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Bitcoin Faucet for WordPress

Bitcoin Faucet in-general is a software, rewarding visitors with fractures of Bitcoin (or other crypto-currency).
So, basically Bitcoin Faucet owner exchanging traffic to small rewards, re-capitalizing on the banner impressions. Now available for WordPress =)
See how it looks at the Demos:

* Clean installation (only ads were added)
* Explore some of the faucets form the Bitcoin Faucet Exchange List – they are powered by this plagin =) (keep in mind the faucet owners may play with the code)

* It works! Look to the right of this text, search for the “Active Installs”. Not bad for the money-related plugin, huh? 😉
* Supports several crypto-currencies.
* Supports nearly all MicroPayment Systems.
* Supports different captcha systems (including CoinHive, RainCaptcha, SolveMedia and FunCaptcha – more monetization for you).
* Supports several faucets on the same website. Actually, as many as you want 😉
* Works fine on mobile devices.
* AdBlock-aware. No free-riding!
* Highly configurable via admin interface (changing color palettes / adding banner codes / etc.), no programming (nor deep knowledge of the WordPress) required.
* … although standard settings will work for all installations.
* Extra traffic from Faucet Exchange List (optional).
* No extra-modules, no “Pro version”, now hidden cost what so ever, you getting all available functionality. Free is good 🙂


  • Basic Bitcoin Faucet for WordPress - No banners yet
  • General Settings - Plugin Admin
  • Bitcoin Faucet for WordPress with banners - Banners around the faucet - that's what faucets are for...
  • Template Settings - custom Palette - Highly customizable, no programming needed
  • Fancy looks - Go easy on the colors =)


  1. The easiest way is to login to you WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins >> Add New, search for Bitcoin Faucet, and click to install.
    You can also download the zip file from this page and upload it from the Plugins >> Add New > Upload page.
  2. Activate the plugin through the WordPress ‘Plugins’ menu
  3. Insert shortcode [WPBF] into any of your pages, or better use a form on top of the Plugin Settings Area to create page automatically.
  4. Configure the plugin.


Before you continue with the configuration we strongly recommend to read the FAQ bellow to make sure we are on the same page terminology-wise.

  • In order to configure the plugin you will need to have an account with Micropayment system, for example
  • Copy API key and paste it in the Service API key field under the ‘General’ tab in the plugin administration page.
  • Obtain reCaptcha public key and reCaptcha private key and enter them in the corresponding fields under ‘Captcha’ tab.
  • Hit Save Changes button in the bottom of the page.

That’s it – the faucet is operational. Navigate to the page with the [WPBF] shortcode and see for yourself. Congrats! =)
Now you need to fund the micro-payment system to reward your visitors, and insert banners to make profit of the visits (check ‘Template’ tab options).
There are more of bells and whistles to play with (don’t hesitate to experiment with the ‘Appearance’ tab options also), have fun =)


Every effort has been made to harden the security of this plugin, but its safe operation depends on your site being secure overall.
You, the site administrator, must take all necessary precautions to secure your WordPress installation.
By using this free plugin you assume all responsibility for handling associated cryptocurrency accounts.
Under no circumstances the developers of this plugin or affiliated parties are responsible for any damages incurred by the use of this plugin.
You are strongly recommended to take the following actions:

By continuing to use this plugin, you agree that you have read and understood this disclaimer.


What is Bitcoin ?

Well, it’s money. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and a payment system.
Read more on the Wikipedia:

What the Bitcoin Faucet is for ?

Bitcoin Faucet owner exchanges traffic for small fracture of bitcoin or other cryptocurrency.
Visitor navigates to your faucet page, sees the banners (maybe eventually clicks), and gets rewarded for it.
Crypto-currencies allow you to use really tiny units like Satoshi, so for both visitor and faucet owner it’s win-win situation.
Bitcoin Faucet on Wikipedia

Is Bitcoin Faucet profitable ?

We guess it is, otherwise thousands of people wouldn’t run Bitcoin Faucets, right? 😉
Try to google “bitcoin faucet” and see for yourself. Now you can operate Bitcoin Faucet on WordPress too.
Considering you will find plenty of “Bitcoin Faucet” websites, gotta warn you: Don’t worry about the competition – it actually forms the market, and so far the demand grows faster than supply.

So, I just install this Plugin, and money magically falling into my wallet?

In ideal world – absolutely. In the real world… Dude, we are talking money here. Your money. Do some research, will you? 😉 At least finish this FAQ. And still do the research after =)

What do I need to run Bitcoin Faucet ?
  • You obviously will need a Bitcoin Wallet to operate with crypto-currencies, if you don’t have one already, we recommend
    BlockChain or
  • You will need get an account with a micro-payment system (we support all major, is recommended).
    It is free, if you are not sure what “MicroPayment System” is, keep reading.
  • Considering you are running WordPress website, you probably already have Google Captcha (reCaptcha) account, if not – you will be offered to get one. Free also.
  • You probably will need an account with ad network(s).
    We recommend Anonymous Ads, because it pays for impressions, and does in it Bitcoins, but you can use any suitable (Coin Madia is also good. You may consider PopUnder income as well). These not only free, but paying you, right? 😉
What is Bitcoin Wallet ?

It is a stand-alone software or web service, allowing you to handle cryprocurrency (send, receive, exchange). Again we recommend BlockChain or CoinBase (think of them as of “PayPal for Bitcoins”), but any will do.

What is MicroPayment Systems ?

MicroPayment Systems is a middle-tear between Bitcoin Faucet (or any other micro-payment thingie) and Bitcoin Wallet. Here is an example:
Usually reward in not big (well, 1 Satoshi is 0.00000001 of a Bitcoin), so if you pay the reward to the visitor directly, the commission will eat-up the reward.
Instead, you pay to the MicroPayment Systems once (usually minimal payment is in the range of 50 cents or so ) , and the MicroPayment Systems keeps track of the Bitcoin Faucet user activity, and pays user automatically when the accumulated rewards amount is big enough to transfer.

How do I fund my Faucet ? (tough one! 🙂 )

Unpleasant part, huh? Yes, in order to dispurse rewards (and re-capitalize on the ads of the faucet page) you have to put some crypto-money. Funding is conducted via micropaiment system deposit.
So, you have several options.
* If you have crypto-currency, just send it to your micropayment deposit address.
* If you have fiat money (and you probably do =) ), look for online exchange service.
* If you using you may collect form faucets using your deposit address.
It will give you enough satoshi to start your own faucet.
You also may send your visitors to (example), so they are going collect satoshi for you.

How do I pick the reward value?

You should calculate using your real ad income, and adjust accordingly – it’s your money, remember? ;). However, let’s do a general math:
1. Some say: a thousand of page impressions suppose to bring you a US dollar (and we believe it’s about right). So, one page impression should bring you 0.1 of a cent, or 0.001 USD.
2. If your Faucet gives the reward to the visitor, two pages are going to be shown, meaning if you pay the reward, in return you make 0.2 cent, or 0.002 USD.
3. Now, at the end of 2017 (Bitcoin grows fast, so double-check) USD = 10074 Satoshi. So, 0.002 USD is about 20 Satoshi.
4. I.e. if you pay reward of 20 Satoshi, your bottom-line is going to be 0. If you pay less – you will make some money on every rewarded visitor.
Again, check your real income from the page impressions and re-evaluate. Also, take a look at Faucet Lists, and Rotators, scout how the popular faucets are configured (and what kind of ads they showing) – it will gives you some ideas. If you did run into weird words – keep reading =)

How do I gain traffic ?

Well, the traffic – it’s what Bitcoin Faucet is for. So:
* Rewarded visitors may bookmark your Bitcoin Faucet and return later.
* Your Bitcoin Faucet comes with referral system to encourage people to share links to you.
* MicroPayment Systems have so called “Rotators” (like this one) – look it up in the MicroPayment Systems configuration.
* There are hundreds (actually, more like thousands) websites listing Bitcoin Faucets (living on the referral commission too), even if you don’t contact the owners – most likely your Bitcoin Faucet will be listed eventually.
* Plenty of people do search for Bitcoin Faucets to get rewards.

Is Bitcoin Faucet absolutely secure ?

Right, we are talking the money here. Well, nothing is “absolutely” secure, but to our best knowledge the Bitcoin Faucet for WordPress is as secure as it gets, no less secure than other Bitcoin Faucet software. We’ve jumped through a lot of hoops to increase security, so just use your common sense and you will be fine.
BTW: MicroPayment systems provide extra level of security, so don’t be lazy and configure them too. It’s easy, if you are able to run WordPress website, you surely can figure it out. =)

Does the Bitcoin Faucet run on free hosting?

It depends. Bitcoin Faucet is a thing to bring plenty of traffic by definition, so some day you may consider to upgrade.
Also, some free hostings do not allow external connections, and the plugin needs it to talk to selected micro-payment system.
If you want to stay on absolutely free fosting, consider Simple Bitcoin Faucets Plugin

Any other limitations?

Actually, yes. This plugin requires PHP 5.4+ to operate. You probably already have newer version (PHP 5.4.0 was released on 01 March 2012).
If your PHP is older than 5.4 (5.3-something)- upgrade it, usually it is done via your hosting control panel in one click.
No worries, don’t rush to check your PHP version – if you were able to activate the plugin – you good to go =)

Is Bitcoin Faucet for WordPress available in foreign languages?

Right now the front-end has been translated into Russian. Feel free to translate it with Loco Translator, and let us know – we will gladly include your translation into the package.


A Site Breaker

Will disable your site. There is still no response after reporting it 16 hours ago. Will change the review if this is fixed.


need some feature

need some features.
feature short link before claim
Shortcode of balance
shortcode from bonus per claim
shortcode from the form wallet address
shortcode capcha
shortcode claim button

How to?

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Contributors & Developers

“Bitcoin / Altcoin Faucet” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



V1.0.15 – 14.11.2018

Altcoin adresses validation fixed.

V1.0.14 – 09.11.2018

New Altcoins supported.

V1.0.13 – 29.10.2018

Extra tab with handy stuff added, some improvements in the Faucet List.

V1.0.12 – 31.07.2018

CoinHive and RainCaptcha are supported now.

V1.0.11 – 07.07.2018

“Send Coins” functionality is back

V1.0.10 – 27.06.2018

Several minor bugs fixed, code optimized.
AdBlock detection became more aggressive after bot activity detected.
Please keep “Detect and block users with ad blocking software” on in the Security Settings!

V1.0.9 – 18.12.2017

Several bugs fixed.
Service descriptions are added.
Timer goes only in foreground.
Reflink is social, yay! =)

V1.0.8 – 27.10.2017 added (strongly recommended!).
“Send coins” functionality is temporary disabled.
Minor bug fixes.

V1.0.7 – 25.03.2017

SolveMedia and FunCaptcha added.

V1.0.6 – 17.01.2017

Minor cosmetic changes. Better handling of HTTPS.

V1.0.5 – 17.01.2017

Minor cosmetic changes. Faucet exchange list improvements.

V1.0.4 – 07.01.2017

Default settings were changed to simplify the configuration, minor bugs fixed. Happy Holidays! =)

V1.0.3 – 30.12.2016

Minor bugs fixed, minor improvements added.

V1.0.2 – 28.12.2016

Appearance options changed, configuration streamlined, minor bugs fixed

V1.0.1 – 27.12.2016

Appearance options added, minor bugs fixed

V1.0.0 – 24.12.2016

Initial public release