This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

BuddyPress Hovercards


This plugin adds hovercards (like on WordPress,com (Gravatar), Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc.) to BuddyPress. Whenever a user hovers over a user avatar, the hovercard shows up.

Hovercards are completely themable by adding a hovercard.php template to your (child) theme.

Based on imath’s blogpost on BuddyPress xprofile hovercards and uses the jQuery Tipsy library and Rrrene’s hovercards.


  • Example hovercard using the template included in the plugin.


How can I disable hovercards for certain avatars?

Hovercards are disabled for some avatars already, namely the profile badge and the profile header. To add more disabled elements, you can use the folowing filters:

‘bphc_parent_filter’ to disable hovercards for all children of a certain element id or class, e.g.:

function disable_bphc_by_parent( $filter ) {
    return $filter . ', .children-of-this-class';
add_filter('bphc_parent_filter', 'disable_bphc_by_parent');

‘bphc_element_filter’ to disable hovercards for avatar img tag with this class/id, e.g.:

function disable_bphc_for_elements ( $filter ) {
    return $filter . ', .avatars-with-this-class, #avatar-with-this-id'
add_filter('bphc_parent_filter', 'disable_bphc_by_parent');
Can I make my own hovercard?

Yes. If you want to add a custom hovercard, or change the displayed fields, copy ‘/bp-hovercards/templates/hovercard.php’ to the root of your (child) theme and edit it there to prevent it being overwritten at an update.



  • Fix that avatars would show the hovercard as an alt-text in certain cases


  • Better compatibility with BP Social Theme


  • Disable hovercards for profile badge and profile header (thanks Sandy)
  • Added filters ‘bphc_parent_filter’ and ‘bphc_element_filter’ to disable hovercards for certain avatars


  • Hovercards are now not reloaded when they’re still visible
  • Never show two hovercards at the same time
  • Hovercards were loaded during AJAX calls (when the mouse was no longer on)


  • Fixed that non-logged in users got a stylish ‘0’ instead of the hovercard
  • Hovercards are now reloaded on all AJAX request (except BP Live Notifications)


  • Hovercards now refresh anytime something is loaded in with AJAX
  • BP 1.6 Beta 1 & 2 compatibility


  • Fixed ‘Load More’-bug. Users of the WP admin bar would not get hovercards on posts loaded in using the ‘Load More’ button.


  • Initial upload

Contributors & Developers

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