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AZScore – provides real-time soccer match scores. Completely ad-free, without iFrames, fully customizable, and responsive.
It can be employed, for instance, on sports news websites to report competition results, within soccer-related blog match reviews, on official soccer team websites, and more.
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Stay Ahead with Real-Time Football Updates! Azscore is a robust WordPress plugin designed for football (soccer) enthusiasts, bloggers, and website owners. With Azscore, you can seamlessly integrate live football scores, updates, and crucial match livescore events directly onto your WordPress website.

Key Features:

  1. Real-Time Updates: Azscore ensures you never miss any action. Get livescore updates for today’s matches, track yesterday’s scores, and be prepared with the schedule for tomorrow’s games – all in real time.
  2. Extensive Coverage: Choose from over 2000 football tournaments and leagues across the globe. Whether it’s popular leagues or niche tournaments, Azscore has got it covered including:

* England Premier League
* Spain La Liga
* Germany Bundesliga
* Italy Serie A
* France Ligue 1
* Brasil Serie A
* Libertadores Cup
* Champions League
* Europe League
* Conference League
* World Cup
* Euro (European Championship)
…and many others!
3. Customizable Display: Tailor Azscore to your website’s theme and your preferences. Pick from 8 different languages (English, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Turkish, Italian, French, and Romanian), customize fonts, and select your desired highlight and background colours.
4. Detailed Match Insights:
* Kick-off Details: Know when the game begins with match start time and date
* Live Scores: Get the latest score updates in real time
* Match Events: Stay informed with main events such as goals (with minute and scorer details), yellow and red cards (with minute and player details), and substitutions (minute and player information for both incoming and outgoing players)
5. No Ads: Experience an uninterrupted interface. Azscore prioritizes your content and your users by being completely ad-free.
6. Fully Responsive: Whether your visitors are on desktop, tablet, or mobile, Azscore adapts perfectly to ensure a smooth browsing experience.
7. Automatic Time Zone Adjustments: Azscore intelligently adjusts match timings based on the user’s country, ensuring the most accurate information for your global audience.
8. SSL Support: With SSL (HTTPS) support, Azscore ensures that the data on your website remains secure and trustworthy.
* Integrate Azscore with Your WordPress Site
* Adding Azscore to your WordPress site is a breeze. With a user-friendly interface, the plugin is perfect for both beginners and experienced WordPress users. Elevate your website content by providing real-time football livescore updates to your audience and keep them engaged.

Displaying Live Score

  • Use [azscore] shortcode where you want to display the live scores
  • You have the option to configure additional attributes:
  1. For the period: today, live, tomorrow, yesterday. For example [azscore period=”live”]
  2. For different leagues. For example [azscore league-is=”Premier League” country-is=”England”]. The full list of leagues and countries is provided below in the “List of tournaments and categories”

Supported Languages

  • English
  • Deutsch (German)
  • Nederlands (Dutch)
  • Português (Portuguese)
  • Türkçe (Turkish)
  • İtaliano (Italian)
  • Français (French)
  • Română (Romanian)


  • AZScore (Desktop)
  • AZScore (Mobile)
  • AZScore Settings (Cometition row)
  • AZScore Settings (Match row)
  • AZScore Settings (Match incidents)


Using this method, you’ll be able to install the AZScore plugin on your WordPress website:
1. Visit the Plugins -> Add New menu
2. Click on the Upload Plugin button and select the zip file you just downloaded
3. Click on Install Now
4. Click on Activate Plugin
5. Configure the plugin settings by navigating to Settings > AZScore in your admin menu
6. Use the [azscore] shortcode wherever you wish to display the scores


How can I display scores?

You can showcase scores by using the [azscore] shortcode wherever you prefer

How can I display only in-play scores?

To display exclusively in-play scores, utilize the shortcode with a period attribute set to “live,” like this: [azscore period=”live”]. You can also choose from “today,” “tomorrow,” and “yesterday” values.

Can I display scores for a specific league?

Absolutely, you can! Here are examples of how to use the shortcode for different leagues:
*England – Premier League [azscore league-is="premier league" country-is="england"]
* Spain – La Liga [azscore league-is="la liga" country-is="spain"]
* Italy – Serie A [azscore league-is="serie a" country-is="italy"]
* Germany – Bundegliga [azscore league-is="bundesliga" country-is="germany"]
* France – Ligue I [azscore league-is="ligue I" country-is="france"]
To get information about other leagues, please visit the plugin settings page and in the “List of tournaments and categories” find the name of the country and league that we use.

Is it free?

Yes, it’s entirely free of charge.


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The plugin works just great, thanks! I haven one question: when i adjust the colors they don’t change. Help is appreciated!MegaZip
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