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Supported languages: English, German, French

Automatically post, re-publish, re-post and schedule your blogs posts to social media: e.g. to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, XING.

  • Blog2Social posts to profiles, business pages, community pages and groups of your connected social networks. Optionally, customize posts for each network with individual comments, #hashtags, tags or @handles – all in one easy step and auto-post with one click only.
  • Share new posts or re-share old posts. Post entire blog posts or individually formatted excerpts and comments with selected images and backlinks to your blog.
  • Corporate Blogs and Multi Author Blogs: Create multiple sets of social network profiles, pages and groups for each user and different sharing purposes.
  • Drive more traffic to your blog by cross-posting and promoting your blog posts on all of your social media network accounts faster and easier than ever.

Supported Networks

Social Networks

  • Twitter – autopost to your account. Auto-submit an image and link with your tweet. Optionally, add #hashtags and @handles or select an specific image.
  • Facebook – autopost to your profile, to pages and groups. Auto-submit your attached post with image and link. Optionally, add individual comments and #hashtags or select a posting format either focusing on the shared link or image.
  • Google+ – autopost to your profile, pages or Google+ communities. Auto-submit your attached post with image and link or auto-submit the entire blog post to your Google+ account. Optionally, add individual comments and #hashtags.

Business Networks

  • LinkedIn – autopost to your profile and to company and focus pages. Auto-submit your attached post with image and link. Optionally, add individual comments with #hashtags.
  • XING – autopost to your profile, to company pages and groups. Auto-submit the link to your blog post. Auto-submit an post excerpt to your company pages updates and the complete blog post to groups. Optionally customize your posts.

Image Networks

  • Flickr – autopost your photostream with tags. Auto-submit an image of your blog post and the entire post. Optionally, customize your post and tags.
  • Pinterest – autopost to selected Pinterest board with tags and #hashtags. Auto-submit a selected image from your blog post and link it to your blog. Optionally, add individual comments and #hashtags.
  • Instagram – autopost to your profile with tags and #hashtags. Auto-submit a selected image from your blog post, add tags and #hashtags and a link to your blog post.

Blogging Networks

  • Tumblr – Re-publish your blog post to your Tumblr blog. Auto-submit the complete blog post in rich text HTML with tags and a selected image to your Tumblr blog. Optionally, customize the title and copy and add tags and #hashtags.
  • Medium – Re-publish to your account. Auto-submit the complete blog post in rich text HTML with tags and a selected image to your Medium blog. Optionally, customize the title and copy and add tags and #hashtags.
  • Torial – Re-publish the complete blog post in rich text HTML with tags and a selected image to your Torial blog. Optionally, customize the title and copy and add tags and #hashtags.

Social Bookmarking

  • Diigo – auto-submit the link to your blog post to add a bookmark to your account.
  • Delicious – autopost to your profile. Auto-submit the link with tags and #hashtags to add a bookmark.

News Aggregator

  • Reddit – auto-submit the post with the link to your Sub-Reddits.

Blog2Social allows you to share your blog posts on social media fast and easily.

Blog2Social auto-shares while maintaining the benefits of turning your blog posts into optimal format for each network.

The one-page preview editor allows you to customize all of your posts in one single step. You may add individual comments or handles to your posts to enhance your posts with a personal touch.

With one click only you publish your customized posts on your personal selection of profiles, pages and groups on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, XING, Pinterest, Flickr, Instagram, Tumblr, Medium, Torial, Diigo, Delicious and Reddit.

Auto-post your blog posts as soon as they are published

As soon as you publish your blog post on your WordPress blog, Blog2Social immediately shares your blog posts to all networks in the pre-selected network profile. With the auto-poster you can share your blog post to a specific selection of networks immediately or, optionally, schedule at the pre-set best times or your own saved time settings. Without any extra step. Scheduled blog posts will be auto-posted immediately after publishing the post or at any selected time and date later.

Customize your posts in a one-page preview editor

Customize your posts and comments per network and add #hashtags, tags, keywords and @handles in via the publication form. Just one click and your post will be auto-published on all of your selected profiles, pages and groups.

Every post will be submitted with link to your blog post by default. You may remove or edit this link.

Schedule your posts for the best times to post

Schedule and buffer your posts easily. Blog2Social auto-submits your posts to your selected profiles, pages and groups at the scheduled time. You may select and save your own time settings. Alternatively, choose the ready to use best-time scheduler provided by Blog2Social.

Select one-time scheduling for immediate sharing or recurring scheduling to be posted at your scheduled times. Use options for scheduling on weekly basis and define days and time for up to one year.

Automate your social media management, boost your social media exposure and gain more outreach and traffic for your blog. Forget about the time-consuming manual sharing of your blog content to each single network. Achieve more outreach in less time.

Blog2Social Free Features

  • Automatically share blog posts to all of your selected networks.
  • Customize posts and add comments, tags, hashtags and handles for each network.
  • Select the the post type of your Facebook posts and share with a focus on the link or the image
  • Manage your blog posts and share the blog posts of all authors of your blog (administrator rights required).
  • Select and share images with your posts.
  • Keep the overview of your social media posts with the posting dashboard.
  • Re-share old posts

Accessible Social Networks

  • Twitter
  • Facebook profile and page
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn
  • XING
  • Flickr
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Tumblr
  • Medium
  • Torial
  • Diigo
  • Delicious
  • Reddit

Blog2Social Premium Features

Blog2Social Premium includes all features of the free version and awesome additional features including:

  • Social Media Auto-Poster Blog2Social automatically shares your blog posts on social media when your post is published. Alternatively, you can choose to schedule your blog post at the best times for each network directly from the WordPress editor.
  • Best Time Scheduler ready to use time scheme for custom time scheduling, save your personal best time settings, schedule your posts once, multiple times or recurrently for up to one year.
  • Schedule your posts on network level to automatically share them on your profiles, pages and groups at the best times to post on each network.
  • Reporting Follow the links in your dashboard to the shared posts on your timelines or keep an overview of your scheduling with the calendar.
  • Follow the links in your dashboard to shared posts to your timelines.
  • Connect multiple users per license on one or multiple WordPress blogs.
  • Easily connect multiple profiles of your social media accounts, easily switch between your social profiles.

Additional sharing options:

  • Facebook pages
  • Facebook groups
  • Google+ pages
  • Google+ groups
  • LinkedIn pages
  • XING groups
  • XING pages
  • multiple Twitter accounts
  • multiple Facebook accounts
  • multiple Google+ accounts
  • multiple LinkedIn accounts
  • multiple XING accounts
  • multiple Flickr accounts
  • multiple Pinterest accounts
  • multiple Instagram accounts
  • multiple Tumblr accounts
  • multiple Medium accounts
  • multiple Torial accounts
  • multiple Diigo accounts
  • multiple Delicious accounts
  • multiple Reddit accounts

Reviews and Press Coverage

Home Business Unlimited
“Using social media as a part of your marketing strategy is such a crucial component in today’s fast moving social atmosphere, and it looks as though Blog2Social will be the best social media auto-post plugin for 2017.”

“Blog2Social is the most elaborate social media plugin that I have tested so far. I purchased the premium license, and I can only recommend it.” (Andreas Hecht)

Social Media Examiner
“You want as much content exposure as possible, but posting from your blog to your social channels takes time. That’s where the Blog2Social plugin comes in.” (Kristel Cuenta)

The Art of Visibility
“Blog2Social is the perfect option for those looking for WordPress social media plugins that offer an all-in-one solution.” (Kim Beasley)
“Best way to publish images to WordPress and Pinterest simultaneously!”

“Blog2Social WordPress plugin to share to Instagram -It Struck My Fancy”
“Blog2Social removes all social sharing pain.” (Chris Abraham)
“Blog2Social is one of the more adaptive and interesting plugins out there. One of the features I really like about Blog2Social is that the same post isn’t pushed out to every social media network but is customized to better suit that platform.” (Lori Soard)

Upgrade to Blog2Social Premium and Payment Options

Blog2Social Free is free forever. If you want to use all awesome features for sharing and scheduling upgrade to Blog2Social Premium.

Upgrade Blog2Social now?


  • Automatic sharing with one click only.
  • Auto-posting when your blog post is published.
  • Customization of posting texts. For republishing on blog-networks with rich text editor (edit font-face, images and links).
  • Easy connection of profiles, pages and groups. Just click the referring button.
  • Regularly scheduling with the selection of the duration, the weekdays, time and starting date of recurrent scheduling. Multiple plans Possible.
  • Confirmation of scheduling.
  • Dashboard with detailed list of scheduled posts. Opportunity to change the time for each network.
  • Calendar overview of all your scheduled posts
  • Adjust the best times to schedule in the best time scheduler.


You have more Questions? Visit our FAQs!

Is it free?

Yes, Blog2Social is completely free to publish your blog posts to your social media profiles. For more elaborate features and options you may upgrade to Blog2Social Premium whenever needed.

Can I to use one Blog2Social Premium licence for more than one blog?

Depending on the license you choose you use your license key for multiple users or blog installations. You are free to use the license key for different users in one blog or for users in different blogs depending on the number of licenses you purchased.

If you want to change the users of your license, log in with your user credentials on and delete the respective user. For new users enter the license key in the license key field in the Blog2Social dashboard settings.

I registered for the trial of Blog2Social Premium / I upgraded to Blog2Social Premium. Where can I find my license key?

You receive your license key with your welcome email, together with the login credentials. Please check your inbox and the spam folder of your email system.
If you have the login credentials for log in to your account and pic up the license key.

I registered for the trial of Blog2Social Premium and do not wish to purchase Premium. Do I have to cancel the free trial after the trial period?

The trial period is free of charge and obligations. If you do not buy a Premium license after the trial period your account will be switched back to Blog2Social Free automatically. you can upgrade anytime to Blog2Social Premium.

Do I need special folder permissions to install the plugin?

The standard permissions are sufficient (“wp-content/plugins” 755)

I cannot connect my Google+ account. What do I need to do?
  1. Log in to your Google account
  2. Click to open the security settings of your Google+ account.
  3. You will be forwarded to a security query. Confirm the query. Your account will be connected to Blog2Social. Done!
I cannot connect to Facebook pages. What do I need to do?

To connect to a Facebook page you have to be administrator of that page. If you are, log in to Facebook with your account credentials in your browser (in another browser tab at best) and then try again to connect Blog2Social to the Facebook page.

I have installed and activated Blog2Social properly, but I can only post my own blog posts, not those of other authors and editors.

To post other authors posts you need administrator rights for the blog.

I posted an update without selecting an image, but in some networks the post still does appear with an image.

If the page the post links to provides respective meta-tags in the page header, some networks read out these tags and scrape the image that is named in the tags. For WordPress this is usually the post image or a default image as fall-back.

I receive the following error message: “An unknown error has occurred! Please ensure that your website address (URL)is reachable”.

The social networks require public links in the posts. If your WordPress or your post is not accessible for public, this error will appear. Please make sure that your post is published for “public”.

I connected my Facebook page successfully, but still I cannot post to my page.
  1. Log in to Facebook via your browser and open the page settings.

  2. In the section “General” look up “Visitor Posts”.

  3. Select “Allow visitors to the Page to publish posts” and check “Allow photo and video posts”.

If you still cannot post to your page check the app settings of Blog2Social in Facebook. To do so click the setting symbol left hand side to Blog2Social in the app list to open the settings. In the very first section “App visibility and post audience” “public” has be selected.

I want to switch the language of the Blog2Social plugin. What do I have to do?

The language of the Blog2Social plugin depends on the language selected in the general settings.

Where do you store passwords, usernames and personal data?

Blog2Social neither stores passwords and usernames nor any personal data.

We use the official authentification oAUTH methods to third-party applications provided by the social networks.


Absolut toll ! Fünf Sterne !


Tolle Software , die Pro Version hat alles was man braucht, der Support ist MEGA !!! Und dann sagte man mir es gibt demnächst ein FB Ubgrade und unglaublich aber wahr, zwei Tage später war es online, Das habe ich nirgends besser erlebt !

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Bugfix: Caching e.g. for GTMetrix and chaching tools


New Network: Reddit and Facebook groups. Emoji and shortcode support added. Usabilitiy and Performance Optimization.


Bugfix: Converting none uft-8 characters


Usabilitiy and Performance Optimization. Scheduling filter calendar.


Usabilitiy and Performance Optimization. Custom Facebook post type


Usabilitiy and Performance Optimization. Filter by categories. New dashboard


Usabilitiy Optimization for Custom Sharing & Scheduling and Auto-Posting box


Usability and Performance Optimization. NEW: faster and easier auto posting with one click only. Optimized installation routines, improved functionality for test environments and scheduling of not yet published posts.


Usability Optimization. Improved HTML-editor for Tumblr, Medium and Torial. Best Time Scheduling for the same day implemented.


Blog2Social is supported in French, Optimize usability


Optimize usability for safari and mobile, setting shortner (optional), bug fix: layout wp


Bug Fix: init method, HTML editor: filtering attributes in HTML tags, Optimize website meta tags, Remove session cookie


Bug Fix: update method


Re-engineered Post dashboard, new one-page preview features: WYSIWYG editors, simplified network selection, new scheduler features: best-times-scheduler, my-times-scheduler, recurring scheduling, multiple accounts per profile (applies to FREE and PREMIUM)

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