This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Bing Maps Widget


This is a simple plugin to create a widget of Bing Maps and, hopefully, insert maps into your posts. A pushpin will be placed at the center of the map. A popup will be displayed when a mouse hovers the pushpin. Now, customised images can be used for the pushpin.
Please have a look the examples at


  • screenshot-1.png: a widget in some theme
  • screenshot-2.png: an example post with a map
  • screenshot-3.png: a opened window


How to set up the widget?

Upon adding the widget in the admin area, input the below settings;
Title: the title for the map and the pushpin popup message.
Popup Message: the text in the pushpin popup message. HTML tag could be used if you know how to edit.
Latitude & Longitude: the geographical info.
Width: the pixel width for the widget, make it fit to your sidebar! Default is 200.
Height: the pixel height for the widget. Default is 400.
Pushpin Image: the name of image file in the ‘images’ folder.
Zoom: the zoom level(1-19).
View: the map mode(Road/Aerial/Hybrid).
Dashboard: a navigation dashboard(Normal/Small/Tiny/Hide).
*you could click ‘View Example’ to open a window of a map to find the setting values. You can also find the sample images for pushpin!

How to can I know the cooridinates(latitude, longitude)?

After activating the widget, you open your blog page with
the sidebar, click “Open New Window” under the map widget
(or click ‘View Example’ at the widget settings page.)
The form item ‘Latitude’ and ‘Longitude’ in the new window
are corresponding to the central location of the current map.
Navigate the map to your target location. ‘Latitude’ and
‘Longitude’ should be updated accordingly.
You can also find the sample images for pushpin!
I am terribly sorry to say that there is no direct way to
transfer the info to widget settings so please kindly copy it manually!

How to insert a map to the post

On the text area, insert a code in the format of
‘title’ is the title of your map and the pushpin popup,
‘latitude’ and ‘longitude’ are the coordinate values,
‘width’ and ‘height’ are map’s size in pixel/px
‘pushpin’ is the name of image file in the ‘images’ folder.
‘zoom’ is the zoom level(1-19),
‘view’ is the map mode(Road/Aerial/Hybrid),
‘dashboard’ is the navigation dashboard(Normal/Small/Tiny/Hide).
‘popup’ is the contents of the pushpin popup.

For example,
[bingmap]Seattle,47.606163043868726,-122.33139038085939,200,400,pushpin.gif,10,Hybrid,Tiny,WA USA[/bingmap]
*invalid coordinate values will default the maps to Random Map.

In the HTML editing mode, click a button named ‘bing maps’ to open a new window.
Navigate the map to your destination, fill up the settings and click ‘Get Code’. You can also find the sample images for pushpin!
A code will be supposed to be inserted to the end of the post editing area.
(if not, please manually copy the generated code and paste onto your post.)
The contents of the pushpin popup could be edited in Visual editor to some extent but it’s better to keep it simple!

Web page got blank after upgrading to ver. 2.x

This is because you didn’t deactivate the previous ver. 1.0 before uploading ver. 2.x.
Please remove bing_maps_widget.php from the folder and go to the ‘Plugins’ menu of your admin
area, make sure ver. 1.0 is deactivated and upload ver. 2.x again.


  • 2.3 added a feature to use a customised pushpin
  • 2.2 added a popup feature to a pushpin
  • 2.1 fixed the viewing problem for Internet Explorer.
  • 2.0 added a button in the HTML editing mode to insert a code to the post.
  • 1.0 is the beginning of the version.

Contributors & Developers

This is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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