Introducing Boldermail

Boldermail is a WordPress plugin and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that we developed as a cheaper alternative to Mailchimp and MailerLite. It allows small- and medium-sized businesses the opportunity to manage their subscribers, and it delivers newsletters — automated or not — to those subscribers at the incredible rate of $0.0001 per email.

Boldermail uses Sendy and Amazon Simple Email Services (Amazon SES) to reliably deliver email campaigns. Sendy is a self-hosted email newsletter engine, and Amazon SES is a part of the Amazon Web Services cloud. Amazon SES offers email delivery at the rate of $1 per 10,000 emails.

Our Story

My name is Hernan Villanueva, and I’ve been a co-owner and developer of The Postman’s Knock since 2013. TPK is a creative website focused on teaching modern calligraphy through worksheets and video courses. My wife, Lindsey, started the website in 2013, and it has since grown to be the #1 online resource for learning calligraphy. Fast forward a few years to 2018, and we were stuck paying Mailchimp around $500 a month (almost $6,000 a year) to mail our list of 100,000 subscribers 3x per week. I projected our costs would rise to $8,500 by 2019, and $10,000 by 2020.

In response to the high cost of mailing our newsletters, I started developing Boldermail. After months of hard work, I was able to accomplish this task, and we instantly saved over $5,000 a year! That’s how the Boldermail platform was born. We’ve been using Boldermail for two years now, and we’re ready to offer it to you! Read more about how it works here.

How It Works

Let’s talk about how the three components: Boldermail, Sendy, and Amazon SES work together. The Boldermail WordPress Plugin provides a place for you to design and write newsletters. You’ll also use the plugin to tell the system exactly which mailing list(s) to send to!

Once you write your newsletter, you’ll tell Boldermail when to send it — now or at a scheduled time in the future. When Boldermail has that date and time, it relays a copy of the data to Sendy, which processes your subscriber list and the emails.

When Sendy has finished processing your campaign, Boldermail facilitates all that data making its way to Amazon SES. Amazon SES ensures that newsletter/blog post emails are delivered quickly, efficiently, and without landing in spam folders! Once all emails are delivered, you can use Boldermail to see exactly who the emails were delivered to, what the open rate was, and who has subscribed or unsubscribed from your mailing list.

You can read more about how Boldermail works here.

How are We Different?

Our first difference lies in the fact that we were our own first client. Boldermail was developed to meet our needs, and we love it so much that we knew we had to make it available to others. You can find our story here!

Our second difference is that we do not use your servers to deliver emails. Similar to Mailchimp and MailerLite, a separate server does all of the heavy lifting for you! This ensures that your website does not get sluggish as it struggles to send emails to subscribers.

Get Started

This plugin is an interface to the Boldermail mailing platform powered by Sendy + Amazon SES. To connect the plugin to your Boldermail server, you will need to create an account. We offer different plans for up to 100,000 subscribers. You can find pricing information here. You will find that our plans can mean thousands of dollars in savings compared to our competitors. If you have over 100,000 subscribers, you can inquire about a custom plan here.


  • The "Add New List" page. You can use the "Settings" metabox to edit the list data.
  • A "List created" message will display on top of the page after you successfully add your list.
  • The "Subscribe Settings" section contains several options for you to decide how you want your readers to subscribe to your newsletter.
  • The "Unsubscribe Settings" allows you to control how you want your readers to unsubscribe from your newsletter.
  • The "Add New Subscriber" page.
  • The "Add New Newsletter" page. From this page, you can select a template, edit your newsletter, select your recipients list, and send or schedule the email.
  • You can create custom email newsletters, or send your blog RSS feed to your subscribers.
  • The newsletter editor will be familiar to you because it uses the native WordPress editor to customize your emails!
  • Just like at Mailchimp, videos are converted to email-friendly images when you use the [youtube] or [vimeo] shortcodes.
  • Multiple HTML templates are included for free!


  1. Visit the Plugins page within your WordPress dashboard and select ‘Add New’.
  2. Search for ‘Boldermail’.
  3. Activate Boldermail from your Plugins page.
  4. Follow the instructions in the Getting Started guide here.

Note that this plugin is meant to communicate with your Boldermail server. You will need to create an account here to properly use the plugin.


What do I get when I sign up for Boldermail?

You get our Boldermail WordPress plugin + a Boldermail mailing server. The plugin offers an intuitive and user-friendly way to manage your subscribers and design your email campaigns. The Boldermail mailing server interacts with your Boldermail plugin and uses Sendy and Amazon Simple Email Services to deliver your campaign fast, reliably, and a cost of $0.0001 per email.

Can you guarantee my emails will be delivered and won’t be marked as spam?

Yes! Amazon Simple Email Services is incredibly reliable, and when we setup your Boldermail server, we will verify your email address and/or web address to make sure email hosting providers do not flag your emails as spam.

My newsletter list is important to me. Why should I trust my business to you?

Boldermail is more than just a service to us — it’s an integral part of our business. My wife, Lindsey, runs The Postman’s Knock, the #1 resource for learning calligraphy online. We have a list of 100,000 subscribers, and we send over 15 million emails a year. We developed Boldermail to save on costs without compromising on quality, and we have been using our own platform since 2018. (You can read more about our story here.) I can guarantee you that we strive to make Boldermail the best it can be, as we ourselves depend on it 100%!

How does your service compare to other free WordPress plugins?

Unlike most WordPress plugins, we do not use your WordPress website to send the newsletters. Using your WordPress site to send emails in bulk is a bad idea, and may lead to your visitors having slow loading times or seeing errors on your frontend. We utilize a separate server, your Boldermail server, to deliver your emails.

How does your plugin compare with other premium WordPress plugins?

Some premium plugins use your WordPress site to send emails. Others charge you hefty fees to deliver the emails for you. We are cheaper than the competition because we sync your Boldermail server with Amazon Simple Email Services, and that translates into hundreds or thousands of dollars of savings to you! (Calculate your savings here.)

How does your service compare to other services, like Mailchimp or MailerLite?

Mailchimp and MailerLite are great services! We speak from experience, as we have used them both in the past (You can read about our journey here.) However, as your subscriber list increases, their costs increase dramatically. You can save thousands of dollars a year using our services! (Calculate your savings here.) The first difference you will see is in the interface — Mailchimp has a sleek albeit separate interface, while Boldermail utilizes a WordPress-native approach. The second difference is in the reporting. We are working on integrating and providing better reporting on your campaigns, but for now, the reporting is basic.

Does Boldermail work with RSS feeds?

Yes! Sending our blog posts to our subscribers is the main reason we developed Boldermail. Not only can you setup Boldermail to deliver your freshly-created blog content to your subscribers, but you can also customize your template any way you want. We’ll even convert embedded videos into email-friendly images for you!

Is there any fine print?

Yes — we will provide you a Boldermail mailing server to interact with Amazon Simple Email Services. Amazon SES will bill you separately at a rate of $1 for every 10,000 emails you send ($0.0001 per email). We will charge you a fixed fee separately for setting up and maintaining your Boldermail server that connects your WordPress website with Amazon SES through this plugin. Rest assured that even though you are getting two separate bills, you will still save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars per year! (Calculate your savings here.)


January 9, 2020
When I saw a fellow blogger share about Boldermail on her Instagram stories, I was curious to see how she able to send out newsletters to her thousands of followers for a fraction of the cost it usually is. I'm so happy I took the chance to change my newsletter platform because this plugin really delivers. The instructions are very clear and there is quite a bit of setting up to do but it has been very well explained on the website. The customer service is amazing and I was able to resolve any issues I had very quickly. One of the things I would love to see is more template options and also a way to use the drag and drop option to create a template. But these are just minor things amongst the many other amazing ones. Thank you so for creating this wonderful plugin.
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Release Date: December 22nd, 2019

  • Change display of permalinks in templates.
  • Improve display of subscribers.


Release Date: December 21st, 2019

  • Improve subscriber navigation.


  • Allow more shortcodes inside links.


  • Fix issue with [boldermail_name] shortcode.


Release Date: December 18th, 2019

  • Add option to delete campaigns.
  • Improve error handling and error messages.


Release Date: December 15th, 2019

  • Improve error handling.
  • Add email customization with [boldermail_name] shortcode.


  • Improve subscriber syncing.


Release Date: December 4th, 2019

  • Initial commit.