Related Posts for WordPress by Bibblio


“After testing 4-5 of the most popular options, I can say that Bibblio is the best related posts plugin that I’ve used.”
– Colin Newcomer, WPLift

Related Posts for WordPress by Bibblio is a freemium plugin which uses cutting edge AI to suggest posts to your visitors without slowing down your site. It’s a quick and easy way to increase your WordPress pageviews, time on site and revenue, and it’s now recommended by WP Engine! You can even drive more traffic: increasing site engagement is the most powerful way to improve SEO.

Simply place stylish and customizable modules containing your own related posts anywhere on your pages in minutes, and monitor their effectiveness with Bibblio’s comprehensive analytics.

Key Features

  • Fast – All pre-processing, caching and heavy lifting is handled on our side. Our module also only loads after the rest of the page has finished, so the plugin won’t put strain on your server or slow down your site, like many well-known related posts plugins.

  • Optimize your posts for relevance or popularity – You can control the type of post recommendations your users see: get the most popular (but still relevant) suggestions or the more contextual ones. You can try two Bibblio modules using the two different algorithms, to give you more variety.

  • Place modules anywhere – Easily drop modules into widgets within your templates and use the shortcode tool in the post editor to insert modules into any part of your page.

  • Thumbnail support – We automatically pull in your feature image as a thumbnail for your recommendations.

  • Intelligence – Bibblio’s AI algorithms constantly update and learn from audience behaviour, so the recommendations become smarter and more relevant as you add more posts.

  • Prioritize recent content – You can choose to make the plugin suggest only newer content.

  • Drive more traffic – Increasing site engagement is the most powerful way to drive higher SEO ranking.

  • Support – A Bibblio team member is always available to assist you, no matter which plan you’re on.

  • Stylish design – The related post modules are beautifully designed to make your content stand out! Choose from over 150 module combinations to find the right layout and show off your related content perfectly. You can also customize them to match your designs manually by overriding with your own CSS.

  • Tracking – Add query strings to your content URLs to see what your users are clicking on, e.g. with Google Analytics.

  • Analytics – We provide our own data on plugin activity, such as the number of related posts served, click-through rates and related post storage, so that you can monitor the effectiveness of your modules!

  • Responsiveness – Modules scale gracefully across devices, so mobile and tablet users get a great experience too.

  • Custom post types – Any custom post type can be included in your related posts.

  • Control – Manage how your previous or future posts are handled by the plugin.

  • Exclusion – Easily omit posts that you’d prefer weren’t found via the related posts plugin.

“I was impressed with how well the plugin provided recommendations that were relevant to the article.”
– David Coleman, WP Mayor

Bibblio’s AI works out which of your posts are most relevant to your users, and then displays them as related posts. The algorithms continuously compare your posts and update your related posts module to show the freshest and most engaging content.

Our free tier gives you access to all Bibblio’s features and lets you show our module up to 25,000 times a month, which is perfect for testing or smaller sites. You also receive direct support from our help team. If you have more traffic, you can easily upgrade your plan, or just get in touch and we can help!

“Bibblio might just be the perfect plugin for you.”
– Freddy Muriuki, WPExplorer

Overview Translations


Ähnliche Beiträge für WordPress von Bibblio ist ein einfacher Weg, um Umsatz und Interaktion mit Nutzern von WordPress-Seiten zu steigern, in dem es Nutzern hilft, mit dem Einsatz von künstlicher Intelligenz (KI) qualitativ gute Inhalte zu finden.

Nutze den Plugin, um Module mit verwandten Inhalten an beliebigen Stellen deiner Seite zu platzieren. Das Plugin benutzt KI, die denen von Netflix und Spotify ähnlich ist, was bedeutet, dass die angezeigten Empfehlungen auf deiner Seite mit sehr hoher Wahrscheinlichkeit besser und relevanter sind als dies bei herkömmlichen Plugins der Fall wäre.

Wir nehmen das Caching von unserer Seite vor, so dass deine Empfehlungen schnell geliefert werden und deine Server nicht verlangsamt werden oder andere Performance-Probleme auftreten. Wähle aus mehr als 150 Kombinationen eleganter und flexibler Module dasjenige Layout, das am einfachsten und besten in deine Seiten passt und integriere es als Widget oder mit einem Shortcode.


Entradas Relacionadas para WordPress por Bibblio es una forma sencilla de aumentar los ingresos y aumentar el atracción de sus visitantes a sus páginas WordPress a través de recomendaciones excepcionales que usan inteligencia artificial.

Usa el complemento (plug-in) para colocar módulos con enlaces relacionados de su sitio en cualquier lugar de sus páginas. El complemento es potenciado por el mismo tipo de inteligencia artificial que usan Netflix y Spotify que significa que las publicaciones relacionadas que se muestran en su sitio son mucho más relevantes y atractivas que los complementos convencionales.

Hacemos todo el cache-ing nosotros mismos, por lo que su contenido relacionado será rápido y no ralentizará su servidor ni causará problemas de rendimiento. Elija entre más de 150 combinaciones de diseños de módulos elegantes y flexibles que se insertan fácilmente en sus páginas con un widget o mediante un shortcode.


Articles Similaires pour WordPress par Bibblio est un moyen simple d’augmenter les revenus et d’augmenter l’engagement sur vos pages WordPress en aidant vos utilisateurs à trouver un excellent contenu en utilisant AI!

Utilisez le plugin pour placer des modules avec des liens connexes de votre site n’importe où sur vos pages. Le plugin fonctionne avec le même type d’IA utilisé par Netflix et Spotify, ce qui signifie que les recommandations qu’il affiche sur votre site sont beaucoup plus susceptibles d’être pertinentes et attrayantes que celles des plugins conventionnels.

Nous effectuons toutes les mises en cache de notre côté, de sorte que vos recommandations seront rapides et ne ralentiront pas votre serveur ou ne causeront pas de problèmes de performances. Choisissez parmi plus de 150 combinaisons pour les agencements de modules élégants et flexibles qui s’insèrent facilement dans vos pages en tant que widget ou via un shortcode.


Articoli Correlati per WordPress di Bibblio è un método semplice per aumentare il reddito e aumentare l’engagement/il coinvolgimento con le tue pagine WordPress, aiutando i tuoi utilizzatori ad accedere a delle raccomandazioni di qualita’ grazie all’AI.

Usa il plugin per posare moduli con link correlati dal tuo sito ovunque desideri sulla tua pagina. Il plugin funziona con lo stesso tipo di AI utilizzato da Netflix e Spotify, e ciò significa che i post correlati che vengono visualizzati da tutto il tuo sito hanno maggiori probabilità di essere pertinenti e coinvolgenti rispetto a quelli dei plugin tradizionali.

Facciamo tutto il caching noi stessi, quindi i tuoi post correlati saranno veloci e non rallenteranno il tuo server o causeranno problemi di prestazioni. Scegli tra oltre 150 combinazioni per i layout/l’impaginazione di moduli eleganti e flessibili che si inseriscono facilmente nelle tue pagine come widget o tramite shortcode.


Gerelateerde Berichten voor WordPress van Bibblio is een eenvoudige manier om je bezoekers gerelateerde artikelen te tonen met behulp van kunstmatige intelligentie (AI)!

Dit heeft direct positieve invloed op je omzet en bezoekersactiviteit. Gebruik de plugin om je gerelateerde artikelen waar dan ook op je pagina’s te plaatsen. De plugin past een soortgelijk type AI toe dat wordt gebruikt door Netflix en Spotify. Dit betekent dat de gerelateerde artikelen relevanter en aantrekkelijker zullen zijn dan berichten die getoond worden door conventionele plugins.

Caching doen we onze kant, zodat je gerelateerde berichten snel worden weergegeven en je site snel blijft laden. Je hebt de keuze uit meer dan 150 stijlvolle, flexible lay-out opties voor je module. Je kunt deze eenvoudig als een widget of via een shortcode op je pagina plaatsen.


Posts Relacionados para WordPress de Bibblio e uma forma simples de gerar receitas e criar fidelidade na sua página WordPress ajudando os seus utilizadores a encontrar o melhor conteúdo com a ajuda de I.A!

Use o plugin para gerar módulos com links relevantes no seu site para qualquer lugar das vossas páginas. O plugin utiliza a mesma I.A que a Netflix e Spotify, isto significa que as recomendações sugeridas no seu site serão mais relevantes e apresáveis que plugins convencionais.

Deste lado, ficamos encarregues do armazenamento dos dados, para que as suas recomendações continuem rápidas e não danifiquem a sua performance. Escolha entre 150 combinações para que possa criar layouts flexíveis e elegantes a medida das suas páginas utilizando widget ou um shortcode.


  • Quickly add stylish related post widgets to your site.
  • Keep visitors on your site with AI-driven post suggestions.
  • Make an impact with unique layouts and interactive features.
  • Choose from 156 combinations to make your perfect widget!
  • Choose which custom post types to include, if applicable.
  • Track the effectiveness from your analytics dashboard.
  • Comprehensive support pages help you get the most out of the plugin.


You must have at least five posts on your site. After all, it only works if there’s something to recommend from! 😉

  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins menu directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Click on the Bibblio icon in the main navigation menu and follow the link on step 1 to retrieve your Bibblio API credentials.
  4. Use your credentials in step 2 to begin the start-up wizard.

After completion, Bibblio will automatically index your posts. This may take at least five minutes, so please be patient.

Our WordPress Guide gives you a complete overview of our plugin:

If you are having problems, we have a WordPress Troubleshooting Guide:


Is Bibblio free?

If you make fewer than 25,000 recommendation calls per month, Bibblio is totally free. This Starter plan offers full functionality, including all available plugin layouts and support. If you need more, we have monthly rolling subscription plans to suit your requirements.

Do I need to create an account?

Yes. Your data protection is important to us, so having a secure account ensures this.

After uploading and activating the plugin you’ll see a link to Bibblio in the WordPress admin’s left menu. From there, you’ll be able to create a Bibblio account.

Will it slow down my site?

No, the related posts plugin will not interrupt or slow down the rendering of your site. We do all caching on our side, and the latency of recommendation delivery via our modules is often quicker than the other page elements on our clients’ platforms.

After setting up, how long will I initially have to wait for my posts to be indexed and for my related content module to appear?

Related posts can be live in a matter of minutes, but for very large catalogues the full indexing may take several hours. Please be patient – it’s worth the wait!

What are the ‘content items’ mentioned on my Bibblio dashboard?

A content item is a post in your catalogue that you want to provide recommendations to and from. Depending on your plan, there’s a limit to the number of content items that can be stored at any time. You need a minimum of five posts on your site for the plugin to pull recommendations from.

What are the ‘recommendation calls’ mentioned on my Bibblio dashboard?

A recommendation call occurs when a set of recommendations is served to your web page.

If you have one Bibblio module on your site, the number of recommendation calls will equate to your number of page views. Two modules on a page means you’ll get twice as many recommendation calls as page views.

Which languages does Bibblio support?

Bibblio is built to work in any language that uses a Latin-based alphabet.

Which posts will the plugin ingest automatically?

The plugin will automatically ingest your most recent posts up to the limit specified in your plan (if you have chosen this during setup). In the Settings page you can also choose to automatically ingest all future posts. You can also include or exclude individual posts from the Bibblio panel in the post editor.

N.b. You need a minimum of five posts on your site for the plugin to pull recommendations from.

Does Bibblio support custom post types?

Yes, we do!

Does Bibblio support pages?

Our plugin does not let you import pages, since those are not usually designed to include content you would want to recommend. If your setup requires you to recommend pages, you can use our Quick Start code instead.

Does the plugin work on mobile?

It does! Our modules are fully responsive, collapsing gracefully to display smartly on the smallest devices.

Can I display related posts in the body of the post?

Yes, you can display a related posts module within the body of your post using shortcodes. When editing a post in the visual module, just click on the line where you would like the module to appear, then click on Bibblio’s ‘Insert Shortcode’ icon in the toolbar. If you make any changes to your module, just remember to reinsert your shortcode into your posts.

Can I display related posts on my homepage?

You can’t use the plugin on your homepage or on a category page, since recommendations are retrieved for individual posts, rather than for multiple posts at once, so the module can only be displayed on the posts themselves. However, you can use our JS snippet to display your most popular posts on your homepage.

Can I use shortcodes in my templates?

Yes, you can add shortcodes to your template using PHP code in the source, replacing SHORTCODE with your Bibblio shortcode: <?php echo do_shortcode('[SHORTCODE]'); ?>

What sort of reporting and tracking of enrichment and recommendation does Bibblio support?

Your WordPress plugin dashboard allows you to see how many posts you have stored and how many recommendations have been served each month. You can see this and also your click-through rates by visiting your full dashboard on



Sehr schade, das Plugin kann ohne REG nicht getestet werden. Im zweiten Schritt landet man dann an einer völlig überteuerten Preisstruktur. Ich gebe gerne Geld für gutes aus, doch das hier ist für mich eine ausgeprägte Bauernfängerei.

best related post plugin but i had serious error. now okay

It is so nice. not so slow and looking so good. and freemium. it is really best related post plugin. other things are just simple text or simple thumbnail... but I had a serious error about it... I couldn't use classic editor for a long time... so I did 'health check' and I deactivated and activated it again then it solved. so, be careful to install it.

Connection problems

spent 30 mins waiting for plugin to index my pages and all i got was errors , while i spent another 5 minute creating an account for the plugin , waste of time . dont even try it

Simply the best

I have been amazed at how well Bibblio performs. It is scary accurate at how well it can find related content on your blog. Because it runs the analysis on its servers, it is also very "light" when it comes to the demand it places on your server.

Best Related Posts Plugin By Far

I've tried all the related posts plugins. Bibblio distinguishes itself because it works as a cloud-based platform with its own machine-learning technology to provide relevancy and recommendations. This has many benefits: 1) speed - it doesn't rely on your WordPress database to make recommendations 2) relevancy - the plugin uses AI to make super-accurate recommendations 3) stats - your Bibblio dashboard provides in-depth stats on click-throughs etc There is a caveat. Bibblio's free version only makes up to 25000 recommendations every month so if you have a larger site you will need to upgrade to the paid version. However for smaller sites it wins hands-down over other solutions like YARPP, Jet-Pack etc.
Read all 23 reviews

Contributors & Developers

“Related Posts for WordPress by Bibblio” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Updated the RCM version
  • Recency weighting is off by default


  • Updated the RCM version
  • Added post dates to recommendations by default
  • Set default post recency to 30 days
  • Updated the signup link


  • Improved module display on small devices
  • Improved white-labelling
  • Updated the RCM version


  • Updated the RCM version


  • Added “author” and “date published” display options to the recommendation module
  • Added option to toggle type of recs to be shown (popularity vs relevance)
  • Updated recommendation module’s resources to use Bibblio’s CDN
  • Resolved a bug relating to deferred loading of Javascript files
  • Various under the hood bug fixes and improvements


  • Fixed a bug with recency preference slider
  • Improved performance when rendering recommendations
  • Fixed additional bugs and linting errors


  • Updated the Related Content Module CSS and JS files
  • Fixed bug where appended module’s heading was being shown for unselected post types
  • Added bulk editing functionality for importing to Bibblio
  • Can set recommendation “recency” preference


  • Updated the Related Content Module CSS and JS files
  • Added custom heading for auto-appended Related Content Module
  • Improved post import performance
  • Added notifications when storage or recommendation limit is being reached
  • Added ingestion support for scheduled posts


  • Added the option of automatically appending a Related Content Module below your posts
  • Added “Bibblio_Related_Posts_Public::render_module(‘YOUR_MODULE_NAME_HERE’);” function to easily add a module to your template


  • Updated Related Content Module files to improve layout on smaller devices
  • Resolved potential Javascript library conflict


  • Added “portrait” option for recommendation images
  • Added an option to show the Bibblio logo below recommendations
  • Used “attached” images, for recommendation images, in the absence of “featured” images
  • Added additional support links and plugin advice
  • Fixed module layout bug for smaller devices


  • Updated Related Content Module JS to fix recommendation images not showing and “?” being appended to recommendation URLs


  • Updated Related Content Module JS to remove UnderscoreJS dependency
  • Added “Tracking Code” support for recommendation links
  • Improved Related Content Module styling across WP Themes
  • Improved debug functionality
  • Added German and Portuguese plugin summary to readme


  • Fixed inconsistent plugin naming in some files


  • Added functionality to prevent duplication of posts sent to Bibblio, updated plugin tags + description, fixed incompatibility with Postmark for WordPress plugin


  • Improved post count calculation and added post de-duplication measures


  • Updated plugin tags


  • Updated plugin tags


  • Fixed a PHP error in admin/ajax.php


  • No changes made.