Easily connect your WordPress website to free optimization features from CloudFlare, including one-click options to purge cache and enable dev mode.

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The Long Version

This plugin was designed to load faster, be more secure, and perform much better than the official CloudFlare plugin. We focus on offering only the key features desired by most developers, while allowing some of the other CloudFlare settings to be better managed at your account over at rather than turning WordPress into a bloated control panel with every setting possible which is nearly impossible to keep up with anyways (esp. with stable/secure code).

If you wish to define the CloudFlare API key and API email address on your wp-config.php or functions.php file you can do that to avoid your clients removing that data, especially during staging site syncing, migrations, etc. Plus it will load the data faster via PHP Opcache and server/Linux RAM memory caching rather than needing database queries or Options API cache.

You can also use those defined constants to better automate server/WordPress setup using bash scripts etc.


  • define('CLOUDFLARE_API_KEY', '123456789');
  • define('CLOUDFLARE_API_EMAIL', '');
  • one-click “dev” mode
  • one-click purge CloudFlare cache
  • automatic CloudFlare domain detection
  • real visitor IP address sent to server/WordPress
  • much lighter/faster code than “official” CloudFlare plugin
  • uses CloudFlare API version 4.0+
  • no integration with Akismet

Defined Constants

  • define('DISABLE_NAG_NOTICES', true);
  • define('CLOUDFLARE_API_KEY', '123456789');
  • define('CLOUDFLARE_API_EMAIL', '');


This plugin has been designed for use on LEMP (Nginx) web servers with PHP 7.0 and MySQL 5.7 to achieve best performance. All of our plugins are meant for single site WordPress installations only; for both performance and security reasons, we highly recommend against using WordPress Multisite for the vast majority of projects.

Plugin Features

  • Settings Page: Yes
  • Premium Version Available: Yes (Speed Demon)
  • Includes Media (Images, Icons, Etc): No
  • Includes CSS: No
  • Database Storage: Yes
    • Transients: No
    • Options: Yes
    • Creates New Tables: No
  • Database Queries: Backend Only (Options API)
  • Must-Use Support: Yes (Use With Autoloader)
  • Multisite Support: No
  • Uninstalls Data: Yes

WP Admin Notices

This plugin generates multiple Admin Notices in the WP Admin dashboard. The first is a notice that fires during plugin activation which recommends several related free plugins that we believe will enhance this plugin’s features; this notice will re-appear approximately once every 6 months as our code and recommendations evolve. The second is a notice that fires a few days after plugin activation which asks for a 5-star rating of this plugin on its profile page. This notice will re-appear approximately once every 9 months. These notices can be dismissed by clicking the (x) symbol in the upper right of the notice box. These notices may annoy or confuse certain users, but are appreciated by the majority of our userbase, who understand that these notices support our free contributions to the WordPress community while providing valuable (free) recommendations for optimizing their website.

If you feel that these notices are too annoying, than we encourage you to consider one or more of our upcoming premium plugins that combine several free plugin features into a single control panel, or even consider developing your own plugins for WordPress, if supporting free plugin authors is too frustrating for you. A final alternative would be to place the defined constant mentioned below inside of your wp-config.php file to manually hide this plugin’s nag notices:

define('DISABLE_NAG_NOTICES', true);

Note: This defined constant will only affect the notices mentioned above, and will not affect any other notices generated by this plugin or other plugins, such as one-time notices that communicate with admin-level users.


Free Plugins

Premium Plugins

Special Thanks


We released this plugin in response to our managed hosting clients asking for better access to their server, and our primary goal will remain supporting that purpose. Although we are 100% open to fielding requests from the WordPress community, we kindly ask that you keep the above-mentioned goals in mind… thanks!


  1. Upload to /wp-content/plugins/cf-littlebizzy
  2. Activate via WP Admin > Plugins
  3. COnfigure at /wp-admin/options-general.php?page=cloudflare


Installation Instructions
  1. Upload to /wp-content/plugins/cf-littlebizzy
  2. Activate via WP Admin > Plugins
  3. COnfigure at /wp-admin/options-general.php?page=cloudflare
How can I change this plugin’s settings?

Configure at /wp-admin/options-general.php?page=cloudflare

What version of the CloudFlare API is used?

It currently uses CloudFlare API version 4.

Does this plugin purge `cache everything` pages?

No, it does not support caching HTML with CloudFlare, it is only meant to purge static resources. The “cache everything” option is generally not recommended for the vast majority of dynamic websites as it causes conflicts.

Can I define the API key and email address?

Yes you can use the supported defined constants to input the API key and email address in static PHP files like wp-config.php or functions.php to avoid database queries and data loss during staging sync or migrations.

I have a suggestion, how can I let you know?

Please avoid leaving negative reviews in order to get a feature implemented. Instead, we kindly ask that you post your feedback on the support forums by tagging this plugin in your post. If needed, you may also contact our homepage.


Didn’t work for my WordPress site

As soon as you download and Activate this plugin there immediately appear nag messages in your Dashboard suggesting a number of other plugins you should install too. The one at the top of the list appears to be essential, I think it has ‘Force SSL’ in its name (it’s deleted now so can’t be exact). Some of the other ones look more like the developer just wants you to use all of his or her plugins whether you actually need them or not, without much indication about how necessary or important or helpful they might be. So I installed this plugin and then the second one with the name that makes it look like it’s the only one I really needed anyway, but even with both plugins installed and Activated, they didn’t do anything. Mixed Content errors still appeared like they did before (and yes I Purged the Cloudflare cache and tried Development Mode). Tried to join their Facebook Group for support as they suggested but three hours later in the middle of a Wednesday in EST they still hadn’t gotten around to approving me.

I found that the ‘SSL Insecure Content Fixer’ plugin worked right away to fix Cloudflare’s Mixed Content errors. As powerful and useful as is, I wish they would make their ‘Always use HTTPS’ option in the Crypto section just work right instead of needing a plugin to fix mixed content errors. BTW Cloudflare’s own plugin was even buggier than this one, with only a blank Setup screen showing up in the Dashboard after installation and Activation. At least this plugin’s Setup page sort of worked, but the Development Mode switch apparently doesn’t communicate effectively with and turn it off and on there too, so consequently you can’t be sure the Purge Cache functionality works either.

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  • updated plugin meta


  • tested with PHP 7.1
  • tested with PHP 7.2
  • better settings data management for mixed scenarios (form values + defined constants)
  • (defined constants will now never “save” to the database)
  • UPDATE SETTINGS button now hidden if defined constants are recognized
  • API domain check now performed for dev mode and purge cache options (not only for Update Settings button)
  • (all button/actions are now “real” API results rather than relying on stored data values)
  • API notices now include specific API errors from CloudFlare


  • added warning for Multisite installations
  • updated recommended plugins


  • versioning correction (new major features in 1.0.4)
  • (no code changes)


  • added support for CLOUDFLARE_API_KEY
  • added support for CLOUDFLARE_API_EMAIL


  • minor code optimization


  • fix: Class 'LittleBizzy\CloudFlare\CLDFLR_Admin_Notices' not found


  • tested with WP 4.9
  • added support for DISABLE_NAG_NOTICES
  • added recommended plugins notice
  • added rating request notice


  • initial release
  • forked (kinda) from plugin CloudFlare v1.3.24
  • tested with PHP 7.0
  • plugin uses PHP namespaces
  • object-oriented code