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This plugin is most complete AMP ( Google Accelerated Mobile Pages) support for WordPress with supporting everything and created in speed mater and will load faster than all other AMP plugins.

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All pages, posts, categories, tags, author page, search… are supported in BetterAMP and there is a lot of more options that you can use them in customizer with live preview.

Also BetterAMP supports RTL languages completely.


  • Page (Contact page) + 404 page
  • Post (Supports all post types) + Social Share + Share Count + Comments
  • Search Result + Author Archive
  • Homepage + Slider + Off-Canvas Navigation + Contact Info + Social Links
  • Category Archive + Tag Archive + 2 type of listings


What is the URL for AMP pages?

You can see AMP version of your site with adding /amp/ to your site url:
All inner pages url will be started with same /amp/ in start of url:
Also BetterAMP supports the /amp/ in the end of url to cover “Automatic AMP” plugin urls.


Awesome support!


Better AMP has awesome support! The fix was released in 2 hours after a reporting. Cool! Guys need integration with structured data (they're working on this!), as AMP has much more power with structured data. Waiting for an update to 1.2!

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  • Fixed: Thumbnail is not showing bug.


  • Added: Video/Audio Featured support added to AMP.
  • Added: AMP Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo, Soundcloud, Vine and Instagram support added.
  • Fixed: Thumbnail of static pages fixed to be responsive.


  • Added: ‘Better WordPress Minify’ plugin Compatibility.
  • Fixed: Search page style issue fixed.


  • Added: AMP Smart style printing. 200% smaller CSS file
  • Added: Option to show/hide share in pages.

  • Improved: AMP content validator layer improved.

  • Improved: Design.

  • Fixed: Blockquote style.

  • Fixed: Home slider RTL style fixed.
  • Fixed: Whatsapp link not works.
  • Fixed: AMP changed to amp for third-party plugins compatibility.
  • Fixed: Only 1 gallery is showing.
  • Fixed: RTL style fixed.


  • Improved: WP-Rocket compatibility improved.
  • Fixed: Auto validator fixed for iFrame tag attrs.
  • Fixed: Share link changed to none-AMP version link.
  • Fixed: Script tags making page invalid fixed.
  • Fixed: Post image is not showing fixed.


  • Improved: RTL style checked and fixed for all pages.
  • Fixed: Large listing image style.
  • Fixed: Subtitle wrong tag close.
  • Fixed: Google Analytics not works.
  • Fixed: Missing close tag for


  • Fixed: “WP Rocket” plugin lazy load compatibility.
  • Fixed: “Lazy Load” plugin compatibility.
  • Fixed: “Lazy Load XT” plugin compatibility.
  • Fixed: Customizer page not showing correctly.
  • Fixed: Scroll to end customizer page issue.


  • 10 Ad Location added.
  • Ad Location 1: After header (in all pages)
  • Ad Location 2: Before post title
  • Ad Location 3: After post title
  • Ad Location 4: Above post content
  • Ad Location 5: Post content ads (After X Paragraph)
  • Ad Location 6: Below post content
  • Ad Location 7: After comments in posts
  • Ad Location 8: Footer (in all pages)
  • Ad Location 9: After title in archive pages
  • Ad Location 10: After X posts in archive pages

  • Added: New level of AMP page validator added.

  • This validator includes all Google AMP rules and will make your site
  • content validated with 99% warranty!

  • Added: WooCommerce support added (Shop, Product, Shop Categories, Shop tags and Cart page)

  • Added: Attachment page support added.

  • Added: Custom css field added.

  • Improvement: Style file printing changed.

  • Fixed: A lof of code fix and improvement.

  • Fixed: undefined function fixed.
  • Fixed: Url encode added to make sure shared url will work correctly in social networks in RTL languages.
  • Fixed: Share link changed to pretty permalink.
  • Fixed: rel=amphtml generating for non-amp pages fixed.
  • Fixed: Showing BetterStudio themes mega menu disabled in AMP.
  • Fixed: Social share sorter fixed in customizer.


  • Fix: Fatal error in creating new post.


  • Fix: The undefined index warning in admin.


  • Fix: Search page issue
  • Improvement: Style improved.


  • Fix: Menu item is not showing.


  • Public release

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