Client Access


Have you had to make a working project publicly accessible for your client, yet still have to keep
the site “private” to the general public?


Normally you’ll quickly hack in an allowed IP list, server-side password (htpasswd), etc. Why hack this in? With Client Access you can take the professional approach. Use a WordPress plugin to allow specific IPs, or those with the universal password the ability to access the work in progress.

Allow by IP

Once enabled via the settings tab, you can add a list of IPs to the textarea. These IP addresses are the only IP addresses that are allowed. Additionally you can add a comment per IP to better detail each entry.

  • Provide a list of IPs that are allowed
  • Comments are allowed for IPs
  • Display a content message
  • Display a footer message
  • All IPs are validated against the latest IP protocols


// Office at 123 Main street

// My localhost

// Ana

Allow by Universal Password

Once enabled via the settings tab, you can create a universal password that is shared with all users. No user name is required.

Anyone that visits the website while this is enabled will see the default message you’ve added. The site will only be accessible to users that you have shared out the password with.

  • Provide a universal password
  • Set an expire time
  • Display a content message
  • Display a footer message

Allow By Role

Allow by role of choice.

  • Choose any registered role
  • Display a content message
  • Display a footer message



  • Allow by Role
  • Allow by IP
  • Allow by universal password
  • Front-end showing all options set


Does this plugin block the WordPress admin and login pages?

No. Visitors can still access the /wp-login.php page and login.

Does this plugin make specific content private?

No. This plugin makes your entire site private, i.e., posts, pages, etc.

Does this plugin make assets private?

No. Images, stylesheets, text files, etc. are still accessible if a user knows the direct URL.

Does the universal password need a user name?


Does “Allow by IP” support IP ranges?

No. It is scheduled for a later release.

How do I reset the universal password?

From the settings page, enter the new password and click “save”

Can I use all (allow by IP, Role, Password) at the same time?

Yes! You can use any combination.



  • Added French translation
  • Readme update


  • Updated POT file with correct text domain and new strings
  • Fixing missing strings in translations
  • Minor styling updates to the footer, and links
  • Added additional hooks
  • Site name tag now links to the home URL
  • Global for is allowed
  • Welcome CSS is only loaded on welcome page


  • Initial release

Contributors & Developers

This is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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