This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

BIT Order Queues for WooCommerce


Add Order Statues for each Supplier in Product>Attributes
Statuses for:
Ready to Export
Awaiting Import
Awaiting Dispatch
Additional Status for Multiple Suppliers to be manually decided.

For use with BlackIce systems and automation (printers and barcode readers). Untested/unsupported for other system.


  • WooCommerce Products>Attributes
  • WooCommerce Products>Attributes>Supplier
  • Simple Product>Attributes>Supplier
  • Variable Product>Attributes>Supplier
  • Orders Screen, showing orders assigned to new queues.
  • Order Status Dropdown on Order Screen
  • Descision Flow to assigning order to Queues.


  1. Upload bit-order-queues to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


Why am I getting a warning to create “Suppliers” attribute?

While active the plugin relies on the Suppliers Product Attribute.
If this is not present, you will receive a warning until you create it.

What actions should I take before deactivating?

As the Plugin registers order statuses, on deactivation these statuses will no longer be displayed in WooCommerce.
Before deactivating you should re-assign existing orders to a standard order status.

Do I need to re-assign orders if just checking for plugin conflicts?

No, if you temporarily deactivate the plugin you may notice missing orders, but they are still in the database and the queues/statuses will reappear when the plugin is reactivate.

How can I recover missing orders without reactivating the plugin?

You can update each orders (post) status via the database.
Because this is a more advanced topic we won’t cover exactly how, but it’s pretty easy. Make sure to take a backup before editin database entries.

What if I want to change the slug for a supplier?

You can update the slug via Product>Attributes>Suppliers>
But before doing so you should re-assign any orders using the existing slug to another status.

What if I already changed the slug without first updating orders?

Again it’s not a major problem, either change the slug back, re-assign orders, then update it again.
Or, you can update orders (posts) directly in the database.


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Contributors & Developers

“BIT Order Queues for WooCommerce” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Added BIT (Pending Payment) status for portal.


  • Added: logging.


  • UPDATE: Tested upto version info.
  • FIX: incorrect submission of gf-submitter plugin file.


  • UPDATE: update the filters to block automatic printing after PrintNode plugin update fixing their error.


  • FIXED: incorrect filters to block automatic printing of all orders. Documentation for printnode plugin incorrect and reported.


  • Renamed bit-order-statuses.php to blackice-order-statuses.php.
  • Reconfigured Print functions from WooCommerce Print Orders (Google Cloud Print) to WooCommerce Automatic Printing – PrintNode


  • Renamed the Plugin from wc-bit-order-statuses to bit-order-statuses after wordpress submission.


  • Renamed the Plugin from woocommerce-bit-order-statuses to wc-bit-order-statuses


  • Added print init to block print on payment/processing.
  • Added print call on order assigning to bit-expt or multi supplier.
  • Print functions tested using dev environment via print to pdf’s.


  • Added: function for 5 min processing queue check and schedule in batches of 5 orders to be run through the queue functions
  • Note: above will need fine tuning, if more than 5 orders are not moved from processing then only these 5 will get checked repetadly.
  • Added: schedule processing check job on Plugin Activation.
  • Added: remove scheduled processing check job on Plugin De-Activation.
  • Tested: reports, new orders, existing orders on dev system all ok. activated on live system but daily report mail already run. Further checks needed.


  • Added: function and call for reports to include the new statuses.
  • Fixed: Sales missing from WooCommerce Daily reports emails and reports screen.


  • Added: functions and hooks for on payment complete
  • Added: functions and hooks for on order complete (for non payment orders)
  • migrate: to above hooks from thank-you page calls.


  • Added: hook bit_order_queues_schedule_event
  • Added: function schedule_auto_assign_status
  • Added: logic to schedule_auto_assign_status to either schedule or run now if scheduler not available.
  • Update: thank-you page hook to call schedule_auto_assign_status instead of running immediately.


  • Move all __construct() to init() and fire init when creating the new instance of the plugin.


  • Added auto sort function and programming to decide which queue to assign each order to.
  • Added wc-bit-rexp BIT (Processing) and wc-bit-multi Multiple Suppiers (To Process) queues.
  • ver 1.2 – 1.9 huge updates with testing to ensure decisions are correct.
  • Hardcoded checks for Mug only orders to be assigned to GF.
  • Hardcoded checks for Patch only orders to assign to BIT (for future use when PPE have patches) needs extending to pins/other items.


  • Added ignore_slug arrays and logic
  • Added ignore_adis array and logic to bulk actions.


  • Write this Readme


  • Fix: renamed -repx (Ready to Export) to -rexp inline with the css.


  • Fixed problem with 1 supplier text not displaying. Order Status is tied to the description on the main Orders Admin screen not just single.
  • Remove text ‘Mark As ‘ from the order status as it’s display on the Orders Admin not just in the Single Order DropDown Box.
  • Renamed function to include admin_ to show it also runs on the Orders Admin page.


  • Added CSS file and some standard colours for our existing suppliers.
  • Added to enqueue the CSS file.


  • Added deactivation warning to the plugins page.


  • Added warnings to the Attributes Page and Suppliers Attributes page.


  • Added the order_status functions for dropdown and bulk actions.
  • Renamed (Ready to CSV) to (Ready to Export)


  • Added the main order_status function to query suppliers taxonomy and create the Ready to CSV queues.


  • Initial setup of plugin directory structure.