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Buffer Connector connects your WordPress site to Buffer app (your account) and allows you to automatically share/re-share your old and new Posts/Pages/Custom Post Types to all major Social Media Networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+) – all from your WordPress dashboard!

Why you should upgrade to HYPESocial – Buffer PRO?

  • It saves your time – automatically shares your Posts/Pages/Custom Post Types to all major Social Media Platforms (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+)
  • It is an easiest way to generate more traffic for your website
  • It saves your money by becoming your own Social Media Manager
  • It connects all major Social Media Networks with your WordPress site
  • It is the simplest way to schedule, manage and share updates to Twitter, Facebook, Google + and LinkedIn
  • It improves SEO of your site by having more links back from Social Media Networks
  • It is the best WordPress Plugin for Social Media Marketing Automation

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Some of the HYPESocial – Buffer PRO notable features:

  • Post new or existing content – all your content is eligible to be re-shared automatically
  • Custom Post Types (CPT’s) support
  • Several URL shortener service providers to choose from
  • Share featured images with your posts
  • Custom scheduling available, even for individual posts and pages
  • Customize your posts with your own personal messages
  • Choose the time between the posts
  • Use hashtags to focus on topics (several options available)
  • Create your own hashtags to be included in your posts
  • Custom position link/title – choose your message structure with links at beginning or end
  • Choose the number of posts to be shared
  • Multiple Social Media Accounts to choose from
  • Exclude categories you don’t want to share
  • Choose the categories you want to share
  • Choose tags/categories as hashtags
  • “One Size Fits All Image”– custom resizing of your images so they can look awesome across all Social Media Platforms
  • Schedule days and times to post for every Social Media Account
  • Post now option available for all and for single post/pages
  • Add posting time directly from our Global Settings (no need to login into Buffer)

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Please note that this plugin requires Buffer APP Access Token in order to connect your WordPress site to Buffer App. We have created detailed documentation which is available with the purchase of our PRO version only. Also, we have optimized the code for better performance which you can see when you purchase our PRO version.

Please understand that this is a free plugin and the only support we offer through the WordPress forums is for bugs.
If you would like to receive our premium support please consider buying HYPESocial – Buffer PRO)!

Free version is limited to 2 Social Newtork accounts and it doesn’t support sharing of Featured Images(as that functionality is improved a lot and it’s is available only in pro version).


  • Global Settings Page
  • Enable/Disable Tab: Buffer Access token, Pause HYPE Social - Buffer, Enable Log
  • Format & Hashtags Tab: Setting the Post Format
  • Intervals Tab: Minimum interval between posts, Minimum age of post (in days) to be eligible for sharing, Maximum age of post (in days) to be eligible for sharing
  • Sharing Options Tab: Number Of Posts To Post to share, Post Type
  • Accounts Tab: Listing of Social Media Accounts
  • Include Categories Tab: listing of categories to include


Following are the steps to install the HYPESocial – Buffer plugin:

  1. Download the latest version of the HYPESocial – Buffer Plugin to your computer from here.
  2. With an FTP program, access your site’s server.
  3. Upload (copy) the Plugin file(s) or folder to the /wp-content/plugins folder.
  4. In your WordPress Administration Panels, click on Plugins from the menu.
  5. You should see HYPESocial – Buffer Plugin listed. If not, with your FTP program, check the folder to see if it is installed. If it isn’t, upload the file(s) again. If it is, delete the files and upload them again.
  6. To turn the HYPESocial – Buffer Plugin on, click Activate.
  7. Check your Administration Panels or WordPress blog to see if the Plugin is working.
  8. You can change the plugin options of HYPESocial – Buffer under settings menu.

Alternatively you can also follow the following steps to install the HYPESocial – Buffer plugin:
1. In your WordPress Administration Panels, click on Add New option under Plugins from the menu.
2. Click on upload at the top.
3. Browse the location and select the HYPESocial – Buffer Plugin and click install now.
4. To turn the HYPESocial – Buffer Plugin on, click Activate.
5. Check your Administration Panels or WordPress blog to see if the Plugin is working.
6. You can change the plugin options of HYPESocial – Buffer under settings menu.


HYPESocial – Buffer does not post?
  • If its not posting try playing around with the options. Try setting max post age to 0 and try again. Also make sure your Access Token is correct.
  • Try removing categories from excluded option. Some of them have posted issues of twitter not getting post when categories are selected in exclude category section.


Perfect Solution!

I tried a lot of alternatives and only this plugin helped me to achieve the solution to auto post on my facebook page with no issue at all!

Thanks you so much plugin developers! 🙂

Excellent Plugin

So far no issues.
This plugin , i had to buy the PRO version
(manage more than 2 social media sites with bulk upload.)
Worth the money.!
Recommended for anyone who wish to use buffer with multiple social sites, saves heaps of time.

Used to be good

I purchased revive old posts pro, then found this could do all that does, along with post to G+ via buffer so changed to primarily using this.

However since the recent update it only seems to be able to post to LinkedIn and facebook via buffer….

Either I need to change something or I’m back off to the competition I already bought.


This plugin works!

Buffer is an excellent tool to publish in main social networks and this plugin makes it so easy with WordPress.

Too bad…

The old version was useful and functional.

This new version only encourages to take the pro version. This lack of useful functions. The change (name and rules) was not sufficiently explained.

In short, I uninstall HYPE and back to the old version, too bad: /

Absolute premium – *Uppdated*

After about one month of regular contact with the devs of this plugin it now works just as I need it, and that thanks to the devs who took my feature suggestion and added it to the plugin.

My previous problem was that I needed a way to exclude posts that belonged to a specific category, even if they belonged to other categories I had deemed “shareable”.
It took a few emails before the specifics about the feature was ironed out, but then it was all quick work. I even got an email from them at 20:22 PM on New Years Eve telling me that a new version was ready to be tested for possible bugs. That’s dedication!

Now it all works just as I need it and I can save hours every week by completely automating the posting to my social chanels, complete with specific hashtags per blogg category, images and previews.

Great plugin

I’ve used Buffer My Posts for over a year. It has always worked flawlessly.

However, when it recently got updated to Hype (name change etc.) the crucial features disappeared.

·I can no longer get images with my tweets
·I can no longer exclude categories completely. Posts which belong in more than one category, where at least one is suposed to be blocked, are posted anyway

These where my two main reasons to use Buffer My Posts in the first place.

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Contributors & Developers

“Buffer Connector – HYPESocial” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



Version: 16.4
1. Added link to documentation from Pro version
2. Fixed path for images
3. Fixed exclude post issue

Version: 16.3
1. New Freemius API added
2. Update for issue not showing posts on exclude page

Version: 16.2.1
1. Update for issue not showing posts on exclude page

Version: 16.2
1. Fixed issue not showing posts on exclude page
2. added missing images to repo

Version: 16.1
1. Added tabs for better User Experience
2. Freemius Insights implemented
3. Added new screen-shots that are matching the new UI

Version: 15.0.17
1. Freemius Insights implementaion
2. addes info about free version restrictions

Version: 15.0.17
1. fixing HYPESocial spelling

Version: 15.0.16
1. fixed join and support sections in readme

Version: 15.0.15
1. another readme update

New in v15.0.14
1. Updated description in hype-social-buffer.php file

New in v15.0.13
1. reordering title and description in readme file

New in v15.0.12
1. updated with new code base

New in v15.0.11
1. final fixes to readme file

New in v15.0.10
1. Deleted “former” sentence

New in v15.0.8
1. updated readme file (fix of list of fetures list)
2. added bold on some keywords
3. deleted lic sentnces

New in v15.0.7
1. updated readme file (fix of list of fetures list)

New in v15.0.6
1. updated readme file

New in v15.0.5
1. updated readme file
2. updated screenshots

New in v15.0.1
1. added changelog.txt
2. fixed the deprecated bug in bmp-debug.php
3. fixed admin style output n bmp-admin.php
4. fixed Notice: has_cap was called with an argument that is deprecated since version 2.0! Usage of user levels by plugins and themes is deprecated in bmp_admin_actions() function

New in v15.0.2
1. Compatible up to 4.2.2

New in v15.0.3
1. fixed css path issue that was breaking the layout in admin
2. added space between ” Dejan Markovic” and “you…”

New in v15.0.4
1. added again space between ” Dejan Markovic” and “you…”