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Bloggers Circle


Similar to a traditional writers circle, but with a work-flow optimized for bloggers. This helps you get and give constructive criticism of your drafts, without annoying your friends.

Creative writing is surprisingly hard, and it takes time and patience to become a better writer. By both receiving and giving criticism, we can use this tool to become better writers faster.

Bloggers can earn points by reviewing other bloggers drafts, and spend those points asking other bloggers to review theirs.

You pay more for top ranked reviewers, and less for lower ranked reviewers. Reviewers that are ranked higher, earn more per review, so it pays to be nice.


  • How to send your draft.
  • How to review other bloggers drafts.
  • Where to find the control box


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  • preliminary multi-language code


  • cleaned up Review screen editor
  • fixes broken images
  • fixes line breaks
  • fixes chr(194)
  • cleans up XSS protection
  • added screencast
  • links to plugin homepage


  • transfered all javascript to static file
  • moved from external jQuery dependencies to internal WP defaults
  • added push messaging
  • multiple users per blog
  • rewrote star-rating system for compatibility with jQuery 1.7.3
  • split dev version from production
  • QA process instituted


  • changed auth, so now accounts are measured by users, not by site.
  • fixed several bugs related to server.


  • This is the very first version.


  • This is the very first version.

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