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This plugin is mainly useful if you have not changed the database prefix at the time of installation and want to change post installation to make your website more secure and protected from SQL injections. With the use of this plug-in you can easily replace your database default prefix to any other prefix in single click.

As in most of the cases adminer are not changing the WordPress default database table prefix, it is easy for any hackers to inject to your database as all the default tables names are know for all. But if you modify your database tables prefix then your tables names are become unknown to outside world.

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  • Can change database tables prefix in post installation.
  • Tables prefix will change by single click.
  • Works well for multi site present in a single database.
  • Both the custom and random generated prefix facility available.
  • Minimize the SQL injection.


works as expected


works as expected. But you have to be careful. i think there a lot of odd plugins, which don't count the database table prefix variable. So some plugins will always look for "wp_" prefix instead of a different prefix. and thats why many users vote with just one star. If you use clean plugins, then you dont have to be afraid of breaking your site.

Works, but....


It works if you want to change the prefix on your entire database! However, if you use it to change the prefix on only ONE of your sites (using multi-site/network), you lose connection to that particular site. It does change the prefix for that individual site, but also breaks it. Haven't yet found where to fix that, but I'm sure it's possible.

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  • Tested with upto WP 4.5.2
  • Disable direct access.
  • Added Last time table prefix change details.
  • Added maintenance mode feature during table prefix change.


  • Fixed issues. Tested with 4.2


  • This is the first version

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