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BatchMove is a WP plugin that make it possible to change the category where a post(s) belong to.
The main features are:

  1. Assign the selected categories to posts.
  2. Append the selected categories to posts.
  3. Delete the selected categories from posts.
  4. Operating manners which come up with peoples common practice.
  5. Configurable number of posts listed in one page.
  6. Enough searching and sorting options.
  7. You are able to select a date range!
  8. More in the future.

It is new made, and seperated in a free and pro version.
The free version still can do move posts to and from categories.

BatchMove has evolved to a BATCH toolbox for WordPress with all kinds of tools available.

As ever, move,add or delete posts to category
Delete selected posts
Delete revisions of all or selected posts
Remove or change author of all or selected posts
Change status of selected posts
Change posts type of selected posts

We are still testing and checking, in february we are able to delever our toolbox.
On or website there is information how to get that version.

You can Add, Update or Delete posts categories.
First you make a selection of the records you want to change, then choose new category and the action.
Thats all, send your request and the changes are made, the program send you direct to the choosen action category.

We have made BatchMove for WP users who are maintain large WordPress

The exact use is to move a lot of posts to an ohter category, for example
all post from news category who from for 1 january to archive
archive->2011 or category any name you want.
Or just what you want, the different is that this routine can update/add/delete
and not just add a post to a category.

It will also remove a category from a list of posts, also if a posts has
two or more categories where it belongs to.
So when a post belongs to news and information, it is possible to remove
only category news or information, but it also is possible in one action
to update it just to category achive (or whatever you want).
A screenshot is found here : “”

Language files,, now supported.
Options are in progress, like set a number of rows.
At the end of this development we complete this plugin to a realy useful archive solution.

If using this for the first time, don’t forget to make a BACKUP before!


  • Batchmove, select Posts to move
  • BATCH-Tools, select Posts to delete or change status
  • BATCH-Tools, Move, Delete and Change Posts, WP-Cleanup, Database Optimize, Backup, etc.


[Installation instruction and configuration]
Download the zipfile and upload this to your WordPress website and activate the plugin.
In the menu for post you will find a new entry called Move Categories
The plugin is now for netwerk installation, you dont have to activate the plugin for each website!


[Frequently Asked Questions]
When are Options available: we are working hard to expand the functionality of batch-move


Perfect!! It works 🙂

The plugin does what description says. I needed to remove a category from several posts and I did it very fast. Important to know that under menu “Aktion”, “Delete” means “To remove the category” not to delete de posts.

Thanks a lot for saving my time 🙂

Super Useful Tool

This plugin makes it easy to add a category or update a category for posts. I used it to change the categories of hundreds of posts at once which is a real time saver!
Thanks for this handy tool.

Works well

I used this plugin to assign categories to trips imported from Travelpod and it worked very well (latest WordPress 4.8.1).

As each trip had many posts, it would have taken hours to un-assign the default category from each post and assign the new category created for the trip.

Works flawlessly

Works flawlessly for bulk moving of categories of posts. Thanks a lot for this plugin, saved a ton of time.

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