Celery for WordPress


The Celery preorder platform right from the comfort of WordPress? Yes please!

Celery allows you to accept credit card preorders safely and securely directly on your WordPress site, and charge your customers only when and if you are ready to ship.


  • Easy-to-use shortcode tags to integrate Celery features into your WordPress posts and pages
  • No SSL or merchant credit card account required – Celery handles everything
  • Accept preorders for experimental products and services to gauge demand
  • Display campaign progress bars to help visitors see your funding goals


  • Customers input credit card and preorder information without ever leaving your WordPress site or branding.
  • An example showing a preorder button linked to Celery using [celery-connect].
  • The Celery popup. This is a sample preorder page that will pop up on your WordPress site when the user clicks your 'Order Now' button created with the [celery-button] shortcode.


What is a preorder campaign?

A preorder campaign allows you to being accepting orders before you are ready to ship. You accept credit cards now and charge
them only when you are ready to ship.

What types of preorder campaigns are popular?

Sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo have popularized crowdfunded preorder campaigns. Instead of (or in addition to) one of those,
you may prefer extend your reach by running Celery on your WordPress site.

Do I need an SSL certificate?

No SSL is required. Celery presents as an IFRAME or overlay which is secured. You do not need to do anything.

Do I need a merchant account like PayPal or Authorize.net?

No. Celery partners with Stripe for credit card transactions. You need an account with both them.

But I’ve done credit card stuff before. You definitely need an SSL cert and PCI complaince, right?

No. Celery runs securely in an SSL IFRAME either inline or as a popup on your WordPress site. Your users’ card information never
touches your site; it goes straight to Celery and then to Stripe. Stripe is the only one that stores card info. Stripe is a
PCI Service Provider Level 1, the highest security standard in the industry.

What does all this cost?

Celery takes 2% and Stripe takes 3%.



  • Initial version


  • Bug fixes

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