This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Birthdays Widget


Birthdays Widget allows to add your custom birthday-list and display a custom message in
a widget or a shortcode in every page always or only when it’s necessary.
WordPress Users can also have a birthday date field, or you can even draw their birthday date
from another of their metafields (even BuddyPress xProfile fields).


  • Integration with WordPress User Profile, Gravatar or profile image through WordPress Media Manger
  • Integration with BuddyPress User Profile and date field generated by it
  • Integration with any WordPress User metafield generated by other plugins. Date format should be saved as WordPress Date Format in settings
  • Powerful table enhanced by DataTables.js for fast and easy administration of Birthdays Records
  • 3 different modes: List (with User’s Image), Calendar for all year Birthdays, Upcoming Birthdays, Default comma separated Birthdays of current day
  • Customizable message, image for widget and verbiage and images for Users
  • Controlled access to Birthday Admin Table with WordPress custom capability
  • Import/Export from/to CSV file
  • Greek, English Languages (please feel free to contribute)

Some use our plugin as an announcement tool or as work anniversary reminder, as you can modify the message, the image shown in widget and the verbiage to Users.

Your ratings mean a lot to us. If you like our work please consider leaving a review.


  • Powerfull Backend Table listing all records
  • Options Page enabling you to customize almost anywithing about the plugin
  • Widget Preview in Upcoming Template, shows birthdays X days ahead (where is X is customizable)
  • Widget Preview in Calendar Template, shows a calendar of the current year with birthday dates
  • Widget Preview in Default Template, shows current days birthdays (tooltip and verbiage available as for all templates)
  • Widget Preview in List Template, shows a list of current birthdays with users' image and verbiage


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Upload birthdays-widget to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
    2b.In case of error during activation, please visit our plugin’s support threads and post the contents of /wp-content/plugins/birthdays-widget/my_loggg.txt
  3. Configure the plugin to draw the birthday date from the WP User’s metafield you want
  4. OR go ahead and import your list from a CSV file with the format of: , where a string and as Y-m-D
  5. Add the shortcode in form of: [birthdays class=”your_class” img_width=”desired_width” template=”default | list | calendar | upcoming”]
  6. OR Add the widget to your sidebar.
  7. Enjoy!


April 16, 2021
Wish they would update the plugin. It used to be a great tool until I had compatibility issues as WP updated. So sad since it was so easy to use too
April 17, 2019
Didn't work for me. I uploaded 80 birthdays mannually but, after all this work, and all the tests I made, it only shows frustrating 'No records for these days' 🙁
March 24, 2018
Works just as I want it and its a guide for when actors are born, BUT there are SEVERAL wrong dates for instans: James Caan is born 1940, NOT 1939 Jamie Kennedy is born 25 MAY, NOT 25 MARCH Since Im building a personal database for some actors I doublecheck this dates but the app helps me a lot.. So therefor its 2/5 and not 1/5
November 13, 2017
The plugin works great. Would it might be possible to add a option for birthdays at weekend? That you can get an alert 2 days before if the birthday of the person is at sunday for example? Thank you for the plugin, Best, Manuel
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Contributors & Developers

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  • Fixed bug with character left when year removed in date


  • Option to display only birthdays of friends in BuddyPress, thanks to bj123 for pointing out
  • TODO display a warning message in Options Page when BuddyPress is not installed and options is enabled


  • Upcoming mode, date format now is based on WordPress date format option in settings, thanks to Christine227 for pointing out
  • Check roles before adding capabilities in plugin installation, thanks to blomaardtom for pointing out


  • WordPress User Registration error fixed, thanks to digitalgaming for pointing out
  • jQuery UI Smoothness called correctly now over “https”, thanks to knightwave for pointing out


  • Link to User’s Profile implemented, thanks to the suggestion of im_a_marvel & per4mance
  • New default user image, it was ready alongside with the other new images but losts it’s way
  • Bug with Ultimate Member plugin and International Functions fixed, thanks to Hazel


  • Added International Functions for textual dates, thanks to per4mance
  • Attention for them to work PHP’s international extension is required
  • Option to define expected date format from User’s metafields
  • Installation error fixed, thanks to rodrigogutierrez
  • jQuery year range fixed, thanks to digitalgaming


  • Modification to avoid conflict of loading twice DataTables.js
  • Paypal donation link fixed
  • Thanks to jakobbader


  • Fixed bugs associated with date manipulation
  • New Screenshots


  • Dates are handled with the WordPress date format, editable from options
    (dates in custom table are saved in the format YYYY-MM-DD)
  • Dates in User registration form, User profile, backend admin table are all
    shown and handled with WordPress date format
  • Fixed bug with sorting backend table by date
  • Added buttons to display only WordPress Users and current day’s Birthdays
  • Fixed bug with User’s Verbiage
  • Fixed bug with sorting users having birthday on the same day


  • All Users with Birthdays are now shown in admin table where the date
    and image (not in case of Gravatar) properties are editable
  • Custom Verbiage instead of default years old, thanks to mevilsizor mevilsizor for the suggestion
  • Fix in images drawn from a meta field data
  • A first attempt of scheduled cron of emails, but it’s still all in comments


  • BuddyPress compatibility with WordPress User meta data
  • Added Role Capabilities to manage access
  • User image drawn from meta data
  • CSS fixes


  • New assets
  • New default images and colors
  • Better code to handle year change in upcoming mode


  • Upcoming mode displays optionally year next to month in date
  • Upcoming mode displays optionally year change between dates
  • User image broken image displayed when disabled, fixed in all modes
  • Optional custom message when no records exist in birthday table in all modes
  • Birthdays of next year in upcoming mode bug fixed, thanks to Matthieu boo6ie for his help


  • Upcoming mode up to whole year now (365 days)
  • Bug with permissions temporarily bypassed, todo fix it


  • Bug fix of Tooltip option
  • Upcoming template available with shortcode
  • Minor bug fixes


  • DataTable version updated because it broke JS in 4.3


  • Tested up to WordPress 4.3 version
  • Option to disable Tooltip and Birthday Wish
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Bug fix for the WP User drawing date wrongly from Custom Meta Field
  • Fix the user’s image from gravatar
  • Minor changes


  • New view of upcoming birthdays
  • Stupid CSS error


  • Fix a bug in birthdays list
  • Added some things in translated


  • New feature: User’s Age
  • Default User Image now different from Widget Image
  • Deleting WordPress User now removes the record from our table
  • New options page for calendar template. Changing colors of marked days.
  • Months and days localized in calendar template.


  • Fully translated to Greek Language
  • Included most recent .pot file, waiting for your translations


  • Added button in birthdays list, to add image to birthday user
  • Securing text input variables


  • A small bugfix


  • New template: monthly calendar
  • New template: list of names next to images
  • Added emails of users in birthdays list
  • Added user images in birthdays list, WP Users can draw their image from Gravatar
  • Fixed update procedure, by saving plugin’s version in db options and checking
  • Fixed bug with date_from_profile not been initialized
  • Added option: width of images in list template
  • Clearer integration of HTML with PHP where possible


  • Multisite Support (Enable/Disable Network functionality)


  • Nicer and friendlier options page


  • Option to disable comma (,) between the names.


  • Small bugfix with comma (,) not showing correctly, thanks to dlm80


  • Small bugfix with shortcode.js not loading


  • Added DataTables jQuery plugin for our birthday list, kudos for their work
  • Cleaner approach with Javascript and CSS files. Registering scripts and styles, enqueuing them where needed


  • Added shortcode [birthdays class=”” img_width=””] which appears in WordPress editor (thanks to:
  • Corrected a problem with the comma (,) between the names of people having birthday
  • Javascript enabling datepicker, in separate file
  • Fixed problem with duplicate $args[ ‘before_widget’ ], thanks to blewis1510


  • Small bugfix with widget image selected from the options page.


  • Added the choice to Admin whether to: 1) Save Birthdays in our table or 2) Draw Birthday Date from a specified WP User meta field or 3) Disable Birthdays for WP Users
  • Configured a better option page
  • All options are saved in one variable, an array
  • Added field to customize birthday wish
  • Added option to disable image
  • Added option to display a widget title
  • Export Problem Solved


  • WP User’s meta key selected as user’s name is not saved in our table, it is fetched every time so it can undergo changes
  • Future day can not be selected as birthday date
  • Fixed error in registration form
  • Added widget’s image width option


  • Added option to select which WP User’s meta data you like to be displayed as a name
  • Added option to disable integration with WP User Profile
  • All birthdays are now saved in our table, not in wp_usermeta
  • Fixed error when admin changed birthdays of other users
  • Fixed error when editin a birthday from the birthday-list
  • TODO now the meta data you wish to display is inserted in our table so if it’s changed it’s not altered in our table, must fix this


  • New plugin’s options page
  • Admin can now choose the image shown in widget through WP Media Library at plugin’s options page
  • Admin can now choose which roles have access to plugin’s options (next shall do it with WP capabilities instead)
  • Now WP users have birthday date field in their profile and those dates are checked too
  • Admin can enable two fields (user’s name and birthday date) at new user registration form


  • Upload support (csv file)
  • possible restore-transfer of data


  • el_GR changed to el


  • Versioning fix


  • Seems it works for v1.0


  • added some screens
  • an SVN TAG problem


  • English Language now is the stable
  • Translated to Greek (with l10n tools)
  • Some locale fixes for dates
  • Ajax disabled for now


  • First version
  • Only Greek language support for now.