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BigDump Restore Plugin

Bigdump PHP script is a highly reputed MySQL Dump Importer designed to allow users to import large MySQL databases that are too large to be imported using conventional means, such as phpMyAdmin. It is particularly useful for users who need to transfer their website from one web host to another or move a local development site to a remote server.
BigDump restore plugin Let you install safe and quickly and run the free bigdump script without any code changes (neither host info) or linux command line, just in friendly GUI (Graphical User Interface).
Works even with files GZip compressed dumps and no FTP is necessary if you make the backup with our free plugin Database Backup (link below).

Translation ready. Language files included: Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Advantages of using the BigDump Restore plugin

The advantages of using the BigDump Restore plugin for WordPress include:
1) Ease of use: The plugin is easy to install and use, and offers a user-friendly interface that guides users through the restoration process.
2) Compatibility: The plugin is compatible with most WordPress sites and can restore databases that are too large to be imported using conventional methods.
3) Large file support: The plugin can handle SQL files of virtually any size, including those that are several gigabytes in size, making it a useful tool for users with large databases.
4) Chunked restoration: The plugin breaks up the large SQL file into smaller, more manageable pieces and then imports each piece into the database individually, reducing the chances of timeouts and errors during the restoration process.
Overall, the BigDump Restore plugin can be a valuable tool for users who need to restore large MySQL databases on their WordPress site, and can help simplify and streamline the restoration process.

Site with help page and more info
Demo Video

If you need to create the database backup file or a mysqldump
just install this free plugin.
The database-backup plugin will create the backup with no extended inserts*.
(*) Extended inserts means the dump file is created with multiple-row syntax that includes several (sometimes hundreds) VALUES list per insert statement.
The database-backup plugin will also copy your large database files to bigdump restore folder, then you don’t need run a FTP app to restore it with Bigdump.


BigDump original script will fail processing large tables containing extended inserts (look above).


When you restore, your current database will be erased and it is not possible undo that. Then, run a backup and download it to your local computer before proceed.



Credit for bigdump script to Alexey Ozerov.


1) Install via

2) Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


Extract the zip file and just drop the contents in the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation and then activate the Plugin from Plugins page.


What are dumps in SQL?

A database dump contains a record of the table structure and/or the data from a database and is usually in the form of a list of SQL statements (“SQL dump”). A database dump is most often used for backing up a database so that its contents can be restored in the event of data loss.

How do I create a SQL dump?

Install our free plugin Database Backup.

How do I download SQL dump?

Install our free plugin database backup. Link above.

How restore sql database from Contabo Storage

Dowload to your local computer with our free plugin s3cloud

How restore sql database from s3 bucket

Dowload to your local computer with our free plugin s3cloud


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Contributors & Developers

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2025-05-31 – Version 1.22/1.23 – Small Improvements.
2025-05-20 – Version 1.21 – Small Improvements on readme file.
2024-03-25 – Version 1.20 – Small Improvements.
2024-02-14 – Version 1.15/1.19 – Help and Navigation and translation Improvements.
2024-01-03 – Version 1.14 – Small Improvements.
2023-12-28 – Version 1.13 – Improved errors handling.
2023-11-11 – Version 1.12 – Add option to unzip
2023-11-10 – Version 1.11 – Added one more option to download bigdump.php.
2023-10-17 – Version 1.10 – Improved errors handling.
2023-09-01 – Version 1.09 – Improved errors handling.
2023-08-30 – Version 1.08 – Improved errors handling.
2023-08-29 – Version 1.06/07 – Improved errors handling.
2023-06-01 – Version 1.05 – Improved Bigdump install.
2023-03-06 – Version 1.04 – Integrated with Database Backup.
2023-03-06 – Version 1.02/1.03 – Improved Help.
2023-03-04 – Version 1.01 – Improved Help.
2023-02-28 – Version 1.00 – Initial Release.