This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

CaPa Protect


CaPa provides Category & Pages protection on a roles & user basis.

Posts in a protected Category or Pages will not be visible unless the user or role has privileges to see it.

For Information CaPa Role & User Access.
Further Information coming soon…

Partial Feature List

  • Customize access for specific Pages, Posts, Categories
  • Customize access for roles & users
  • Protect RSS Feed (Entries & Comments)
  • Protect XMLRPC (Shows only allowed recent Posts)
  • Keep Settings by deactivate CaPa

In some cases some Features won’t work properly (less security) with older WordPress Versions ( older than WP 2.9.2 ).

If you find any Bugs!

Please send a message or use the Menupoint “Capa Support”

Language Support

  • english
  • german
  • france (out of date)

Known bugs

If you find any bug, please send me a message.


  • category-access plugin by David Coppit



  • Bugfix “Search No Result”
  • Bugfix “Notice Error CAPA_DBUG”
  • Bugfix “Warning array_flip”


  • Bugfix “Invalid argument supplied for foreach”


  • CleanUp – Pushed up the CaPa Admin Menu
  • CleanUp – Merge Submenu Visitor & User Roles
  • Add Feature “Show only allowed Attachments”
  • Add Standart Settings – “Show only allowed Attachments”
  • BugFix “Show protected Pages” – When activating the settings, it allowed Roles to see/edit protected Pages in the Backend
  • Bugfix “Media Library” – No Media Items for Editor ( Thanks to Eduard for info )
  • Bugfix “Count Comments Warning” – PHP Warning appears by returning wrong parameter type
  • Bugfix “array_flip” – Shouldn’t appear again
  • BugFix “get_catname Deprecade Error”


  • Bugfix “list_terms_exclusions” – if GLOBALS[wp_filter] doesn’t exists, it won’t work
  • Update Language “French” – Thanks to Pierre for the efforts
  • Add Feature “Posted in ..” – Remove Protected Categories from “Posted in ..” sentence
  • Add Feature “Category Structure” – Remove Protected Categories from Category Permalink Structure
  • Add Feature “Add New Parent” – Remove Protected Pages from Dropdown “Parent”
  • Add Feature “Nav Menu Check” – Removed Protected Categories & Pages from custom menus
  • Bugfix “undefined variable” – missing variable cause a low priority php error msg
  • Bugfix “has_cap” – in rare situation the instance ‘has_cap’ isn’t defined
  • Add Feature “result” – alter only the comment Querys to receive only allow comments
  • Add Feature “Dasboard Comments” – affected by the Feature “result”
  • CleanUp – Interface ( diverse fixes )
  • Add Feature “recent posts” – restrict the result of get recent posts of the XMLRPC API
  • Bugfix “list_terms_exclusions” – Dashboard Count Tags
  • Bugfix “get_value_tags” – optimise and fixed this function


  • CleanUp – Interface ( Huge thanks to Aleksandar for advice & help )
  • Bugfix “preg_match_all Error” – missing letter cause an error (php lower then 5.2 is affected)


  • Add Help Info “Serialize Pages”
  • Bugfix “Wrong Datatype” – PHP Error appears when few Categories are allowed but no Pages ( Thanks to Greg for info )


  • Add Feature “Keep Settings” – In the Case that CaPa is disabled but admin wants to keep the Settings
  • Add Feature “Tree Structure” – Tree-List format for Categories / Pages
  • Add Feature “Check/Uncheck All” – add to the ‘Roles’ Area & adapt the existing Check/Uncheck All
  • CleanUp – rewrite JS Functions for check/uncheck all & others
  • CleanUp – Layout ( Adaption to the WordPress Design )
  • BugFix “Edit Pages missing Pages” – CaPa didn’t shows all allows Pages for editing ( Thanks to Ninava for info )
  • Bugfix “Comment Counter always shows ‘No Comments'”
  • Bugfix “RSS Comment hide all”
  • Bugfix “RSS Comment hide creator name”


  • Bugfix “default category is activ -> pages are visible through direct link”
  • Bugfix “w/o settings shows the categories under Menu Posts > Categories”
  • Bugfix “Entries (RSS)” – Feed didn’t shows private Entries with titel, when allowed
  • Add Language – Thanks to Mathie efforts CaPa speaks French
  • Add Feature – Comments are finally entirely hidden ( Comments number too )
  • Bugfix “Padlock incorrect” – shows the padlock on allows categories
  • CleanUp – Layout/Display


  • Bugfix “User Categories” – fix up the issue, when all categories are marked for a role and doesn’t appear ( Thanks to Ray for info )
  • Bugfix “Wrong Page Protect” ( Thanks to Joe for info )
  • Bugfix “Show single Page” ( Thanks to Djerk for info )
  • Bugfix “Shows protect Comments”
  • Bugfix “Show private Pages” – fix up the implode error ( Thanks to Tim for info )


  • Bugfix “Padlock Taxo/Term”
  • Bugfix “Comment for Admin invisible”
  • Bugfix “Comment empty Name/Body”
  • Bugfix “Show Comment Author”


  • Bugfix “Page One” – Shows Page One
  • Bugfix “Double Padlock”


  • Don’t Ask …


  • Bugfix “Taxonomy” – prevent and stop the Taxonomy ID & Term ID mix up


  • Improving the Code
  • Add Language – German
  • Add Menu – CaPa Menu
  • CleanUp – CaPa Interface
  • Remove “New User Settings” – replaced by Roles Settings
  • Bugfix “htaccess soft link” – Combination of an empty SERVER Variable & htaccess cause error ( Thanks to Helena for info )
  • Bugfix “Anonymous User Save” – anonymous User settings can’t be saved ( Thanks to Raymon for info )
  • Bugfix “Padlock Protect Category” – cause an error, when no categories are protect ( Thanks to Joe for info )


  • Bugfix “Page Error” – Cause an error, when just page(s) are protect


  • Add Feature “Protect Tag Clouds” ~ Hiding Tags from Protect Posts
  • Add Feature Backend Categories List showed only allow Categories at the “Write Post” Area
  • CleanUp of the Backend Layout
  • Optimization the Code


  • BugFix Comments ~ Protect Comments on Public Posts
  • BugFix Tags ~ Empty Tag Clouds


  • First public version of plugin

Contributors & Developers

This is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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