azurecurve Get Plugin Info


Shortcodes available to get plkugin information from using the plugin.api.

Parameter of slug is passed to the shortcode; the slug is the name of the plugin (for example, for this plugin, the slug is azurecurve-get-plugin-info). For example, to get information on the azurecurve Toggle Show/Hide plugin the slug of azurecurve-toggle-showhide would be passed.

The available shortcodes are:

  • getpluginname
  • getpluginactiveinstalls – number of active installs
  • getpluginauthor – automatically linked back to the authors profile
  • getpluginauthorprofile – address of author profile on
  • getpluginhomepage – address of developers website
  • getpluginrepository – address of theplugin on the WordPress Plugin Repository
  • getplugindescription
  • getpluginadded – date plugin was added to the WordPress Plugin repository
  • getplugindownloaded – number of times the plugin has been downloaded
  • getpluginsupportthreads – number of support threads
  • getpluginratings – shows rating with text; e.g. 5 stars (120)
  • getpluginstarratings – shows star image rating
  • getpluginrating
  • getplugininstallation – installation instructions
  • getpluginchangelog – changelog
  • getpluginfaq – faq
  • getplugindonatelink – donate link
  • getplugintags – list of hyperlinked tags

CSS formatting can be used to change appearence of links and tags.


  1. Download and extract the azurecurve-plugin-info plugin files.
  2. Upload the azurecurve-plugin-info directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  3. Activate the plugin under the Plugins menu in the WordPress administration panel.


Is this plugin compatible with both WordPress and ClassicPress?
  • Yes, this plugin will work with both.

Contributors & Developers

“azurecurve Get Plugin Info” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



Changes and feature additions for the Plugin Info plugin:


  • Move menu to includes folder for easier maintenance


  • Move menu to includes folder for easier maintenance


  • Add azurecurve menu


  • Initial release