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Helped me get encouraged again

I want to bring in a second income for my family, but I’m definitely not a sales person and just can’t get into MLMs and the like. Tried it and failed horribly. Some people can sell eggs to a hen house, but not me. I guess some people just are talented in that way.

Out of curiosity, I took a look at the Lite version to see what the suggestions were for building a business. I have to say, I’ve not been this excited about actually doing something on the internet to make money in a long time. The ideas are really flowing now and it’s kinda exciting for me.

I’d all but given up hope of ever finding my way on the internet as a means of making some extra money. I’ve been through the first couple of days and I’m encouraged again. I am seriously considering upgrading to Pro when I get the money (budget is tight). For now, I’m getting some ideas based on real data that supports them and that makes sense to me.

I read some of the bad reviews before trying it. I decided to try it for myself and see. Not everyone is a tech idiot like me and needs to be walked through it. It’s a 5 star for me, maybe that’s because it’s so perfect for what I need.

I don’t have a site yet, so I’m not using WordPress yet. I’m not sure what to expect from a plugin, some people seem to think it’s not a plugin. In my view, who cares if you get to the end result where you want to be? I would think that would be the purpose of a plugin.

I just want someone to show me how to do this and not make the same mistakes I’ve made before. Maybe I’m out of line since I don’t know much about this stuff. The advice it offers on using WordPress, setting up the site and what basic plugins to use will be a big help to me when I get to that point I’m sure. At least I hope so cause I don’t want to get lost again!

For now I give it a 5 just for the renewed excitement and encouragement it’s given me personally. I’ve been discouraged for a while now. If it doesn’t pan out to be what I expect, I may change my mind, who knows.


I’ve been waiting for this. Now that it’s here, it’s going to help a lot of people. Thank you! It’s excellent!

Whatever you do back up your posts before installing this plug in

When I installed this plugin several of my pages turned into strings of gibberish symbols! It gave me a freakin heart attack! The only clue to the issue was that the pages that went haywire all had the same parent.

Don’t ask me!

Luckily I back up my work religiously, but I decided I better research this group before risking it again. It turns out that a couple of years back they launched an entire site building platform (called BB2 apparently) that was so ridden with serious bugs that several businesses lost thousands of dollars while they waited weeks and weeks for it to be sorted. It seems like we might be dealing with cowboys here, so be very careful to back up and trial on an empty wordpress site first.

If you really must try this out, I recommend waiting a few weeks until the bugs are ironed out. I am not convinced about these guys (SiteSell) at all I have to say.

I was enticed to this plugin, by the way, by a newsletter of Allan Gardyne who runs a respected resource site for affiliate marketers. His reputation is quite good, and so on faith I’ve given this two stars rather than one.

Really just an advertisement for an upsell

This was very frustrating.

It turns out not to be a plugin really, but more of a way to advertise an expensive SEO service called SBI (Site Build It).

If you Google that, you’ll find out why they changed its name!

It reminds me of those Kindle eBooks that turn out to be just links to a blog where they try to sell you stuff.

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