Awesome Support – WordPress HelpDesk & Support Plugin


Awesome Support is the most versatile and feature-rich support plugin for WordPress. It’s the result of three+ years of work, research, and improvement. The features are an answer to user requests for a solid, WordPress-based help desk, and that’s what makes it the best!

For premium support please visit the official site.

Seamless Integration

Awesome Support was built to be compatible with 99% of all existing themes, both free and commercial. It’s “plug & play” – all settings and templates are automatically switched on as soon as you click the “Activate” button, so you can get started with providing support straight away.

Responsive Design

Awesome Support provides an optimized viewing experience for easy reading and navigation with minimal resizing, panning, and scrolling. Do your clients regularly submit tickets on the go? Awesome Support is responsive, so they’ll enjoy a seamless experience from the convenience of their mobile phone (provided the theme you use is also responsive).

Robust Code

Version 4 of Awesome Support was built with flexibility in mind; the code is clean, well-documented and full of hooks. You can easily customize Awesome Support to do almost anything you want or need.

Awesome Support relies on the Titan Framework to handle plugin options. This framework is built by expert WordPress developers and is well-maintained on GitHub.

What does it do?

Check out the user-friendly features of this awesome plugin:

  • Ticketing: users can submit tickets from the front-end, and your agents respond to them from the WordPress back-end
  • E-mail notifications: relevant parties are notified of certain actions by e-mail, and all e-mails are customizable. Choose from a selection of six email notifications (new ticket, reply to agent, reply to client etc.)
  • Restricted access: all correspondence is private between the client and the agents (unless the PUBLIC TICKETS premium add-on is installed and configured)
  • File upload: you control when files can be uploaded, how many files, and how large they are
  • Multiple products: provide support for as many products as you want; synchronize product lists with popular e-commerce platforms such as WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads (EDD)
  • Multiple departments: provide support for multiple departments
  • Custom fields: easily set up additional custom fields on your ticket forms (and our premium Custom Fields add-on offers even more convenience). Choose from 13 field types.
  • Terms & conditions: ask users to agree to your your terms and conditions before they open a ticket
  • Old tickets: identify old tickets quickly with tags
  • Agent Collaboration: multiple agents can work on the same ticket and tickets can be transferred between agents; assign primary, secondary and tertiary agents to tickets while retaining the flexibility to transfer a ticket to any other agent.
  • Sorting And Filtering: includes an amazing flexible sorting, filtering and tagging system for your tickets
  • Security: assign just the right capabilities to each of your agents including just the ability to see their own tickets or expand to see everyone’s tickets – your choice!
  • Tracking: easily track where a ticket originated (support form, email, facebook, phone call etc.)
  • Prioritze your way: create your own priority scheme – you don’t have to get locked into a 1-5 priority scheme!
  • Time Tracking: basic time tracking is included! Admins can even adjust time and all time changes are logged directly in the ticket.
  • Custom status: sign up for our email newsletter and get our Custom Status plugin for free – unlimited color coded, customized statuses and ticket labels at your fingertips! Combined with priorities and tags you have the ultimate system for categorizing and tracking your tickets!
  • WordPress UI: Uses the familiar WordPress administration user interface so there is almost no learning curve! And, because we respect the WordPress UI standards you can use any 3rd party styling tool to create the look you want (see the screenshots tab for examples)

Premium Extensions

Awesome Support is already packed with features; but if you want to supercharge your support and make it even more awesome, our free and premium add-ons allow you to extend the plugin’s functionality even further! All of our add-ons are extremely affordable (they’re a fraction of the cost of a web-based application). To check them out, visit our official site at

Popular extensions

  • E-Mail Piping – reply to tickets and collaborate on tickets using just e-mail. Includes built-in options to control how to handle unrecognized email addresses, responses to closed tickets and much more!
  • Custom Fields – a visual helper for adding custom fields to your tickets. Add unlimited fields and choose from 13 different field types!
  • WooCommerce – this is must-have bridge between your WooCommerce store and Awesome Support
  • Canned Responses – preconfigure replies to common questions, and access them in one click when replying to a ticket
  • Gravity Forms – create custom ticket forms with this very popular WordPress forms builder
  • Private Notes – insert notes into tickets that only agents and admins can view
  • FAQs – Powerful FAQ management make your agents more productive
  • Notifications – get notified of important events in slack and via pushbullet. Notify third parties of important ticket events via email.
  • Custom Status – create unlimited custom statuses that give you new levels of organization for your tickets

Additional extensions such as Reports, Auto Close, Private Credentials, Satisfaction Survey, Public Tickets, Guest Tickets, Smart Agent Auto Assignment, Productivity, EDD, Envato and Filestack bring even more power to Awesome Support.


Purchase one of our bundles and get up to a 70% discount compared to purchasing individual add-ons.

  • Startup Bundle – A 50% discount on the 5 most common add-ons for unlimited sites
  • Standard Bundle – A discount of 20%-60% on the 8 most common add-ons (discount level depends on number of site licenses purchased)
  • Professional Bundle – A discount of 45%-70% on the add-ons most useful for e-commerce sites (discount level depends on number of site licenses purchased)
  • Enterprise Bundle – A discount of 50%-70% on the most common add-ons used in larger businesses.
  • Agency Bundle – A discount of 55%-70% on a bundle of almost all our add-ons. You get an even bigger discount if you purchase this package without the option for technical support!


Want to know what’s next for Awesome Support? Check out the roadmap. You can also vote for the ideas you like best!


Awesome Support is available in a variety of languages and volunteers and customers are always adding more!

Do you want to translate Awesome Support in your language? Head over to the Project!
Don’t see your language? Let us know which one you would like and we will add it for you!


Want to know what’s next for Awesome Support? Check out the roadmap. You can also vote for the ideas you like best!


Need to extend Awesome Support’s features? We have lots of add-ons to help you setup the perfect support site. Check out our add-ons page.


Even though the plugin has been developed and is maintained by the Awesome Support development team, we’ve had help from various developers around the world. You can see all the contributors on the team page. Many thanks to them all!

Our key core developers on the Awesome Support Development Team in the first quarter of 2017 include:

- Julien Liabeuf
- Robert Kramer
- Muhammad Tahir
- Nigel Bahadur


  • Agent's view of the tickets list (twenty sixteen theme)
  • Client view of the tickets list (twenty sixteen theme)
  • Client view - ticket details (twenty sixteen theme)
  • Basic settings page without any add-ons
  • Login and registration screen available as soon as the plugin is activated (twenty sixteen theme)
  • Login/Registration screen with guest tickets add-on enabled (twenty sixteen theme)
  • Agent's view when replying to a ticket. Notice the red stripe in the opening post - that header is color coded based on the ticket priority and lets the agent know at a glance that they are working on a high-priority ticket.
  • A highly minimized view so you can see more areas of a ticket that is available to an agent. Notice the time tracking area at the bottom and the increased number of metaboxes on the right that provide a ton of additional data and functions.
  • A very stylized version of the agents ticket list (done with CSS or a 3rd party styling plugin - imagine the possibilities!)
  • A very stylized version of a ticket - agent view (done with CSS or a 3rd party styling plugin - imagine the possibilities!)
  • Client view of the tickets list with a random theme pulled from (colormag theme)
  • Client view of a ticket detail screen using a random theme pulled from (colormag theme)
  • Settings: Email alerts - setup header and footer
  • Settings: Email alerts - setup email addresses and templates for outgoing emails (6 templates available including submission confirmation, reply alert to agent, reply alert to client and close alerts and confirmations)
  • Settings: Color codes for status and styles
  • Settings: Time-tracking
  • Settings: File upload
  • Settings: Advanced Settings
  • Settings: General
  • Premium Addon: Report Widgets
  • Premium Addon: Gravity Forms Bridge - create completely customized ticket forms in Gravity Forms!
  • Premium Addon: User friendly custom fields
  • Premium Addon: Notifications
  • Premium Addon: Notifications - email template
  • Premium Addon: Automatic Ticket Close - email template
  • Premium Addon: Custom Status
  • Premium Addon: Private Credentials help protect your customers confidential information
  • Premium Addon: Satisfaction Surveys
  • Premium Addon: Canned Responses List
  • Premium Addon: Canned Responses - agent view while responding to a ticket
  • Premium Addon: FAQ List
  • Premium Addon: FAQ - agent view while responding to a ticket and selecting an FAQ for the ticket response.


Using The WordPress Dashboard

  1. Navigate to the ‘Add New’ in the plugins dashboard
  2. Search for ‘Awesome Support’
  3. Click ‘Install Now’
  4. Activate the plugin on the Plugin dashboard

Uploading in WordPress Dashboard

  1. Download from this page
  2. Navigate to the ‘Add New’ in the plugins dashboard
  3. Navigate to the ‘Upload’ area
  4. Select from your computer
  5. Click ‘Install Now’
  6. Activate the plugin in the Plugin dashboard

Using FTP

  1. Download from this page
  2. Extract the awesome-support directory to your computer
  3. Upload the awesome-support directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  4. Activate the plugin in the Plugin dashboard


Whatever the method you used, after you activated the plugin through the plugins dashboard, the setup is done silently in the background.

Two new pages will be added to your site:

  • My Tickets
  • Submit ticket

Add those two pages to your menu in order to give your users easy access to their support area.


Installation Instructions

Using The WordPress Dashboard

  1. Navigate to the ‘Add New’ in the plugins dashboard
  2. Search for ‘Awesome Support’
  3. Click ‘Install Now’
  4. Activate the plugin on the Plugin dashboard

Uploading in WordPress Dashboard

  1. Download from this page
  2. Navigate to the ‘Add New’ in the plugins dashboard
  3. Navigate to the ‘Upload’ area
  4. Select from your computer
  5. Click ‘Install Now’
  6. Activate the plugin in the Plugin dashboard

Using FTP

  1. Download from this page
  2. Extract the awesome-support directory to your computer
  3. Upload the awesome-support directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  4. Activate the plugin in the Plugin dashboard


Whatever the method you used, after you activated the plugin through the plugins dashboard, the setup is done silently in the background.

Two new pages will be added to your site:

  • My Tickets
  • Submit ticket

Add those two pages to your menu in order to give your users easy access to their support area.

Missing tabs or menu options after version 4.0 upgrade

This happens because new WordPress custom security capabilities were introduced in version 4.0.0 of Awesome Support. [Read this FAQ on our site to learn how adjust your system for these new security items.] (

I get a blank page after ticket submission

This is most likely a permalinks issue. What you need to do is log into your WordPress admin, go to Settings > Permalinks and hit the Save button. You don’t actually need to change anything, just hitting Save will refresh your permalinks structure, including the new ticket post type.

The plugin data isn’t removed from the database after uninstall

If you want to delete the plugin and all of its data, you need to go to the Advanced tab in the plugin settings and check the Delete Data option. Only then the data will be removed from the database during the uninstall process.

Users get “You do not have the capacity to open a new ticket”

Normally, when a user registers through the plugin, he/she is given the role Support User. This role has special capabilities.

If your users get the error message “You do not have the capacity to open a new ticket”, it means that they don’t have the special capabilities.

Here you have two choices:

  1. Change all your users’ role to Support User
  2. Give the role you want to use (eg. Subscriber) the special capabilities

If you don’t know how to add new capabilities to a role, we suggest you use a plugin like User Role Manager and give the desired role the following capabilities:

  • view_ticket
  • create_ticket
  • close_ticket
  • reply_ticket
  • attach_files

Do not give your users more than those 5 capabilities, otherwise they could get administrative privileges.

How to disable agent auto-assignment

If you need to disable the auto-assignment function and hence have all new tickets assigned to the default agent (set in the plugin general settings), you can add this constant in your theme’s functions.php file:

define( 'WPAS_DISABLE_AUTO_ASSIGN', true );
How to set the product field as mandatory?

If you have enabled multi-products support and want to make the “Product” field in the submission form mandatory, just add the following code snippet to your theme’s functions.php file:

How to change the tickets slug?

By default, all tickets will be accessed through a URL of the type

If you wish to change the slug ticket to something else, let’s say help, so that your URLs look like, you need to add a constant in your theme’s functions.php file as follows:

define( 'WPAS_SLUG', 'my_new_slug' );
I don’t receive e-mail notifications

There are several factors that can influence e-mail notifications delivery. Please read this article for details:


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Contributors & Developers

“Awesome Support – WordPress HelpDesk & Support Plugin” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




The version 4.0.0 line is a MAJOR upgrade from 3.3.4. If you are upgrading from 3.3.4 or earlier versions it is strongly suggested that you test this upgrade in a stage/test environment before applying it to your production site.
At the very least you should back-up your site before applying this update!

  • Bugfixes
    • Incorrected error message shown when PHP version is not adequate.
    • Compatibility shim for sensei plugin – it pukes post ids indiscrimnately on all custom post type pages so we have to disable it on our pages.
    • Ticket slug settings were not being respected when the ticket was opened in wp-admin.
    • Applied an explicity INT cast to the time tracking fields when retriving data (just in case they somehow end up with non-numeric data)
    • Admin ticket list lost the email address for the ticket creator.


  • Forcing a minor update through to force the svn repo to resync properly.


  • New

    • Minimum required version of PHP is now 5.6
    • Minimum required version of WP is the 4.x line.
    • Major revamp of sorting and filtering capabilities
      • More taxonomy fields now work when filtering and sorting
      • Can enter a ticket number to find a ticket quickly
      • All other fields can sort or filter
        • Exception: Product – can only sort on Product not filter (filter will be added in a future version)
        • Exception: Agent – can only filter on agent; cannot sort by it.
    • Added a set of fields that will be used for time tracking.
      • Basic time tracking so agent can set time spent on ticket.
      • Notes fields
      • Options to show/not show the fields on the ticket
      • Options to show/not show the fields in the ticket list on the back end
      • Options to show the fields disabled on the ticket (used when another plugin is updating the fields)
    • Added two “Additional Agent” fields. These agents can be notified of ticket events and can see the tickets in their ticket list.
      • Limitation: There are no email template tags for additional agents to all emails CCed to the additional agents will still reference the primary agent.
    • You can now set the number of tickets per page that is shown on the front end. The default is still 5. (Some customers had hundreds of tickets for clients based on how they were using the plugin).
    • Custom fields:
      • Now have an option to be “backend” only. (Documentation to be updated after release).
      • Can now be set as “readonly”. (Documentation to be updated after release).
      • Now have options to control capabilities specific to custom taxonomy fields.
    • There is now a new explicit field for ticket PRIORITY. You can configure your own priorities and color code them. This field is optional and can be turned on for the front-end, back-end or both and can be made mandatory or optional.
      • If a priority is set and a color is chosen for the priority then the ticket header will change to reflect that color.
    • There is a new optional CHANNEL field that allows you to select where a help request originated. The drop-down is pre-configured with a number of common channels such as FACEBOOK and EMAIL. In many instances it will be up to the agent to fill in the field – it is not automatically populated in most cases. But it is automatically populated and set for tickets generated from the standard ticket form, gravity forms and those opened via email.
    • Added internal fields to store a count of the number of replies on a ticket. This is going to be useful on reports.
      • Use the button under the TOOLS->SETTINGS->CLEANUP tab to update the fields on older tickets.
    • Added a set of fields to store “additional interested parties”. These are simply notational fields that do nothing right now but they set the stage for future alerts and notices.
    • Save the date the ticket was closed in new metafields. Before, the date the ticket was closed was not explicitly saved which made it very hard to use the closing date on reports.
    • New WordPress Capabilities have been added:
      • view_all_tickets. This allows non-admin agents to view and update all tickets in the ticket list if the capability is assigned.
      • view_unassigned_tickets: This allows non-admin agents to view and update unassigned tickets if the capability is assigned.
      • manage_licenses_for_awesome_support: This allows the license box to be hidden. It is now only shown to admin users by default.
      • administer_awesome_support: Will be used in future versions and add-ons to limit certain things to Awesome Support admins instead of forcing users to log in with full WP Admin capabilities
      • Other capabilities specifc to the new pre-installed custom taxonomies.
    • Add new options for specifying the ticket slug (post id, random number, guid are now options. See TICKETS->Settings->Advanced)
    • When replying to a ticket you can choose whether to automatically go to the next ticket in the list or the previous ticket in the list (in addition to the prior options of staying in the ticket and going back to the ticket list).
    • Add ticket id to front end ticket list.
    • Labels for built-in custom fields can now be retrieved from the OPTIONS array if they exist otherwise default to built-in text values
    • Add action hooks:
      • execute_additional_tools to allow add-ons to add their own buttons to the TOOLS->CLEANUP tab.
      • wpas_show_done_tool_message allow add-ons to show a message after running a tool.
      • wpas_backend_ticket_stakeholders_before to allow add-ons to access the the stakeholders metabox
      • wpas_insert_reply_admin_failed to hook into failed replies from the back-end (rare event, should never be needed but added just in case)
      • wpas_ticket_after_update_admin_success to hook into updates done from the admin screen
      • wpas_insert_reply_admin_success to hook into replies done from the admin screen
      • wpas_post_new_ticket_admin to hook into new tickets done from the admin screen
    • Add filter hooks:
      • wpas_cf_field_label allows you to change field labels for custom fields
      • wpas_fe_template_detail_reply_author_avatar allows for the opportunity to change the avatar in the ticket-reply template on the front end
      • wpas_fe_template_detail_reply_display_name allows for the opportunity to change the display name in the ticket-reply template on the front end
      • wpas_fe_template_detail_author_avatar allows for the opportunity to change the avatar in the details template on the front end
      • wpas_fe_template_detail_author_display_name allows for the opportunity to change the display name in the details template on the front end
    • wpas_dropdown now supports a “multiple” attribute
    • Politely requests user to rate after 25 closed tickets.
  • Improvements

    • Action hook wpas_insert_ticket is now passing an additional parameter containing the original data received before any changes.
    • Cleaned up Custom Post Type definitions for ticket replies, logs and history so that third party tools can more easily identify them. Prior to this change they all appeared with the name “POSTS” to third party tools which wasn’t very useful.
    • Checkbox custom field can now be shown on the TICKET LIST screen on the back end.
    • Some Internal updates to support the add-on infrastructure for certain add-ons.
      • Functions in functions-email-notifications.php uses a new hook wpas_add_reply_complete so that email notifications now occur AFTER attachments have been processed
      • A similar hook was added/modified in functions-post.php for the same reason
      • Added a couple of functions to get tickets belonging to a particular agent
      • Added hooks in the ticket details metabox to be able to add content before and after the default ticket content
      • Added processing code for using an ATTACHMENTS tag in email templates
      • Adjusted the location where custom fields data is updated in the ticket. This is an internal change to ensure that certain alerts have access to the information stored in custom fields.
      • Updated to allow custom fields to show in the user profile (under very limited and narrow circumstances this is ok but not intended for use by outside developers)
    • Settings screen changes
      • New tab for Basic Time Tracking fields
      • New tab for Products configuration
        Uninstall Routine Updates:
      • Delete ticket attachment folders on the local drives
      • Uninstall the new taxonomy fields introduced in this version
    • Change a callback routine in functions-templating.php to handle classes as well as strings.
    • Restrict delete_attachments() and set_upload_dir() to Ticket custom post-type only.
  • Bugfixes

    • Cleaned up a few PHP notices
    • Allow translation of PRODUCT and DEPARTMENT header on ticket list (backend)
    • The USER PROFILE metabox/widget on the ticket detail page now shows the full count of open/closed tickets with or without filters applied. It will now always show the real count regardless of the number of tickets listed underneat the summary.
    • Show more than 10 add-ons in the ADD-ONs screen
    • Better sychronization between Custom Status and the TICKETS->SETTINGS->STYLE tab.
      • To make sync work properly you need to first manually make sure that your color settings in the Tickets->Settings->Style tab matches the ones in Custom Status. Once that is done syncing between core the the add-on will work properly.
      • When the agent selected “Back to List” for their “after reply” action in their personal profile, this action did not work. Fixed.
    • Removed the word “PUBLIC” from certain template tags that aren’t really public options
    • Only activate plugin on single site activation. Network activation on multi-site should do nothing now since there is no specific multisite functionality available.
    • Removed use of legacy method to check of custom field exists.
    • Custom fields could not handle multiple checkbox values being stored.
    • Updated default styles on checkbox and radio button custom fields.
    • Remove some unused code.
      • Product Sync Fixes:
      • Product Sync logic in get_terms was not detecting product taxonomy term id as being synced.
      • Synced products did not show up in the ticket list product column
    • Changed the way sync works to make it more real time with EDD and WC
    • Styling fixes to checkbox and radio button custom fields
    • Fix to allow custom fields checkbox options to show in ticket list
    • Fix to show the label for checkbox custom fields on forms
    • File uploader class was not setting the attachments folder location correctly under certain circumstances.
    • Added back in the ABOUT menu option – it was remove from prior versions.
    • BREAKING CHANGE: Change a hook with an incorrect name that was used when defining the Deparment taxonomy. Any modifications using the old hook name will need to be updated to use the new name.
  • Upgrade Instructions

    • After installing the new version please go to your TICKETS->SETTINGS tabs and click the SAVE CHANGES button to write the defaults for new options to your database.
    • If it seems that certain options are missing from your TICKETS menu or your TICKETS->SETTINGS screen then please go to TICKETS->TOOLS->CLEANUP and click the button to re-run the 3.3.4 to 4.0.0 upgrade. This will add in any missing WordPress security capabilities to your installation.
  • Deprecated or Removed

    • PHP 5.2 and PHP 5.3 no longer supported. Portions of the plugin were not supported by 5.2 for a while now but going forward no testing will be done on PHP 5.2. The minimum supported PHP version is 5.6.3.
    • Support for the version 3.x line of WP is being deprecated – going forward there will be no more testing or support on these versions.

3.3.4 – December 27th, 2016

  • New

    • Added new actions to support attachments processing in the Gravity Forms and Email Piping add-ons
    • added new class to support attachements processing from add-ons
  • Improvements

    • Updated author names in composer.json (github repo)
    • Updated this readme file to include more relevant and up-to-date information on Awesome Support
    • Changes to support a better cron option for the e-mail piping add-on
  • Bugfixes

    • Plugin would delete its data by default during the un-install process. Fixed to force it to respect the flag in the TICKETS->SETTINGS->Advanced tab.
    • Fix an incorrect SQL query in the WPAS_MEMBER_QUERY class
    • Check to make sure that $post is not empty before using it
    • Standards cleanup in functions-list-table.php
    • Squashed some bugs related to attachments when tickets are deleted

3.3.3 – October 31, 2016

  • New

    • Add templates to e-mail notifiactions
    • Offer free addon in admin dashboard
  • Improvements

    • Improve a number of filters in the e-mail notification class
    • Update the translation catalog
  • Bugfixes

    • Make sure the Sensei fix works at all times

3.3.2 – September 23, 2016

  • New

    • Add more hooks and filters
  • Improvements

    • Don’t show “Awaiting Reply” tag when agents can see all tickets
    • Make the “Smart filtering” of tickets an option
    • Improved capability check on ticket creation
    • Turn auto-completion of password fields off (for PCI compliance)
    • Use safe redirects after login & registration (for PCI compliance)
    • Improve username sanitization on account creation
    • Add the ability to programmatically add new options through wpas_update_option()
  • Bugfixes

    • Fix conflict with ACF Pro
    • Fix conflict with Sensei
    • Fix issue with orphan medias not showing up in the media library
    • Fix issue with terms & conditions not validating properly on account registration
    • Localize forgotten strings

3.3.1 – June 20, 2016

  • Bugfixes
    • Fix conflict with Ninja Forms
    • Fix fatal error with is_main_query()
    • Fix issue with PHP 5.2
    • Fix issue with file names when downloading attachments (props IgorCode)
    • Filter user name in the user profile metabox
    • Hide “Terms & Conditions” checkbox when inactive
    • Show Awaiting Reply after a ticket is transferred

3.3.0 – May 30, 2016

  • New

    • Add user profile to ticket details
    • Add logout link on front-end
    • Add a “Department” field
    • Add Ajax search to users list when editing tickets
    • Add support for select2 for dropdowns custom fields
    • Add support for data attributes on dropdowns
    • Add support for column attributes for custom fields
    • New e-mail template for tickets closed by the client
    • Add pagination to front-end tickets list
    • Introduce a WPAS_Member class
  • Improvements

    • Admin tickets list
    • Move tickets with recent replies to the top in the admin tickets list (thanks Mike Schinkel)
    • Better stakeholders metabok in ticket details
    • Redirect to tickets list after “quick closing” a ticket
    • Front-end tickets list
    • Better pagination in ticket details on front-end
    • Highlight agent replies in the conversation (front-end)
    • Filter ticket attachments out of the media library
    • Products synchronization can be disabled + selective sync
    • Better performance with large users databases
    • Stop using PHP session to avoid issues with site caching
    • Add visible “Lost your password” link on login form
    • Only show auto-assignment status for agents in WP users list
    • Many more small UX improvements
  • Bugfixes

    • Redirect non logged-in users even if no tickets list page is set
    • Broken admin tickets list on mobiles
    • Accounts can no longer be created without an e-mail
    • Attachments can’t be opened when Wordfence is enabled with the post-hack option
    • Many more bugfixes

3.2.9 – November 11, 2015

  • Improvements

    • Add a link ot close ticket under reply box for agents
  • Bugfixes

    • Fix issue with all tickets showing up in admin even though the option wasn’t checked
    • Fix issue with client replies not appearing for agents
    • Fix issue with e-mail notifications not sent during Ajax
    • Fix issue with incorrect links to tickets in notifications sent during Ajax

3.2.8 – November 10, 2015

  • Improvements

    • Improve e-commerce products synchronization to avoid errors
    • Remove make_clickable() and replace it by Autolinker.js
    • Improve caching of wpas_get_tickets()
    • Add a new filter for when a ticket is transfered from one agent to another (wpas_ticket_assignee_changed)
  • Bugfixes

    • Update textdomain in translation files and when loading translations
    • Fix wrong label on login / registration buttons when clicked
    • Fix issue with custom taxonomies filters on ticket list screen (admin)
    • Remove space from filter wpas_email_notifications_cases_active_option
    • Prefix settings page name (fixes conflict with WordPress Download Manager)
    • Fix filtering by ticket status by removing the author parameter from the WP_Query (occured when plugin was set to only show own tickets in admin)
    • Fix wrong agent open tickets count caused by ticket transfer

3.2.7 – October 22, 2015

  • Bugfix: Bug in RabbitVCS prevented unversioned files from being committed

3.2.6 – October 22, 2015

  • New

    • Filter ticket replies controls in admin view
    • New hooks in admin reply submission process
    • New hook after reply submission form buttons
  • Improvements

    • Smaller admin bar icon with open tickets count
    • Display correct message when user closes a ticket
    • Update textdomain for compatibility with WordPress language packs
  • Bugfixes

    • Fix error with WooCommerce variable products
    • Fix PHP warning on new site acitvation (in multisite environments)
    • Fix issue with nl_NL translation

3.2.5 – October 2, 2015

  • New

    • Introduction (very basic) of the singleton pattern
    • Introduce an admin notices class
  • Improvements

    • Assign tickets later during ticket creation so that related product is known in the wpas_find_available_agent filter
    • Dynamically register user profile fields for more flexibility with addons
    • Make sure $agent is a WP_User object in the tickets list screen to avoid PHP notices
    • Remove editor background color upon validation
    • Change output markup for system status report for
  • Bugfixes

    • Reply content validation in admin text editor
    • Correctly filter wpas_can_submit_ticket
    • Correctly display taxonomy label in admin no-edit mode

3.2.4 – September 28, 2015

  • Bugfix
    • Fix issue with options not saving (update Titan Framework to 1.9.1)
    • Fix agents not being able to see tickets
    • Fix “open” status auto-selected in the filters even if it’s not the case

3.2.3 – September 24, 2015

  • Improvements

    • Extract string from JS to make it translatable
    • Allow clients to close a ticket without reply
  • Bugfix

    • Fix wpColorPicker by updating to Titan Framework 1.9

3.2.2 – September 21, 2015

  • New

    • Filter taxonomies name
    • Wrapper function to get a user’s tickets (wpas_get_user_tickets())
    • Persian, Dutch and Polish translations
  • Improvements

    • Make links clickable on both front/back end
    • Better wpas_can_submit_ticket() function
    • Better sanitize ticket content and replies in admin
    • About page footer layout
    • Use Grunt to release new versions
  • Bugfix

    • Fix translation not working
    • Fix use of deprecated parameter in wp_new_user_notification()
    • Remove remaining deprecated wpas_create_notification()
    • Do not allow multiple tickets list pages
    • Fix registrations possible even if deactivated when using the correct POST data
    • Fix wrong data type used in system status to list special pages

3.2.1 – September 16, 2015

  • Bugfix
    • All agents automatically set for auto-assignment
    • Switch errored login notifications to the new system

3.2.0 – September 16, 2015

  • New

    • Custom field types: checkbox, date, email, number, password, radio, select, textarea, upload, URL, WYSYWYG
    • Ability to pre-populate submission forms fields
    • Multiple submission forms
    • Compatibility with WordPress ReCaptcha Integration
    • Add option to manually enable/disable auto-assignment for each agent/admin
    • Show auto-assignment status in users list table
    • Pagination on ticket details page for displaying replies (front-end)
    • Allow for disabling registration notification when disabled
    • Ability to copy system status report for forums directly
    • Add new filters to edit fields markup
    • Add support for a functions.php file in themes
    • Introduce a WPAS_Agent class for ease of work with agents and assignment
    • Test the plugin against PHP 7
  • Improvements

    • Only agents and ticket author can view attachments
    • Complete rewrite of the custom fields system
    • Use custom fields for all front-end forms (so all fields can be customized at once)
    • Add front-end live validation for files upload
    • Send different notifications if ticket is closed by agent or client
    • Make links clickable in tickets and replies
    • Improve error messages management (drop the use of long URL vars)
    • Revamp notifications management (using the new session manager)
    • Improve the use of sessions (using Eric Mann’s session manager)
    • Update to the latest version of Titan Framework
    • Add system tool to clean agents metas
    • Remove the use of all extract() functions for improved code clarity
    • Load unit test files recursively
  • Bugfixes

    • Fix wrong post count in the tickets views (above the tickets list table in admin)
    • Fix conflict with Jetpack Publicize
    • Users dropdown lists not updating immediately after a user is created / deleted / modified
    • Remove duplicate notifications on submission form page
    • Clients can now upload files from any type specified in the plugin settings
    • Fix error loading stylesheets when home_url and site_url are different
    • Remove internal links from TinyMCE’s link builder box on front-end
    • Fix two PHP 5.2 bugs (T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM errors)

3.1.12 – July 3, 2015

  • Features

    • Add new hook to filter who can view a ticket (wpas_can_view_ticket)
    • Add new filter to change the allowed file types layout for uploads (wpas_attachments_filetypes_display) – props digitalchild
    • Add new filter wpas_before_login_form – props Vasik
  • Bugfixes

    • Remove double notification on ticket submission page
    • Fix issue escaped characters in e-mail notifcations
    • Add support for sites using HTTPS on front-end but not admin
    • Fix issue with custom fields not showing in admin when using custom callback function
    • Style custom fields in admin
    • Fix addons not displaying in the addon page
  • Translations

    • Portuguese (Brazil)

3.1.11 – June 5, 2015

  • Features

    • Improve tests coverage
    • Add Portuguese (Brazil) translation
  • Bugfixes

    • Error messages on plugin pages always show
    • Only synchronize e-commerce products that are published
    • Show all the synchronized products in the taxonomy screen
    • Remove a couple of PHP notices

3.1.10 – May 20, 2015

  • More performance improvements
  • Fixes “Got a packet bigger than ‘max_allowed_packet’ bytes” issue on sites with lots of users

3.1.9 – May 20, 2015

  • Add an option to enable/disable the credit link

3.1.8 – May 19, 2015

  • Features

    • Ticket submission on front-end is now about 50% faster
    • Significant performance improvement in the back-end
  • Bugfixes:

    • Fix the PHP warning on ticket submission
    • Hide others tickets in admin if set this way in the settings
    • Fix issue with translations not working on some sites

3.1.7 – May 15, 2015

  • Features:

    • Ticket ID in tickets list table (admin)
    • Direct link to last reply in tickets list table (admin)
    • New system tools – Delete / Resync products synchronized with an e-commerce plugin
  • Translations:

    • Polish translation
    • Persian translation
    • Romanian translation
  • Bugfixes:

    • Critical XSS vulnerability with custom information messages – props Anton Kulpinov
    • Critical vulnerability with shortcodes allowed in replies – props Anton Kulpinov
    • Call wpautop() correctly (there was a typo in the function name)
    • When a ticket is closed, check for user’s capability to close it
    • Error messages correctly display on login / registration page – props rudashi
    • No mor ecalls to deprecated function update_usermeta() – props rudashi
    • Wrong URL to stylesheet when using baclslashes
    • Wrong tickets count in admin, the count doesn’t include trashed ticket anymore
    • Correctly hide closed tickets if the option is enabled
    • Compatibility issue with WooCOmmerce Cart Reports

3.1.6 – March 19, 2015

  • Add Croatian translation
  • Correctly format the terms & conditions modal box content
  • Load custom theme stylesheet if plugin’s theme was customized
  • Set the default theme
  • Fix broken URL redirect after deleting a reply

3.1.5 – March 17, 2015

  • Add new filters
  • Add missing textdomains, localize a few forgotten strings, and update translation catalog
  • Add a small API to handle admin notices and dismiss them
  • Show user display name in users dropdowns and admin tickets list
  • Show agent display name in ticket history (back-end)
  • Send a confirmation e-mail to user when agent opens a ticket on his/her behalf
  • Rewrite of the reply edition function in ticket edit screen (back-end) fixing a couple of bugs
  • Fix issue in agent assignment function
  • Fix issue with empty email subject when using Mandrill
  • Fix the issue of settings page not being translated
  • Fix issue with settings page not being reachable when the plugin is translated
  • Fix issue with e-commerce products not saving correctly when multiple products is enabled
  • Fix dates displayed incorrectly on front-end
  • Fix uploads size limit applying on the entire WordPress site
  • Fix “ticket closed” saved twice when replying and closing a ticket at the same time
  • More details about this update on our blog


  • Fix compatibitily issue with WooCommerce


  • Add Gist oEmbed support
  • Add the WPAS_DISABLE_AUTO_ASSIGN to disable auto-assignment
  • Add URL field for custom fields
  • Show login form to non logged-in users on ticket details page
  • Fix compatibility issue with WP Members
  • Fix random agent assignment when re-assigning an open ticket
  • Fix issue with e-mail notifications sent to the wrong agent
  • Only show open tickets when filtering by status
  • Fix bug preventing ticket with no replies from being deleted
  • Don’t show the current status when ticket is closed
  • Fix bug with tags not filtering correctly in the admin
  • Correctly load translations
  • Add Select2 for users and tickets dropdowns
  • Do not count trashed posts in the admin menu


  • Fix issue with first reply being added twice
  • Fix issue with HTML e-mail notifications if multiple notifications are sent by the same instance
  • Use the user display name in the stakeholders metabox
  • Set the ticket as “In Progress” after first reply in a more reliable way
  • Add new hooks


  • Do not override custom templates for the ticket details page
  • Send HTML e-mails more reliably
  • Bugfixes


  • Add new filters before registering the post type
  • Add a logging class that can be used for debugging purposes
  • Add support for e-commerce plugins when multi-products is enabled (currently supports WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, WP eCommerce and Jigoshop)
  • Ask for a password only once on the registration form
  • Add e-mail verification to the registration form (uses MailGun, free account required)
  • Hide about page from the menu
  • Allow e-mail to be used as the login for clients
  • Improve agent assignment function
  • Re-written and optimized e-mail notification class (with a wrapper function wpas_email_notify())
  • Filter subject and body on e-mail notifications
  • Let the user specify a reply-to e-mail for notifications
  • Make the display of ticket details more secure (to avoid conflicts with plugins/themes)
  • Use users display name instead of user name everywhere on the site
  • Don’t display agents in the clients list of the stakeholders metabox
  • Fix issue with the blank page after login
  • Fixed some notices on the ticket single page
  • Few bugfixes


  • Display taxonomies drop-downs hierarchically
  • Add new hooks in the user registration process (81a278a)
  • Filter the value returned by wpas_get_option()
  • Minor bugfixes and improvements


  • The Phoenix reborn. An entirely new version of Awesome Support