Pinpoint Booking System – #1 Booking Calendar for WordPress and WooCommerce


Pinpoint WordPress Booking Plugin is the easiest way to rent accommodations, schedule services, book events or receive online reservations and appointments of any kind with your WordPress site.

Your customers will be impressed by how easy-to-use, fast and clear, it is to check availability and book online directly with an amazing and unique AJAX booking calendar, which has a nice and clean interface. The one page booking process will optimize the time in which your clients will make a reservation, so that you don’t lose any.

The administration area is intuitive, powerful, flexible and very easy to manage availability and reservations, making Pinpoint Booking System equally good for big or small businesses and individuals. The functionalities of Pinpoint Booking WordPress Plugin can be enhanced using add-ons.

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Pinpoint’s 2019 Roadmap

An overview of where PINPOINT.WORLD and Pinpoint Booking System are heading.

WooCommerce Booking Plugin – Click for demo

A key feature of Pinpoint Booking System Plugin is WooCommerce integration. Creating WooCommerce bookings is very easy, and the most important thing is that you can take advantage of the shopping cart, all payment methods and other features that come with WooCommerce & all the plugins created for the most popular WordPress eCommerce toolkit.


A unique feature of Pinpoint WordPress Booking Plugin is the ability to share your business location on PINPOINT.WORLD, which will make you known to the world and you will attract more customers.

Pinpoint Booking System Plugin is great for booking hotel rooms, apartments, houses, villas, rooms etc, make appointments to doctors, dentists, lawyers, beauty salons, spas, massage therapists etc or schedule events.

The WordPress Booking Plugin is intended to book anything, anywhere, anytime. We always accept feedback and constructive criticism so if you have something to say please use the support forum.

Main features – Click here for full list

If you want new features or functionalities in Pinpoint Booking System WordPress Plugin drop us a line in support forum.

Booking calendar

  • The booking calendar of the Pinpoint WordPress Booking Plugin can be viewed by clients, which can view availability and can make reservations & appointments.
  • The Pinpoint WordPress Booking Plugin calendar is responsive and can be viewed by your clients on all browsers and devices.
  • Booking calendars will display the data depending on users time zones.
  • Clients can click on the booking calendar days and/or hours to select the booking period they want.
  • Clients can select to display multiple or fewer months for better visualization. The number of months to be initially displayed can be set from booking calendar settings.
  • The booking calendar is AJAX powered, so there is no need to refresh the page to do a reservation, update schedule …
  • The booking calendar contains a sidebar where clients can search availability, they can select the number of rooms/items they want, can select extras & services, can use coupons/vouchers, can view reservation summary with discounts & taxes/fees and can enter their details in a customizable booking form.

Book days/hours/minutes

  • With Pinpoint WordPress Booking System you can add price, promo price, number of items available and information for each day/hour in the front end booking calendar.
  • You have complete control to what hours/minutes you are using in your booking calendar. You can set same hours/minutes for the whole calendar or you can set different hours/minutes for different days.
  • One or more days/hours/minutes can be selected when requesting a reservation.
  • Set the first day of the week that will appear in the booking calendar.
  • Support for morning check out. It will display information in the booking calendar if you need to check in the afternoon and check out in the morning. This option is very useful for hotels.
  • You can limit the minimum and/or maximum number of days/hours/minutes that can be booked.

Synchronize with other systems

  • The availability from Pinpoint Booking WordPress Plugin can be synchronized with Google Calendar, iCalendar and Airbnb.

Reservations management

  • With Pinpoint Booking WordPress Plugin the administrators have the possibility to add, approve, edit, reject, cancel or delete a booking request (reservation) and they also have the possibility to filter and/or search throw booking requests (reservations).
  • Booking requests (reservations) cannot overlap and they can be instantly approved or can be approved/rejected by administrators with the booking calendar changing accordingly.

AJAX admin

  • The administration area of Pinpoint WordPress Booking Plugin is a powerful, very intuitive and easy to use, with a clean design.

Multilanguage support

  • All of the text in the WordPress Booking Plugin is changeable (calendars, extras, form fields, taxes …) in back end with, an easy translation tool.
  • With the booking plugin you can enable/disable languages and also you can add your own language.
  • WPML plugin is compatible and supported by Pinpoint WordPress Booking System.

Multi currency support

  • Any currency can be used with the booking plugin or you can add your own currency.
  • Currency display can be customized to show before or after price.

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Upload the folder booking-system from the zip file to “wp-content/plugins” and activate the plugin in your admin panel or upload in the “Add new” section.


Click here to view Pinpoint Booking System WordPress Plugin Documentation.


September 3, 2019
The system is neither intuitive to set up nor to use. Customer users always get errors 'unable to add divided group' or 'no services available for this period and it seems impossible to offer either a 7-day or a 5-day booking for the same period. The customer interface is not very neat. The owner user interface is complex with poor menu nomenclature.
August 5, 2019
Perfecto para mi sitio, lo mejor que se puede para r a español.
July 26, 2019
너히들의 플러그인을 테스트 해 볼려니 이렇게 리뷰를 달아야 한다니 좀 웃기는 구나. 사용도 해보지 않고 30일이 지나 버려서 이제 사용해 보려 하는데 너히 기능이 얼마나 좋은지 알지 못하고 별 5개를 선택해야 지속 사용 가능하다니 너히도 웃기는 일이 아니니 ?
June 19, 2019
The documentation for this plugin is SO BAD that I'm compelled to leave a 2 star review for a product that mostly works fine. The documentation is pages and pages of gobbledegook that will give anyone with a functioning brain a headache, and make anyone with an appreciation for the English language want to gouge their own eyes out. Most importantly it is going to take you about 6 hours longer to set up this plugin than it should because you can't even use the documentation and you will literally have to work everything out via trial and error. But that trial and error will also be twice as difficult as it should be because The plugin uses a whole bunch of terms for even the basics like field names in ways that make absolutely no sense, and no glossary is provided to explain how they are even trying to use the terminology. The documentation is just pages and pages of sentences that make no grammatical sense whatsoever - it appears the document has been generated by using Google translate from another language and nobody who speaks english has ever been asked to even edit the document. I have been going for 6 hours now and I there seems to be no way to set for example different hours on different days of the week. So if you have different opening hours on a Saturday for example, there is literally no way of setting the hours for every saturday. You have to manually go in to the calendar and set the hours for each individual Saturday INDIVIDUALLY. It's like the plugin has never actually been tested by anyone who operates an actual business because I cannot think of a single business on earth that has the same operating hours every single day that they are open. It just makes me really angry that developers can be bothered doing all this work on a plugin but are incapable of doing the final 5 yards worth of work to make it usable by people.
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Contributors & Developers

“Pinpoint Booking System – #1 Booking Calendar for WordPress and WooCommerce” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • “Extras” information for reservations are added to the Excel export.
  • An option to save your Google API Key has been added, so that the Google Map in “Locations” can load properly.
  • Total price when it is 100% discounted will be displayed as 0 to the customer.
  • The SMS |DETAILS| tag data has been modified to fit in 3 SMSes (reservation ID, calendar name and selected language have been removed).


  • Support for Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) has been added.


  • Translations for Spanish, French and German languages have been added.


  • New translated words that contain single quotes (‘) are saved correctly, bug repaired.
  • The available status text will hide if the calendar day is too small for it to fit.

View complete changelog here.