CiviCRM Admin Utilities


CiviCRM Admin Utilities modifies CiviCRM’s behaviour in single site and multisite installs. It does a number of useful things:

  • Modifies the styling of the CiviCRM menu to fix a number of issues
  • Fixes the appearance of the Shoreditch extension in WordPress admin
  • Fixes the appearance of the WordPress Access Control form where necessary
  • Offers options to prevent various CiviCRM Stylesheets from loading on the front-end
  • Adds a handy CiviCRM Shortcuts menu to the WordPress Admin Bar
  • Allows you to choose which Post Types the CiviCRM shortcode button appears on
  • In WordPress multisite, allows you to hide CiviCRM on sub-sites


This plugin requires a minimum of WordPress 4.4 and CiviCRM 4.6. Please refer to the installation page for configuration instructions as well as for how to use this plugin with versions of CiviCRM prior to 4.6.


If you have installed the Shoreditch extension for CiviCRM, then this plugin does its best to make it compatible with WordPress. Unfortunately, Shoreditch version 0.1-alpha25 now makes it very difficult to override the margin applied to the body tag on the front end of your site, so you will have to do this yourself.

Plugin Development

This plugin is in active development. For feature requests and bug reports (or if you’re a plugin author and want to contribute) please visit the plugin’s GitHub repository.


  1. Extract the plugin archive
  2. Upload plugin files to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Make sure CiviCRM is activated and properly configured
  4. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

In single-site installs, you can adjust this plugin’s settings by visiting “Settings” –> “CiviCRM Admin Utilities”. If you install this plugin in multisite and have CiviCRM network-enabled, then you should also network-enable this plugin. You’ll then find its settings page at “Network Admin” –> “Settings” –> “CiviCRM Admin Utilities”.

This plugin requires a minimum of WordPress 4.4 and CiviCRM 4.6. For versions of CiviCRM prior to 4.6, this plugin requires the corresponding branch of the CiviCRM WordPress plugin plus the custom WordPress.php hook file from the CiviCRM Hook Tester repo on GitHub so that it overrides the built-in CiviCRM file. Please refer to the each repo for further instructions.

Upgrading from 0.3.3 or earlier

If you have this plugin installed on WordPress Multisite and this plugin is not network activated, then read on.

Prior to version 0.3.4, this plugin stored its settings in the network options rather than in the site’s options. This meant that separate sites shared their settings rather than being individually configurable. Version 0.3.4 changed the location where the plugin’s settings are stored to be appropriate to the install location and, as a result, each site can be configured differently.

If you are upgrading from 0.3.3, therefore, you may need to review the settings for each site where CiviCRM Admin Utilities is activated.


If you have a CiviCRM/WordPress Site – You need this!

Having a WordPress CiviCRM site becomes much easier to manage when you have this plugin.

If you use Shoreditch on CiviCRM – this plugin allows you to suppress certain style sheets from loading in certain spaces. It also cleans up the shoreditch menu to make it friendlier for WordPress.

Allows you to limit post types for CiviCRM
Quick access to clear caches and rebuild triggers – and lastly gives you a nice quick link to upgrade CiviCRM.

good job!

if the CiviCRM menu disappears after upgrade, this plugin brings it back

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Contributors & Developers

“CiviCRM Admin Utilities” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Allows user-defined custom CiviCRM stylesheets to be disabled on front-end


  • Allows CiviCRM and Shoreditch stylesheets to be disabled on front-end


  • Fixes location of settings on WordPress Multisite when plugin is not network activated
  • Prevent plugin init unless CiviCRM is fully installed
  • Fixes detection and styles for the Shoreditch theme


  • Fixes appearance of Shortcuts menu on main site when CiviCRM is disabled on subsites
  • Further fixes for the Shoreditch theme for CiviCRM


  • Fix styles for the Shoreditch theme for CiviCRM


  • Reinstates missing permissions rows


  • Add link to Reports Listing to CiviCRM shortcuts menu
  • Add link to Manage Groups to CiviCRM shortcuts menu
  • Set sensible plugin defaults


  • Add a CiviCRM shortcuts menu to WordPress admin bar
  • Fix the appearance of the WordPress Access Control form


Add basic support for the Shoreditch theme for CiviCRM


Remove install notice from subsites when restricting CiviCRM to main site only


Fix unloading of CiviCRM assets when there is no post type defined in admin


Fix uninstall procedure


Remove CiviCRM CSS and Javascript when shortcode button is disabled on a post type


Prevent PHP notice during upgrades


Add link to rebuild database triggers and functions


Remove shortcode button when restricting Civi to main site in multisite


Fixes removal of Civi admin menu in multisite


First public release


Initial release