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Integrates Challonge, a handy bracket generator, into WordPress.

Do you use Challonge for your gaming or sport events? The Challonge plugin integrates your Challonge tournaments into your WordPress website so your users may easily see recent tournaments, their progress, and even sign up and participate.


  • Only registered users may sign up to your tournaments.
  • Likewise, your users may forfeit a tournament after signing up, but only before it begins.
  • Participating users may report their own scores.
  • Includes role capabilities. You will need a role management plugin to change who has these capabilities.
  • Adjustable caching to speed up page load time.
  • Custom participant name templating.


  • English
  • Spanish (68%) - Thanks to Andrew Kurtis from WebHostingHub for translating!


In order to use the API, you will need cURL. Most PHP installations include cURL.

Latest Information

Keep up to date with upcoming release information on my website:


Getting Started

Before you start using this plugin, here's what you'll need:

  • A Challonge.com account. Registration is free.
  • A valid 'Developer API Key' so the Challonge plugin can talk with your Challonge.com account.

Once you have the Challonge plugin installed and activated on your website, you will need to enter your Challonge.com API key in 'Settings' > 'Challonge'. Once you have done that, you have unlocked the full power of this nice plugin.


You may use a shortcode in posts and pages to display a tournament or list out tournaments.

  • [challonge] - This will list out all tournament brackets in your account, excluding all organizations.
  • [challonge url="w4la9fs6"] - This will embed a tournament bracket. This may be any Challonge bracket, not just your own.
  • [challonge subdomain="my_sub"] - This will list out all tournament brackets in the 'my_sub' organization. (eg: my_sub.challonge.com)
  • [challonge url="w4la9fs6" theme="2" show_final_results="1" width="90%" height="600px"] - This is just a more customized version of the first shortcode.

If you have a tournament bracket within an organization, you will have to use the subdomain attribute along with the url attribute, like so:

[challonge url="w4la9fs6" subdomain="my_sub"]

Here's all the shortcode attributes available to you:

  • url - The URL to a tournament.
  • subdomain - The subdomain of the tournament URL or if no tournament URL is provided, the listing will be tournaments within the specified subdomain.
  • theme - The theme ID you would like to use.
  • multiplier - Scales the entire bracket.
  • match_width_multiplier - Scales the width allotted for names.
  • show_final_results - Display the final results above your bracket.
  • show_standings - For round robin and Swiss tournaments, you can opt to show a table of the standings below your bracket.
  • width - The width of the embedded tournament bracket.
  • height - The height of the embedded tournament bracket.
  • limit - Limit the number of returned results for tournament listings.
  • allowusers / denyusers / allowroles / denyroles - A comma separated list of users or roles you would like to specifically allow or deny from viewing the tournament bracket or tournament listings.
  • statuses / excludestatuses - A comma separated list of tournament statuses you would like to specifically show or hide from the tournament listings. All statuses: "Pending,Checking In,Checked In,Underway,Awaiting Review,Complete"


To allow your users to signup and report their own scores, just add the plugin widget.

The widget has the following options:

  • Title - The title of the widget, nothing special here. Defaults to 'Challonge'.
  • Subdomain - The subdomain to list your tournaments from. (Optional)
  • Tournament Filter - Only tournament names that match this filter will be listed. (Optional) This may be a simple wildcard filter, for example My * Tournament will match 'My Big Tournament' but not 'Your Big Tournament'. If you need a more robust filter, you may use Regular Expressions (PCRE) like so: /My \d+(st|nd|rd|th) Tournament/i will match 'My 3rd tournament' but not 'My Third Tournament'
  • Status Filter - Only list tournaments with the selected statuses, unless none are selected.
  • Max tournaments listed - The maximum number of tournaments that the widget will list. Defaults to 10.

Integrating Challonge.com Tournaments

Challonge.com tournaments may be easily setup to allow your WordPress users to signup and report scores. Here are a few things you should know when setting up your Challonge.com tournaments:

  • Turning 'Host a sign-up page' on will allow your users to signup through the widget.
  • In 'Advanced Options' > 'Permissions': Turning 'Allow participants with Challonge accounts to report their own scores.' on will allow your users to report their own scores through the widget.
  • In 'Advanced Options' > 'Permissions': Turning 'Exclude this event from search engines and the public browsable index.' on will hide the tournament from the shortcode and widget tournament listings.

Did You Know?

If you run the same tournaments on multiple WordPress websites, your WordPress users will be tracked in your Challonge.com tournaments by their email address and login name, even if their display name differs. With this in mind, users may signup and report their score using either website. Also note, users who change their email address will lose access to any of their preexisting tournament signups.

Good luck!

Requires: 3.3 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.5.7
Last Updated: 11 months ago
Active Installs: 900+


5 out of 5 stars


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