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Catch Web Tools is a modular plugin that powers up your WordPress site with simple and utilitarian features. It currently offers Webmaster Tool, Open Graph, Custom CSS, Social Icons, Security, Updator and Basic SEO optimization modules with more addition in updates to come.

Here are some quick reasons why you should check these out!

Let’s begin with how easy the setup process is. It’s just a matter of clicks.

One usual assumption people have is like when a plugin offers multiple features and facilities, it loads slow. However, Catch Web Tools offers modular plugins that you activate manually. Which simply means, that if there are 50 different facilities the plugin offers, your site won’t take the load of those 50 features unless you activate them. You have the option of activating manually the exact feature’s you need and not unnecessarily overload your site.

Catch Web Tools is available for free downloads at this point. Which means, you will get a lot of advanced features that would make your site interesting, efficient and professional – for free!

Catch Web Tools use clean coding that follows WordPress’s standard guideline. Which means, zero hassles and perfect compatibility with your themes!

Premium Support

Catch Themes team does not provide support for the Catch Web Tools plugin on the forums. Support is provided at Catch Web Tools Support Forum


Catch Web Tools plugin is translation ready.
Added Translation for Brazilian Portuguese by Valdir Trombini
Added Translation for Serbo-Croatian by Andrijana Nikolic


  • To Top
  • Open Graph and SEO Settings Meta Box
  • Social Icons
  • SEO
  • Custom CSS
  • Open Graph
  • Catch Web Tools Dashboard
  • Webmaster Tools




Great plugin and great support.
I always use their themes, for me the best for wordpress.

One of the best Free plugin


Awesome plugin, works perfect in all wordpress installation.
No more to say, just try it and enter to be a part of powerful web tools.
@Marius and @Ciglianoweb

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  • Bug Fixed: Display on hover without scrolling issue [To Top Module]


  • Bug Fixed: Nonce issue in metabox (Reported by: james)


  • Checked: Version compatibility WordPress 4.7
  • Code Optimization


  • Fixed: Catch IDs: ID column display issue in mobile devices


  • Checked: Version compatibility WordPress 4.6
  • Fixed: Custom CSS and Social Icons CSS
  • Fixed: Added catchwebtools_to_top_options in uninstall
  • Updated: Catch Updater class constructor name changed to __construct()


  • Added: Social Icons Now have features to show their own social colors on hover and both hover and static
  • Bug Fixed: IDs not showing in category and tags page
  • Bug Fixed: Enqueue catchwebtools-to-top-public.js and catchwebtools-to-top-public.css only if to-top module is active
  • Changed: ID column width size to support upto 8 digit ids
  • Changed: http to https in links
  • Changed: #to_top_scrollup to #cwt_to_top_scrollup
  • Changed: Moved all options (CWT Custom CSS and CWT To Top) for Catch Web Tools to Catch Web Tools Plugin panel in customizer


  • Update: Made the ID column sortable
  • Code Optimization for Catch IDs


  • Added: To Top Module
  • Added: Pinterest Site Verification in Webmaster Tools
  • Added: Yandex Site Verification in Webmaster Tools
  • Added: Security Section In CWT Dashboard
  • Added: Catch Updater Module
  • Bug Fixed: Undefined index issues
  • Optimized: Admin Styles and Scripts delivery
  • Optimized: Codes


  • Bug Fixed: SEO Author meta error in singular view


  • Bug Fixed: Custom CSS not working


  • Added: Social Icons for Email, Skype, Digg, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Pocket, DropBox, Spotify, Foursquare, Twitch TV, Website, Phone, Handset, Cart, Cloud and Link
  • Updated: Genericons to 3.4.1
  • Updated: Color Picker
  • Optimized: Social Icons Content Delivery
  • Optimized: Custom CSS Content Delivery


  • Bug Fixed: Replaced text domain from catchwebtools to catch-web-tools


  • Added: Feed redirect / custom feed options under webmaster tools
  • Changed: Support URL


  • Bug Fixed: Escaped outputs for social icons
  • Bug Fixed: Escaped outputs for open graph tools
  • Bug Fixed: Escaped outputs for webmasters tools
  • Bug Fixed: Skype social icon esc_attr instead of esc_url
  • Updated: Genericons
  • Checked: Version compatibility WordPress 4.3


  • Added: Serbo-Croatian translation sr_RS.po and
  • Bug Fixed: empty SEO title added when deactivated


  • Bug Fixed: SEO with title tags for version 4.1 or later


  • Checked: Version compatibility WordPress 4.1
  • Fixed: Admin css


  • Checked: Version compatibility WordPress 3.9.2


  • Added: Brazilian Portuguese translation pt_BR.po and
  • Fixed: Textdomain issue with .pot files


  • Checked: WordPress compatibility up to version 3.9.1


  • Initial Release

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