Thank you for using CarDealerPress for your automotive site(s). CarDealerPress is a display plugin for the DealerTrend Vehicle Marketing System (VMS). This is a very active plugin and is used by large franchise auto groups as well as small independent dealerships across the U.S. and Canada. If you are a marketing company and would like to build car dealer websites with the CarDealerPress plugin we have a comprehensive reseller program. Please contact us via the CarDealerPress website for more information.

The CarDealerPress plugin is GNU licensed however it does require a DealerTrend VMS subscription to be functional.

CarDealerPress Terms of Service/Use


  1. Upload ‘plugin-name.php’ to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Apply subscription company ID in plugin settings.


For a complete list of FAQ’s please visit:

CarDealerPress FAQ


February 5, 2019
I use this software on several of our dealership sites and it's really the best stand alone car inventory plugin currently available for WordPress. The guys at Dealer Trend (the company that makes this product) are great to work with and extremely quick with service and software patches. I've built custom front ends for their inventory system with some sites, had them build some and have built entire custom themes that are directly integrated with their plugin inventory database. I cannot say enough good things about this company and their product. I highly recommend both this plugin and the company behind it.
December 22, 2017
Waste of time. You add the plugin and then you have to request a demo, before you can use the plugin. Stupid. I visited their homepage, their was no demo
September 3, 2016
We made the decision to shift away from "off the shelf" website design and management - choosing to design and build our custom dealership website on the wordpress platform. Inventory display and marketing is the life blood of any dealer so our process began with evaluating ways to display our inventory on our new site. After testing and evaluating every possible way to do this we came back to the CarPress plugin. They have solved the puzzle for you with this plugin that no other solution out there has. If you are in the process of creating a custom website for your dealership do yourself a favor and start with this plugin - there is no other solution that matches this one for effectively managing your inventory on a wordpress built site. On top of a great plugin the customer support and response times are top notch. It has been a true partnership.
September 3, 2016
I have been using the CarDealerPress (Formerly DealerTrend Inventory API) Plugin for almost 2 years now. No other WordPress plugin provides the level of functionality and customizability that the CarDealerPress plugin is capable of. It is fully responsive and has all of the features of dedicated car dealership websites. Our SEO has risen dramatically since moving to a WordPress site with the CarDealerPress plugin. We now get over twice the organic traffic that we were getting before, our Adwords ads are costing half as much (due to higher relevance and quality scores), and we get to take advantage of all of the other benefits that come along with WordPress. I would recommend the CarDealerPress plugin to any dealership looking to make the move to a custom WordPress site and finally take complete control of their web presence. You can see our sites at: and They are both using the CarDealerPress Plugin.
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* Update: db char length for thumbnail for initial install

* Update: dropdown issue with single models

* Update: increase thumbnail varchar length (MUST HAVE MySQL version 5.0.3 or greater)


  • Bug: sort order fixes
  • Bug: tag regex search


  • Update: add alt tag to vdp main images


  • Update: changes for WP 5.3 and other fixes
  • Update: add alt tag to shortcode images
  • Update: set ssl link for images
  • Remove: old vms forms from themes


  • Feature: Add ‘ogimage’ to header on VDP for FB posts.
  • Update: Remove VRS image path.
  • Bug: Fix clean uninstall to remove inventory tables.


  • Update: Include jQuery for Inventory Search shortcode


  • Update: Carfax changes


  • Feature: Ability to change api url.
  • Update: Log changes.
  • Update: Stopping db inventory updates if an api call fails.
  • Update: Change link urls to ssl.


  • Bug: AIS object error.


  • Bug: Disount showing if 0.


  • Bug: Price/Discount showing when SalePrice higher than AskingPrice.


  • Update: Add more database search filters for extender themes using the database.
  • Update: Certified verhicle URL’s were added to vehicle site map.
  • Bug: Removed extra mpg look up as it was displaying incorrect values.


  • Update: Second import request if initial request fails.
  • Bug: SRP view when page was set to 0.


  • Bug: empty vehicleclass parameter being passed in URL on srp.


  • Update: New Import process has been written to better handle multisites.
  • Update: Speed parameter has been added to sc_slider.
  • Update: Database disclaimer now loads for all themes.
  • Update: Added transmission to Gravity Forms under dt_transmission.
  • Bug: Fixed and issue with seo city and state for companies.


  • Bug: Discount display corrected to not show negative discount.
  • Style: List carfax one owner image issue resolved.


  • Bug: Database price sorting issue fix.


  • Update: Tags settings now show all default tags.


  • Update: Print Page now properly displays https images.


  • Update: Muliple dealers can now be added.
  • Update: Custom Imports can be created for dealer imports.
  • Update: Disclaimer added to settings.
  • Update: Loan calculator now has days to first payment.


  • Update: inventory_search shortcode added option to set an empty saleclass by default.
  • Bug: Tag issue not being set as array.
  • Bug: Count warning corrected in vms helper.


  • Update: Color mapping default text option added.
  • Bug: AIS now links to a secure link.


  • Bug: Color mapping issue with capitalization.


  • Update: Added a insert for the color_map field to DB.
  • Update: Remove sitemap links from index when no SEO Helpers found.


  • Update/Bug: Switched vehicle import script to handle new rows individually.


  • Update: Database added pricesort field.
  • Update: Changed youtube videos to load as https.


  • Update: Misc search updates.


  • Update: Update color mapping field on enable and inventory update.


  • Update: Force inventory update after DB refresh.


  • Update: Color Mapping search option added for Flamingo.


  • Update: Possible duplicate inventory fix added for database.


  • Update: Database Inventory search now looks into year data.


  • Update: Built in gravity form notification filter.


  • Bug: PHP fatal error corrected.


  • Bug: Shortcode search corrected.


  • Bug: New make filter corrected.
  • Bug: Database text search corrected.


  • Update: Front end database patches.
  • Update: Add banners to inventory.
  • Update: Remove required model from payment display.


  • Update: Misc changes and upgrades.
  • Update: Company check upgraded.


  • Bug: Company transient data issue removed.


  • Update: Company database information will now auto update.
  • Update: Added company last updated date to admin settings
  • Update: Disable One Owner carfax socket call added.
  • Bug: Multi site database issue related to sort functions.


  • Update: PHP7 compatibility.


  • Update: Carfax embed added.


  • Update: HTTPS images have been added to similar vehicles.


  • Update: HTTPS images have been added to shortcodes.


  • Update: CSS change to Carfax on Dolphin and Eagle theme.
  • Update: Added alt tag to AutoCheck image.
  • Update: CSS to admin sections.


  • Bug: No photo source corrected to pull local file.


  • Feature: Save and Compare core function added.
  • Feature: SSL image swap available.
  • Bug: Database New Make filter corrected.
  • Update: Theme CSS.


  • Bug: Carfax function update.


  • Update: Added Carfax to list page for current themes.
  • Update: Slight CSS changes for current themes.


  • Bug: Corrected Error on Carfax.


  • Update: Added Carfax One Owner image for One Owner used vehicles.
  • Update: Counter shortcode now allows make and model parameters.
  • Update: Removed text widget filter that calls wpautop function.


  • Update: DB query update for body.


  • Bug: Carfax update for Armadillo theme.


  • Update: Changed field DB looks at for price search.
  • Bug: Carfax able to show on new vehicles.


  • Update: Carfax snapshot update.


  • Bug: Carfax snapshot re-added.


  • Update: Carfax snapshot added.


  • Update: Added bodystyle to DB search.
  • Update: Added nofollow to Autocheck link.
  • Update: Added nofollow to Default CarFax link.


  • Update: Changed SEO Helper URL.


  • Update: Added Price as a default sort for database themes.
  • Update: Added new fields to database.
  • Update: Increased field length for headline.
  • Bug: Issue with script injectors not loading when all is selected.


  • Update: Standard Equipment disclaimer added to themes.4.7.1704.01:

  • Bug: Firefox and Safari admin save issue corrected.


  • Update: Removed old VMS forms from displaying on new dealers.


  • Update: Database pull job changed to work on servers that do not allow cron jobs.
  • Bug: Shortcode js file issue with theme builders corrected.


  • Update: Standard equipment update.
  • Update: Misc changes and upgrades.


  • Update: New vehicle filter linked to database inventory.


  • Update: Fuel type parameter added to shortcode list, detail and slider.


  • Feature: Inventory Search Shortcode added.
  • Feature: Inventory Counter Shortcode added.
  • Feature: Added video sitemap.
  • Feature: Pull inventory into database.
  • Update: Changed sitemap to pull from inventory database.
  • Update: Changed shortcode no results message.
  • Update: Misc changes and upgrades.


  • Update: Added concanonical link to vehicle detail page header.


  • Update: Added custom price api call for theme extender users.
  • Update: Adding styling to current themes for Loan Calculator Disclaimer pop-up.


  • Bug: AIS popup box would sometimes not load.
  • Bug: Corrected AIS display issue with pricing on sale.


  • Bug: Corrected AIS display issue with pricing.


  • Feature: Automall Prefer ID can now be assigned for Automall Sort.
  • Update: Added year_from/year_to to inventory_list shortcode.
  • Update: Added Homenet videos to the approved video list.
  • Update: Changed schema offer to match new mapping.
  • Bug: Eagle mobile number was not linked to call.


  • Bug: Corrected issue when saving inject scripts and styles.


  • Feature: Inventory List/Slider Shortcodes now allow for image_size param to be passed.


  • Feature: Can now inject scripts and styles into list and detail pages.


  • Bug: Corrected mobile phone link on list page.


  • Update: Added new title hook for Dynamic Site Headers.


  • Update: Added Geo City/State params to Dynamic Site Headers.
  • Update: Schema update for no price.


  • Update: Adjusted schema tags for extender.
  • Bug: Corrected nameing on list page form hook for dealer name.


  • Bug: Trims with special characters were not loading inventory.


  • Update: Added schema tags for extender.


  • Update: Loan payment tooltip reworked, requires manual style.
  • Update: Loan payment text inserts have been added to disclaimer.
  • Bug: Debug SEO Helper link displays correctly.


  • Bug: Loan payment value displaying incorrectly if tax value was set to zero.


  • Update: Added more theme extender filters.
  • Update: Added available payment disclaimer inserts to admin page.
  • Update: Added icon element tag to loan payment disclaimer.
  • Update: Added flag to read loan trade-in value as a percentage.


  • Bug: Javascript error when loading slider shortcode.


  • Feature: New Shortcode Inventory detail view called razor.


  • Update: Payment calculator disclaimer enhancement.
  • Update: Added print filter for custom print page for theme extender.
  • Bug: Saleclass value was not being passed to forms for Armadillo and Dolphin themes.


  • Update: Loan Calculator has been changed to Payment Calculator.
  • Update: Payment Calculator default settings have been set to 0.
  • Update: Corrected tagging in Bobcat theme.


  • Bug: Geo search was not working correctly.


  • Update: Tested to work with WordPress 4.4.
  • Update: Added more support for video URLs.
  • Update: Added more support for cardealerpress theme extender.


  • Feature: Cookie to store external ID for hooking into Gravity Forms has been added.
  • Bug: Theme default vehicle info flag was not working.


  • Update: Added mileage to Cobra list page.
  • Bug: Mobile corba view corrected.
  • Bug: Keywords list was not being generated.


  • Bug: New Makes filter were failing to save when being set.
  • Bug: Corrected value of name attribute for theme pricing.


  • Bug: Sitemap was not loading correctly.


  • Feature: Can now load payments on list and detail pages, with custom settings.
  • Update: Adjusted inventory Site headers.
  • Update: Added plugin deactivate log.


  • Bug: Site headers loading nofollow, noindex incorrectly.


  • Bug: Sitemap was not loading correctly.


  • Update: Plugin version added to logging.


  • Update: Speed and performance update.
  • Update: CSS update to shortcode slider.


  • Feature: Shortcode slider added for displaying vehicles.
  • Update: Added extra logging to debug issues.


  • Update: Added extra logging to debug issues.
  • Bug: Inventory redirect changed to only work on detail pages.


  • Update: Added gravity form {cdp_entry_url} filter value.
  • Update: Corrections made to Theme Eagle.
  • Update: Inventory dialog box has been updated to display full form.
  • Update: Admin settings page will now reload after company ID has been set/changed.
  • Bug: Incorrect variable being set in admin ajax call.


  • Update: CSS style update to inventory_list shortcode.
  • Update: Corrections made to Theme Eagle.


  • Update: Made compatible with WordPress 4.3.
  • Update: Added close image to lightbox.
  • Update: Added labels to detail shortcode button images.
  • Bug: VMS search widget corrected to work on inventory pages.
  • Bug: Loan calculator returning invalid value with zero percent interest entered.
  • Bug: Price not being passed to form on list page.
  • Bug: Detail thumbnails corrected style issue.
  • Bug: Eagle list mobile style updated.


  • Update: Added style param to [inventory_detail] shortcode.
  • Update: Eagle headline elements only appear if a headline exist.
  • Bug: VMS search widget had nesting issues with particular themes.


  • Feature: Search text type ahead has been added. Generates a list of keywords based off VMS data, plus user can add their own.


  • Bug: Issue with URL Encoding was duping the encode when loading a trim list page.


  • Bug: Corrected style issue with flex not working in Safari Browser.


  • Update: Added theme/style/script hooks to inventory.
  • Update: Added new flag to hide Certifield vehicle link from vehicle list page. Flag can be found under Settings > Theme > Hide Certified Saleclass.
  • Bug: Shortcode [inventory_detail] was still displaying new vehicles as an option in drop down, even when the saleclass was set to Used only.
  • Bug: Style sheet path error corrected.


  • Initial release