WP-Chargify allows users to integrate the Chargify service with WordPress. Giving you the ability to run a membership or subscription-based website, controlling access to content based on paid or free subscriptions.


What are the new fangled filters I keep hearing about?

Add extra fields to the bottom of the register forms

filter: 'chargify_signup_form_extra'
Input: HTML Form, chargify options, $_REQUEST
Return: Form appended with extra fields

Turn off the redirect/login call after successful payment

filter: 'chargify_auto_login'
Input: true
Return: true/false

Allows the username to be set from the new filtered form

filter: 'chargify_signup_username'
Input: email address
Return: Alternate username

Allows the password to be set via the new form.

filter: 'chargify_signup_pass'
Input: Random standard 12 character WP password
Return: Alternate defined password


Simple and effective subscription and membership management


I am the plugin author and I approve this message

Are you tired of paypal? I'm tired of paypal. I'd do anything to not have to run my membership site with them as my payment processor. Enter Chargify. They make subscrptions easy to start, easy to stop, and easy to manage for the member. It also makes it easy to setup and use as the site owner. Free yourself from the tyranny of Paypal. Chargify and this simple plugin are all you need.

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  • Fix inifinite slashes in chargify product forms


  • Remove ALL debug code


  • Remove debug code


  • Add filter to change the signup form
  • Add filter to disable automatic login after purchase


  • Make the plugin safe to use with Ampersands in names


  • Add the ability to pass in pre-selected plan to order form


  • Fix cancellations so they are effective no matter where they happen


  • Fix an naked API key
  • Fix some warnings


  • Partially protect content with shortcodes
  • Drip content based on number of days after purchase date
  • Clean up settings page and simplify the steps for setup
  • Added an easy to access help section


  • Refactor for WP 4.1.1
  • Automatically create and login user on subscription creation
  • Prepare for the new hotness which will be dubbed…2.0


  • Fix API style call


  • Remove default accountingcodes
  • Improve email address/username checking
  • Improve error handling before posting to chargify
  • Clean up display if no subscriptions are found


  • Remove hard coded image call
  • Continue hoping no one noticed hard coded image call

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