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CiteKite validates online quotations to prove they are accurate. The CiteKite plugin for WordPress helps you easily integrate CiteKite with your WordPress site. See more about CiteKite at

With CiteKite in place, you’re enhancing and verifying the credibility of online quotations.

A CiteKite verified label means that a quotation has been independently verified by CiteKite, by comparing it to its source on a webpage. The reader can see more information about the quotation, including the web address of the source material and its context, by clicking on the CiteKite label.

There’s no charge to start using CiteKite. Even higher-volume websites can use CiteKite for a small yearly fee. And if the original source material goes offline, there’s no need to worry – we keep a record, so your quotation can still be verified and your site’s visitors can find out when it was last available.

When you quote someone else

CiteKite enhances your credibility, because it shows that you’ve taken time to make sure an online quotation is accurate. When you add CiteKite to your website or blog, we’ll check quotations for accuracy and give your site’s visitors extra information and a link to the original source of the quotation.

When someone else quotes you

When someone wants to quote your website, CiteKite can help make sure that your work is credited properly. We think transparency is vital – so CiteKite makes it easy to ensure credibility all round, in an easy and user-friendly way. You could even add this to your copyright notice


  • This is the CiteKite validated label that proves the quotation was independently validated by CiteKite.


Why use CiteKite at all?

It’s all about credibility both yours, and the websites you’re visiting. By making an effort to get independent verification, you’re enhancing your own standing as an author. You’re helping visitors to your site, too, with extra information and context that saves them time and effort.

Can I restyle the CiteKite verified label?

Yes. You can use CSS to change the label’s colours, but under our terms you must not hide the label, add text to it, or render it unusable. The basic structure of the HTML code used to display the label, and its contents, is as follows:

<span class=”ckt_box”> <span class=”ckt_lgo”>CiteKite verified</span> <span class=”ckt_info”> … </span> </span>

You may need to use the CSS !important declaration to make sure that your styles override those assigned by CiteKite. Find out more about using CSS at

How do I hide the labels when CiteKite has been unable to verify the quotation?

Add the following code between the <head>…</head> tags on your page:

<script>cks.hideErrors = true;</script>

What’s to stop a website faking the label?

A genuine label, when clicked, will always show a link to the website with more information about the quotation to which it relates. Other webites don’t have control over the information on, so if it’s here, it’s verified, by us. Unauthorised use of the CiteKite verified label constitutes a breach of copyright. See our Terms and Conditions of Use for more information.

What do I do if my quotation doesn’t validate?

If your quotation won’t validate, then it’s probably not the same as the online source material. Check the online source, then change the contents of your blockquote to match the text on the source site precisely – cut and paste it straight from your browser. Failing that, we may not have access to the page you’re quoting. We can’t validate quotations taken from pages that are behind pay walls or that require that you log in before accessing them.

Will CiteKite slow my website down?

No. CiteKite doesn’t make any calls to your web server – everything happens at the web browser and on our servers. It may slightly increase the time it takes for the page to fully load, depending on the number of quotations on the page, but our systems should react within milliseconds so that your site’s visitors won’t see any difference.



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