Blog Members Directory shortcode


The plugin gives users the oportunity to embed a directory of Members of a site within any page.
When using the shortcode [blog_members] when
writing in the content of any page, the user includes in the page, a
list of all Members of that site.

I am working on adding the ability to set options, such as hide_admin, hide_empty, etc…


  • adding the shortcode to a page
  • sample blog members directory listing


How do I use the plugin?

When you write or edit the content of a page, simply include
[blog_members] (along with the brackets) whenever you want the directory to
be displayed. Make sure you activate the plugin before you use the

Why is the Members Directory not displayed, even though I included the shorttag ?

The plugin probably has not yet been activated.

Why does my posted content also show the shortcode [blog_members]?

At the moment, the blog-members-directory-shortcode plugin only works when used
in pages. The content displayed by the plugin table probably
malfunctioned if you used the shortcode in a post.



  • First draft of the plugin. It’s not parameterizable yet, but works.

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