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Carts Guru combines multichannel strategies to easily recover more than 20% of your abandoned shopping carts through retargeting emails, SMS and automatic calls.

Multichannel Retargeting: Emails, Facebook Ads, Instagram, SMS, and Automatic Calls.

Convert more than 20% of your abandoned carts.

Automatic suggestions to continuously improve your rules.

Try it for free for 14 days. No credit card needed.

After your trial, you’ll only pay a small % commission when Carts Guru converts your carts.

A Multichannel Solution for Abandoned Carts

Why hire different retargeting companies when Carts Guru offers it all?

★ Email Retargeting – A basic feature for all who need to reduce their cart abandonment rate. Remind prospective buyers about the value of your products.

★ SMS Retargeting – Our marketing text messages have a 97% open rate. Send prospective customers a reminder or a discount. You can also offer a free callback from your online store.

★ Automatic Calls – Your secret weapon for basket recovery. Save it for the carts with the highest values! Have direct contact with customers to close their purchases right away.

★ Facebook & Instagram Retargeting – Reach your prospects with personalized advertising campaigns. Use Facebook and Instagram dynamic retargeting to recover buyers through cost-per-click ads.

Our intuitive solution suggests “if this, then that” rules based on:

  • Customer information (language, new vs. old visitor, custom segments…)

  • Basket status (payment failure, awaiting payment…)

  • Products in the cart (category, amount, item…)

Why Carts Guru for Your eCommerce Store?

These are just some of the benefits of adding Carts Guru to your store:

✓ Increase your ROI significantly, at a very low cost.

✓ Improve your conversion rates by activating those visitors who already know you.

✓ Remind your visitors about the value of your website and products.

✓ Delight shoppers with a incredibly targeted and personalized communication.

✓ Help customers purchase what they are looking for.

✓ Optimize your online store’s user experience.

Start your 14-Day Free Trial now.


Carts Guru’s pricing is success-based. We only charge a small % of we recover in abandoned carts for you.

Check our pricing page and simulate how much Carts Guru would cost your business.

We’re flexible: we’ll adapt to your business and size.

There is no limit on emails, SMS or automatic calls!

Questions? We’d love to help!

Schedule a call with Carts Guru’s team. Get a demo! Ask us anything.

Write us at or chat with us on our website.

Prefer using the phone?

USA: +1 929 224 0706

UK: +44 20 3868 7434

FR: +33 1 76 35 05 37

ES: +34 931 81 66 51


  • Dashboard - sales
  • Dashboard - actions
  • Rules configuration
  • Contact report


  1. Create your Carts Guru account and begin your 14-day trial.
  2. Install our plugin in your WooCommerce store in a few clicks. It’s super easy!
  3. Set your first retargeting campaign and start reducing your cart abandonment rate.


Access our knowledge-base here.

Installation Instructions
  1. Create your Carts Guru account and begin your 14-day trial.
  2. Install our plugin in your WooCommerce store in a few clicks. It’s super easy!
  3. Set your first retargeting campaign and start reducing your cart abandonment rate.


Easy, Reliable and More Conversions – I’m Happy

Everything is designed specifically to assist you as an ecommerce or marketer manager to drive revenue with ease. It solved a lot of problems for me.
Having used a lot of other email software with WooCommerce to trying to convert abandoned carts, I can only say that Carts Guru as a company knows what they’re doing and are giving you the tools and knowledge to help you grow your revenue quickly.

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  • Improve Facebook Catalog generation


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  • Fix PHP warning


  • New catalog query method


  • Fix product variants cart recovery


  • Add support for isNewCustomer and language fields


  • Add support for WooCommerce 3
  • Improve cart redirect
  • Improve carts managment