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The WordPress SEO Comments Plugin turns comments into search engine optimized portals to your blog, new Google SEO entry points into WordPress sites.

WordPress blogs can generate thousands of user comments, but WordPress out the box does nothing SEO wise with comments. After activating the WordPress SEO Comments Plugin and setting up a WordPress template to output your new SEO comments pages, Google will have access to all your users comments and index them in their own right.

See the WordPress SEO Plugin Support Page for more details.

SEO Super Comments Plugin

The WordPress SEO Comments Plugin is based on the SEO Super Comments plugin by Prevolac which wasn't updated for several years (last update 2011).

I've been using a modified version of the SEO Super Comments plugin for over 5 years and incorporated it into the Stallion Responsive WordPress SEO Theme Package (premium WordPress theme).

The Stallion Theme version includes a LOT of SEO features I could not incorporate into this new free WordPress SEO Comments Plugin. For example the Stallion version includes support for Comment Titles and the comment titles are used as the SEO title tags for the comment pages indexed by Google (title tags are VERY important to Google SEO) the comment title are also used as the anchor text for links to the SEO comments pages: very important for Google Hummingbird SEO.

WordPress SEO Comments Example

Take a look at this Google site search result, this is specifically searching for the WordPress SEO Comments pages (their URLs include ?cid=). As you can see there are hundreds of Google indexed WordPress Comments pages thanks to this plugin, at the time of writing ~750 indexed WordPress Comments pages.

The example site had just 85 published posts and pages, even taking categories into account (12 at the time) you would not expect to see much more than 150 pages indexed in Google yet in total there are over 950 pages indexed see Google site search result.

The additional indexed pages are thanks to this WordPress SEO plugin and they generate Google traffic in their own right from the comments, the example site has over 750 approved comments and Google is indexing AND ranking them in their own right.

This turns your users comments into search engine entry points to your site.

WordPress SEO Resources

For WordPress SEO tips and tutorials, check out the following articles:

Requires: 3.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.6.1
Last Updated: 2 months ago
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