website

About Clkim

Clkim is a link management platform which allows you to do more with your links. Our links can help you build retargeting listslaunch full-page interstitial ads, measure your marketing ROI, and provide personalized experiences for your audience. 

Benefits of the Plugin

Our WordPress Plugin is designed for Publishers that are unsatisfied with:

How many leads their site is generating.

How much cash their ads are generating for them.

To take full-advantage of the plugin, we recommend you also sign up for Clkim’s Expert Plan so as to unlock all of the features included within the plugin.

Customized Shortening Options

Within your WordPress Dashboard, you will be able to choose which domain to shorten your links with (“clk.im” or your branded domain).

You can also control which sections of your site will undergo link shortening.

You can choose to shorten any or all of the following categories:

  • Home Page.
  • Only Pages.
  • Only Posts.
  • Category Pages.
  • Blog Pages.
  • Tagged Pages.
  • The Entire Site.

You can also choose to exclude links leading to:

  • Social Media Websites.
  • Specific Outbound Domains.

Finally, you can choose to shorten:

A) Only Internal Links (linking to your own site). B) Only External Links (linking from your site to an external domain).

What It Does

Clkim’s SiteWide Autoshortening Plugin for WordPress allows you to do more with your links.

These short links are not just ordinary links. Each short link generated provides you with the option of full-page ad units which launch on click, the ability to plant re-targeting pixels on anyone that interacts with your site, extensive analytics, and smart re-direct options.

How To Use The Full-Page Ad Units

Intersitial ads (definition): “Full screen ads that take up the full page of your desktop or mobile browser. They're typically displayed at natural transition points in the flow of a user’s experience with your site.”

If you’ve ever browsed YouTube or Forbes Online Magazine then you too have viewed interstitial ads as a user. These ad units allow the user to skip the ad after a chosen time interval, or to be re-directed automatically to the desired content after a chosen time interval. Clkim allows you to take this ad format and implement it into your own site or app.

Our full-page ad units are unique from Google Adsense and other Monetization platforms for several reasons:

You can choose any URL on the web as your ad (Adsense and other SSP’s often choose the URL for you or let you choose from a specific list of categories). You can customize many elements of these full page ads (see screenshots tab), including: (a) the height and color of the top bar, (b) Countdown Duration (c) whether to enable auto-skip (d) whether to include your logo in the top bar. You can create several ads and have them automatically cycle through to your audience. You can create and target ad campaigns based on the device type and geographical location of your audience. You control the dates that your monetization campaigns will run. You can set the ads to only launch when someone clicks on outbound links (i.e. when someone clicks a link on your site which leads to an external domain). You can choose which sections of your site to add the plugin to. For WordPress sites: that means your ads will only launch in your choice of posts, pages, or categories.
You can set the ads to launch only on links pointing to specific domains.

Will Short Links Hurt My SEO?

No. Not at all.

Our Javascript Wrapper is client side (meaning all the action happens in your browser), and not server side. Google’s bots don’t crawl the shortened links.

Valuable Site Analytics

The plugin also enables you to gain a big-picture of your audience’s engagement with your site (see screenshots tab).

‘Which content is attracting the most clicks? Which operating system is your audience using? Where is your audience located?’ These questions can all be researched within your Clkim dashboard once the plugin is live and operating on your site.

How To Implement

Sign up for an Expert Account with Clkim.

Install our plugin on your WordPress site and configure it by copy & pasting your public API key which will be available to you after registration.

Requires: 3.0.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.4.6
Last Updated: 3 months ago
Active Installs: 40+


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