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This plugin solves one of my greatest annoyances. Quickly changing the case of selected text. Clients often send text with all caps or no caps and clicking through a ton of text to fix the case is often tedious work. I created this simple but effective plugin to eliminate that chore.

Based on a request I have added a fourth button to add Sentence Case as well. So if you have a large block of text with . ? or ! between sentences it will Cap only the first letter of each sentence.

There is an Options Page to enable or disable any of the buttons.


Highlight the text to be changed. Click the Visual Editor button inside your post/page for the desired effect:

  • UC – Changes selected text to all Uppercase.
  • lc – Changes selected text to all lowercase.
  • Sc – Changes selected text to all Sentence case.
  • Tc – Changes selected text to all Title case.


  1. Upload the plugin to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Use buttons in WordPress TinyMCE Visual Editor


Q. Where can the plugin be used?

The plugin can be used in the WordPress Visual Editor

Q. Can I turn off some of the buttons?

Yes, there is a plugin options page that allows you to choose which buttons to display in the Visual Editor.


I mis understood!

I was thinking this would give me a way to capitalize only the first letter of my title logo as well as the first letter on the titles of my other pages.
sorry that I misunderstood.
however, I did see the plug in inside my wordpress!


Increased productivity during SEO!

This is one of those nifty plugins that you don’t normally need, but when you do, it saves a lot of time and provides increased efficiency. In our case, it helped up with the SEO on a client’s site. Works like a gem. Thank you!

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Initial Release


Fix Options Page


Fix File Path Issue


Revise Icon Images


Add Sentence Case button


Small bug fix


Update for WP 3.8.1


Update for WP 3.9


Update for WP 4.2


Update for WP 4.3