BibleGet I/O


Creates a shortcode [bibleget] that you can use to insert Bible quotes in articles or pages from different versions of the Bible in different languages.
The text of the Bible quotes are retrieved from the BibleGet service endpoint
USAGE: [bibleget query=”Exodus 19:5-6,8;20:1-17″ version=”CEI2008″]
USAGE: [bibleget query=”Matthew 1:1-10,12-15″ versions=”NVBSE,NABRE”]

It is also possible to place the desired Bible verse quote in the contents of the shortcode, like so:
USAGE: [bibleget version=”NABRE”]John 3:16;1 John 4,7-8[/bibleget]

The Plugin also has a settings page “BibleGet I/O” under the “Settings” area in the Dashboard,
where you can choose your preferred Bible versions from those available on the BibleGet server
so that you don’t have to use the “version” or “versions” option every time.
After you have made your choices in the settings area, remember to click on “Save”!
Once the preferred version is set you can simply use:
USAGE: [bibleget query=“1 Cor 13”]

The style settings are customizable using the WordPress Customizer,
so that the injected Bible quotes may fit into the style of your own blog / WordPress website.


SERBIAN TRANSLATION: Ogi Djuraskovic WEBSITE: firstsiteguide

POLISH TRANSLATION: Ula Gnatowska WEBSITE: comunità delle beatitudini

GREEK TRANSLATION: anonymous user contribution

BibleGet Project Website
BibleGet Project Facebook Page
BibleGet Project Google+ Page
BibleGet Twitter Profile


  • A Bible Quote produced from usage of the shortcode in an article (screenshot-1.png).
  • Options page - font and style settings (screenshot-2.png).
  • Options page - edit the CSS stylesheet directly (screenshot-3.png).
  • Options page - information from the BibleGet server about available versions and supported languages (screenshot-4.png).


  1. Upload the bibleget-io folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


Installation Instructions
  1. Upload the bibleget-io folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
How do I formulate a Bible citation?

The query parameter must contain a citation that is formulated following the standard notation for Bible citations (see Bible citation notation):
* “:”: is the chapter – verse separator. “15:5” means “chapter 15, verse 5”.

  • “-”: is the from – to separator, and it can be used in one of three ways:

    1. from chapter to chapter: “15-16″ means “from chapter 15 to chapter 16”.
    2. from chapter,verse to verse (of the same chapter): “15:1-5” means “chapter 15, from verse 1 to verse 5”.
    3. from chapter,verse to chapter,verse “15:1-16:5” means “from chapter 15,verse 1 to chapter 16,verse 5”.
  • “,”: is the separator between one verse and another. “15:5,7,9” means “chapter 15,verse 5 then verse 7 then verse 9”.

  • “;”: is the separator between one query and another. “15:5-7;16:3-9,11-13” means “chapter 15, verses 5 to 7; then chapter 16, verses 3 to 9 and verses 11 to 13”.

At least the first query (of a series of queries chained by a semi-colon) must indicate the name of the book upon which to make the request;
the name of the book can be written in full in more than 20 different languages, or written using the abbreviated form.
See the page Lista di Abbreviazioni di Libri.
When a query following a semi-colon does not indicate the book name, it is intended that the request be made upon the same book as the previous query.
So “Gen1:7-9;4:4-5;Ex3:19” means “Genesis chapter 1, verses 7 to 9; then again Genesis chapter 4, verses 4 to 5; then Exodus chapter 3, verse 19”.


Quotes scripture awesomely!

I run a religious artwork blog. As you can expect, this means that I have to quote a lot of scripture! After all, some of the hidden symbolism in Christian iconography/artwork comes directly from scripture.

But, here’s the thing: I am lazy. I didn’t want to have to find the bible quotes, usually from large stories, copy them, put them on my website, and format them. And I especially didn’t want to have to figure out how exactly I was going to number them or whether I should number them or mess around with anything of that sort! It’s hard enough writing consistent, original content without having to deal with this sort of nitpicky stuff. That’s what plugins are for!

So, after browsing around a bit, I decided to use this plugin.

And it is awesome.

First thing you do is customize it and choose your favorite translation from their list. Then? It’s a simple matter of just putting a special code around your bible verse, and it shows right up!

The code looks a bit like this: [bibleget query="John 3:16"] or whatever sort of bible quote you want to list, and BOOM. It shows right up, it does all the numbers automatically, and it even shows you what version it’s from, just in case people are wondering about your particular version.

Here are two pages from my website that use this plugin so you can see what it looks like within a customized wordpress page within the context of an actual blog:
Walking on Water – Example #1 to show how awesome this plugin is!
Happy Feast of the Transfiguration! – Example #2 to show how awesome this plugin is!

So… some things about this plugin that you may want to know about?

This is better for large chunks of texts! If you’re only interested in quoting a verse or two, it might look odd. This is not a problem for me, because I like to get deep into scripture and quote entire stories, but if you’re hoping to post inspirational scripture verses, this may not be the plugin you’re looking for!

The amount of translations of the bible is very limited. It has two Italian versions, one English version (the NABRE) and a Latin version. These versions, from what are understand (and I could be wrong!), are all Catholic approved! So, if you’re Catholic like I am and want to share the beauty of scripture with people, then that’s great! If you’re Protestant and looking for a way to easily put the KJV out for people… this is not the plugin you’re looking for!

Also, sadly, there is not a bibleget button in the fancy code panel for immediate use, so you have to remember how to code it every time. Which, in the beginning, would kind of mess me up. Still! The code is fairly straightforward, once you get used to it.

Anyway! This is a wonderful plugin that I love using to help my readers immerse themselves into the bible.

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Contributors & Developers

“BibleGet I/O” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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  • Bugfix: corrected evaluation of shortcode parameters for correct implementation of versions and popup functionality
  • verified compatibility with WordPress 4.9


  • Enhancement: added “popup” parameter to shortcode, to allow hiding the contents of the bible quote and show it only on click in a popup


  • Minor bugfix: the jQuery Fontselect dropdown was not always opening in correspondance with the last selected font
  • Minor bugfix: the jQuery Fontselect plugin was not processing italic or bold styled fonts
  • Bugfix: typo in a PHP variable was causing an error


  • Enhancement: freely modified and implemented the jQuery Fontselect plugin by Tom Moor with it’s hardcoded list of Google WebFonts to accomodate both regular websafe fonts and google fonts


  • Enhancement: further check for incorrect server environments where a recent version of curl does not however have a correct cainfo path set with a certificate bundle
  • Enhancement: font-family selection now previews the font itself in the dropdown


  • Compatibility with WordPress 4.8
  • Minor bugfix: fixed defaults for Bible version indicator styling settings in customizer


  • Enhancement: add newline before verse number of specific formatted poetic verses in the NABRE version
  • Enhancement: add option in the WordPress Customizer for styling the Version Indicator
  • Enhancement: re-organize styling options in the customizer into subsections


  • Added check for compatibility of curl and openssl version on each website’s server with TLS v1.2 protocol for secure communications,
    also in the case of metadata updates when refreshing server data from the BibleGet server


  • Added check for compatibility of curl and openssl version on each website’s server with TLS v1.2 protocol for secure communications;
    if not compatible fall back to http request when fetching bible verses, otherwise https request to the BibleGet server will be made
  • Added ajax spinner for better user feedback when renewing metadata from the BibleGet server


  • Another bugfix, the fix that made the spacing better between verse number and verse text was also removing the specific formatting for the NABRE text


  • Remove leftover dependencies on external jquery-ui


  • Fix Portuguese language translation after 3.6


  • Fix main language translations after 3.6 overhaul (Italian, French, Spanish, German)


  • Complete overhaul of the style settings to use the WordPress customizer
  • Fix bug that prevented the favourite versions option from being used when “versions” option not used in shortcode
  • Change internal function names to be more specific, avoiding any possible conflicts with other plugins
  • Better rendering of spacing in Bible Book names and between verse numbers and verse text
  • Update language files


  • Fix possible vulnerability in the script that saves the custom css file


  • Better error handling: server errors from the BibleGet server will only be shown in backend notifications, and will not be saved in any transients. (this update is thanks to user feedback from Mr. D.N., user feedback is very helpful!)


  • Fix languages array’s German translation


  • Further enhancements on CSS styling, especially for the NABRE text
  • Added a few more localized button images
  • Small bugfix in url-encoding of parameters


  • Further enhancements on CSS styling, especially for the NABRE text


  • Updated for compatibility with WordPress 4.3
  • Added Greek translation thanks to a user contribution on the translation project website
  • Added French and German translations using automatic translation tools with a minimum quality check (probably can be made better)
  • Enhancement: cache query results locally for 24 hours using the WordPress Transients API
  • Bugfix: some code that was used for debugging in the testing process, and that created a debug file ‘debug.txt’, had not been commented out, and debug.txt file was ending up in the current theme folder (can be deleted if present!)
  • A few enhancements on CSS styling, especially for the now released NABRE text


  • Updated for compatibility with latest WordPress 4.2.2
  • Fixed small bug in css file


  • Added specific functionality for parsing NABRE text and applying NABRE specific styles




  • Bugfix for older versions of PHP that require a third parameter in preg_match_all


  • Bugfix for older versions of PHP that don’t seem to work correctly with mb_substr
  • Initialize default values for when options haven’t been set yet


  • Bugfix for versions of PHP < 5.4 that don’t support short array syntax


  • Bugfix for jquery-ui dependencies on certain WordPress installations


  • Fix missing images that weren’t included correctly in 2.0 release


  • Major version release
  • Use the new engine of the BibleGet I/O service, which supports multiple versions, dynamic indexes, multiple languages both western and eastern
  • Store locally the index information for the versions, for local integrity checks on the queries
  • Better and more complete local integrity checks on the queries, using the index information for the versions and supporting both western and eastern languages
  • Better and more complete interface for the settings page


  • Compatible with WordPress 4.0 “Benny”
  • Added local checks for the validity and integrity of the queries
  • Corrected a bug that created an error on preg_match_all for versions of PHP < 5.4
  • Use the new and definitive domain for the BibleGet I/O service


  • Corrected a bug that created an error when the server has safe_mode or open_basedir set (such as some servers with shared hosting)


  • trying to figure out the update process…


  • trying to figure out the update process…


  • Corrected a bug that created an error when there is a space in the query


  • Plugin created